Another Direction


With so much snow this year it may be a while before the high mountains are accessible. Roads in the the National Forest and on BLM land are not maintained in the winter, in addition to several county roads. In some places residents need snowmobiles to get home. Not only is the snow incredibly deep and melting slowly, but winter avalanches and slides are making clearing the roads an even more difficult task. It’s a perfect time to head in other directions that explore more arid areas near our Ridgway home. Here are some views from the Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area, about an hour north. Comprised of 62,844 acres, I was amazed by the uninterrupted vastness of the scenery. Getting out in the sun and exploring this unique landscape was a fun spring outing. Here are a few of the views.

‘West Elks In View’ © Denise Bush

‘Forever View’ © Denise Bush

‘Great Wide Open’ © Denise Bush

36 Responses to “Another Direction”

  1. Looks like you picked a great cloud day to get out there. Such like you said, vast views. Nice!

  2. Ancient lands – with such great views!

  3. 5 Amy

    Stunning forever views via your lens!

  4. Do people refer to the kinds of terrain shown in your pictures as badlands?

    Two years ago, when we came south through Colorado, I considered visiting Grand Canyon of the Gunnison National Park but we ended up staying further east. I wasn’t even aware of the adjacent Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area.

    • Yes … the Gorge consists of adobe badlands and pinion and juniper slopes. Some other shots I’ve done represent the ‘adobes’, as locals refer to them a bit better … they look like huge dirt piles with really nice contours. The Black Canyon of the Gunnison is just upstream fom here and is a national park.

      • Oops: I see I accidentally wrote “Grand Canyon of the Gunnison” when I meant “Black Canyon of the Gunnison.” You’re fortunate to have such scenic places not far from where you live.

      • I knew what you meant! Yes, I am very grateful to live where I do! If you ever decide to come back, let me know!

      • Sure thing. It would be fun.

  5. Nice images!! It is really quite a sight in that area. Glad you have that jeep to explore new areas!

  6. Beautiful images and scenes. All of the pictures have very interesting clouds and light on the sky. Lovely!

  7. Gorgeous captures, Denise! ❤

  8. 18 bcplimpton

    All I can say is Ooooooooh!

  9. These are stunning Denise!

  10. Hi, beautiful photos! Nominated your cool blog in the Mystery Blogger Award, hope you can participate. 🙂

  11. 24 Terry Wilson

    What a difference a little elevation makes! Nice vistas with foreshadowing of the more barren landscapes further west.

    • Hi Terry! This area is actually directly north of us. Colorado and especially the western part goes between semi-arid and alpine environments. I’m looking at a map and he patches of green and tan illustrate this well!

  12. Certainly is different than the east coast. Love the sky in each of the photographs. Makes for more dramatic images.

    • Hi Ken … skies make all the difference don’t they. I wouldn’t have shown these if the skies were bald blue or white. I am always looking for cloud balance too. Thanks for visiting!

  13. Stunning vistas! I love the open space and those skies.

  14. Stunning landscape. I am still waiting for some kind of summer feeling where I am…

    • Thank you Otto. We are still waiting for spring here … it snowed about 5 inches on the mesa where we live just 2 days ago. It melted by 1:00. They didn’t get snow in the area pictured here. It is usually isolated to the mountains and higher elevations this time of year. We live at about 8,000 feet.

  15. Beautiful landscapes, Denise, and how lucky to have this just an hour away (I know there’s plenty of beauty much closer to you as well).

  16. I think you have managed to capture the vastness of the view. The clouds add an interesting texture.

  17. Beautiful clouds over a vast landscape.

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