Little Mountain


Once upon a time there was a mountain so small in comparison to its majestic neighbors, no one paid any attention to her. Everyone talked about the ‘Fourteeners’ … tall and mighty. Photographers came from near and far to photograph the taller mountains, never even noticing Little Mountain. No one even cared to know Little Mountain’s name and there were no pictures of her on the internet. Although lonely, the little mountain tried to be content … just to be a mountain in the San Juans of Colorado. One day, the little mountain spotted a lady on a cliff in the distance. She had a camera with a big, long lens and it was pointed right at her! From her lookout, the lady noticed the small and lonely mountain to the west, looking beautiful below the clouds and setting sun. Finally! … Little Mountain had been noticed. She started seeing the lady every so often. You see, the lady developed a fondness and appreciation for Little Mountain and the beautiful skies overhead.

‘Delicate Stripes Over Little Mountain’ © Denise Bush

‘Little Mountain In The Clouds’ © Denise Bush

‘Little Mountain Through Cottonwoods’ © Denise Bush

‘Fiery Clouds Over Little Mountain’ © Denise Bush

‘Snow Clouds Over Little Mountain’ © Denise Bush

‘Little Mountain Silhouette’ © Denise Bush

What I can gather from maps this little mountain is named West Baldy. From my lookout points I can see this looking down Pleasant Valley to the west, and the majestic Sneffels mountains looking south and the unique Cimarrons to the east.I have been shooting this mountain when something happens with the clouds or light. If you follow this blog chances are you’ve seen other shots posted here in the past.

57 Responses to “Little Mountain”

  1. A very lovely little mountain.

  2. 3 Deb

    Beauty comes in all sizes! ❤
    Glad you noticed and captured her!

  3. Beautiful images.

  4. Debbie said it best. Beauty in all sizes.

  5. So nice that she gets the recognition she deserves. 🙂

  6. It’s never the altitude but attitude that matters. Smaller mountains in great locations can be of great interest. Wonderful images Denise! 🙂

  7. Wow, these pictures are beautiful!

  8. Lovely narrative introducing the little lady along with lovely pictures of her.
    I think this is part of photography which you should find new places, things, whatever that have not been shot before.

  9. I love your narrative, so creative! The images are beautiful and nice to see same subject in different conditions. Well done!

  10. A children’s book in the making, Denise. I love your personification of Little Mountain and your images are spectacular as always. I love all the moods you’ve captured.

  11. I love all of the clouds. Especially the photo with the low ones.

    • Thanks Ruth … it looked like the mountain was on fire to me, if you are talking about ‘Fiery Clouds Over Little Mountain’.

  12. Good demonstration and explanation for the wisdom to look in front of you for the beauty of the world. It’s right there before your eyes. (Of course, Denise’s eyes are always wide open and primed for beauty.)

  13. Beautiful series Denise! Each composition offers a unique experience of your lovely little mountain. Glad she found you. 😊

  14. The little mountain that could!

  15. Little Mountain would be a big mountain in a lot of other states. People would come for miles, especially for the views you’ve found.

  16. Little Mountain is proud the nice lady with the camera came along and noticed her beauty and shared those photos with the lady’s friends and followers.

  17. You’ve showcased Little Mountain so beautifully! I loved the narrative. It’s poetic!

  18. Little Mountain knew a fantastic photographer would one day find it and blaze its beauty throughout the land. Gorgeous shots, Denise!

  19. What great pics of “Little Mountain”…..stunning captures!

  20. Big isn’t always better, is it! I sure love these images of Little Mountain. More subtle but still with a distinct character. I am amazed about the cloud formations in the last photo. Quite extraordinary.

  21. Love this! I can see why you like Little Mountain.

  22. 43 Amy

    Thank you so much for sharing remarkable photos and sentiment for this majestic mountain. It’s really amazing beautiful!

  23. Great photos

  24. Good for you for devoting time to a mountain that’s small and that photographers therefore often slight. You did it proud.

  25. A great post, Denise! The story is charming. It really pays off to visit one place over and over again, as you have proven here with all these excellent images. I like seeing it in so many different guises….it has a lovely sensuous roll to it….there’s something about the winter photo and the one with Little Mountain between the trees that really appeals to me. Wonderful series, I trust there will be more.

  26. A beautiful study of this little but attractive mountain Denise. I feel its isolation reinforces its presence in the landscape despite it being small in stature – it’s almost as if the mountain is willing itself to be photographed!

  27. Breathtaking!

  28. Personification, no question about it. Are you aware of photographs of this mountain taken by other photographers?

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