Embracing Spring


After a long, long, very snowy winter I’ve been out close to home searching for spring! To tell the truth, as glad as I am to see spring arrive each year, it has never been my favorite season for photography. It comes in third with autumn and winter being first and second. And if I can get up into those wildflower basins this summer, spring could lose its third place standing. Spring … it can be uncooperative and I’ve often referred to the season as a ‘big tease’! After just a sprinkling of warmer, sunny days the cold and chance of snow lingers. As they say in the mountains, “if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.” This is especially true in spring, when conditions change quickly. Along with cloudy skies, rain, snow and strong gusts of wind, the weather has been fickle to say the least. It’s all part of what defines this season however … so what’s a landscape photographer to do but embrace it all …. as wondrous, dynamic and unpredictable as it is. Following are some landscapes I found while out searching.

‘Spring Glow’ © Denise Bush

‘Ranch View’ © Denise Bush

‘Vernal Reflection’ © Denise Bush

‘Mount Abram View’ © Denise Bush

‘Coming Home’ © Denise Bush

42 Responses to “Embracing Spring”

  1. Great images. My favorite is “Spring Glow”. It is great that you were able to get out during our tempestuous weather!🤗

  2. Always wonderful to see your posts, Denise. Beautiful shots, esp. ‘Spring Glow’ and ‘Vernal Reflections.’

  3. Vernal reflection!!!! Beautiful majestic

    • Thanks Buck … it’s been so windy I was thankful to capture a still moment. A lot more snow on the peaks than the year you were here!

  4. Spectacular, Denise. Your composition in ‘Vernal Reflections’ is very appealing and you celebrated the clouds in ‘Mount Abram’ so beautifully. The whole series is terrific- happy spring, indeed!

  5. I understand what you mean about spring in your region. In 2017 I’d traveled from Austin to Kansas City at the end of April for a wedding. Then I planned to continue on to Nebraska and South Dakota. The weather report, unfortunately, for places further north and northwest and even west was so terrible that I ended up going back to Austin and waiting a month before turning around and finally driving to Nebraska and South Dakota.

    • Funny you should mention this. I am traveling to South Dakota tomorrow … through Nebraska. There are thunder storms in the forecast but hopefully no blizzards … I mean it’s going to be June after all!

  6. Beautiful landscapes, Denise. Spring Glow is also my favorite because the golden color pulls your eye towards the rocky bluffs and contrasts so well with the bluish sky and green trees.

    • Thanks Ken. It’s kind of amazing how the rocks and mountains take on so many different colors depending on the light … ‘it’s all about the light’!

  7. Love Spring glow and the reflection of the snow capped mountains!

  8. There’s nothing to “not like” here though! These are beautiful!

  9. 18 Amy

    Wow, beautiful landscape series. Can’t imagine being there. A great series. Spring Glow is also my favorite. Thank you, Denise!

  10. My favorite season is spring, mostly because I am so tired of winter. LOL As always, I have a hard time picking a favorite, but I think Spring Glow is my choice.

  11. 22 Vickie R Bush

    Spring glow is my favorite. The color is outstanding Denise. Really amazing.

  12. My heart always lifts when I see one of your posts in my feed, Denise. Your work never fails to delight and inspire me. It’s funny that you struggle with spring. I think it’s my favorite season because of all those contrasts and sudden changes. Winter is probably my next favorite…or fall. I love fall colors and also I’m always soooo ready for the harbingers of cooler weather.

  13. Gorgeous landscapes! Like different weather scenarios, each season has its own unique characteristics. You capture all the beautify textures, tonality and subject matter of each!

  14. 28 Natalie

    Beautiful skies and lighting.

  15. Not your favourite season, but stunning photos Denise!

  16. Each and everyone of your photos is breath taking! I hear you in reference to spring in Colorado. We lived in the Denver area for 13 years and spring used to drive me crazy with the dramatic changes back to winter and then back to spring. All of that said…nothing surpasses the beauty of the rockies!!

  17. I agree, Spring can be 4 seasons in one day. Regardless, those are lovely landscapes.

  18. Hi, Spring in your part of the world certainly is different to spring in my part of the world. Wonderful photos!

  19. Beautiful photos. Loved your post

  20. Spring greens are the best for me as it means the end of winter. “Spring glow” has all of those colors going for it.

  21. Crystalline purity. I have much joy seeing your work, Denise. Thank you.

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