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In January I posted favorite photographs from 2018 on my website as I have been doing each year since 2003. It was bittersweet as I knew it was time to move away from my Dreamweaver created site and onto something new. Setting up a new computer and wanting to avoid renting more software helped to make the decision. I spent January and February testing and researching different website building companies and then building the new site using Format. I am very happy that it serves all of the same needs as the old site. My Favorites By Year galleries have been recreated and the site serves as a hub for all I do. There’s a link to this Blog and my Store, with so many choices from notecards to large metal prints. Another link takes you to my Graphic Design samples. By the way … I can work with clients anywhere in the country. With About, Contact and a few other pages I’m all set, and invite you to take a look at!

35 Responses to “Website Redesign”

  1. Great Job! I really like what you did. A lot of hard work went into this project and it looks amazing!

  2. Looking good! Brava!

  3. Wonderful job Denise.

  4. Hi Denise, Your new website looks terrific. It’s a big job overhauling and moving. I use SmugMug and definitely need to update my galleries- who did you go with? I like how you’ve organized by years. Your work is fabulous and I’ve enjoyed it very much!

    • Thanks Jane. I had my old site organized by year too and wanted to maintain that. The store galleries are organized by subject so I have both and then the latest work on the blog. I used Format ( for the site and almost went with PhotoShelter before discovering them.

  5. 9 Deb Frickanisce

    It looks fabulous Denise.
    I know it must have been a lot of work!
    Glad you found something that works even better for you.

    • Thank you! I thought and thought about the change. In the end it is much easier to create the galleries than using my own design and software.

  6. I like the flow of this. Looks great. Easy to navigate and see all your beautiful images. Fun looking at your graphic designs as well.

    • Thanks very much for looking Beth. I like to keep my hand in graphic design by doing a few projects here and there, so wanted to include it. I am relieved I found a suitable solution.

  7. Great looking website, really like the design.

  8. Your website looks very professional, Denise. I like that you have transparent links to the other websites such as Fine Art America and Word Press.

    • Thanks Ken. Having links that go to the existing blog and store was a must have for me. The new site had blog and store capabilities but after putting 10+ years into this blog and having 2,000+ followers I did not want anything to change. The older images here are only 500 px wide. If they reflowed into a template making them bigger they would look bad, Same with the store … I like all the options FAA has to offer and having the images organized by category there. And, I don’t have to do anything when people order. 🙂

  9. Your site looks amazing….great job!!

  10. Wow Denise, your new website is looking great! Also really like your graphic design work. It’s all very inspirational, congratulations.

    • Thank you. The change was easier than I thought it would be! I may add a bit more but am glad to have it mostly done. I will continue to add a new gallery each year like I’ve been doing.

  11. It looks beautiful and really easy to get around it to find all the pertinent information.

  12. Excellent design, Denise – it’s so clean and easy to navigate, and really showcases your work beautifully. If I ever get around to it, to get serious about a website, I will probably ask for your advice and help!

  13. I went over and look at your new web site. It looks fabulous and it’s easy to navigate.

  14. 27 Amy

    So well designed, Denise!

  15. Great to meet you! I feel your pain.

    I re-designed/built a new self-hosted site to replace my over 7-year-old photography site and launched December last year. This took me an age and sadly, I don’t have a great Cart system like in my previous platform.

    Then last year, WP retired my theme for my blog site without telling me, so no longer supported. January this year I had to chose another theme but I highly customise my WP themes with CSS, so this took me a little time – it’s never-ending!

    Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography blog.

    • That sounds like a lot to overhaul! After blogging with this theme for 10+ years I hope to keep it going. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Yeah, it was a lot of work but also a steep learning curve for self-hosting. Tossing up wether to add my blog site to my host now but could be a headache.

  16. Congratulations! Your digital space looks beautiful.

  17. Beautiful website specially for your niche

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