Simple Silhouettes


I love the look of silhouettes … strong but simple. Black against a colorful sky makes a bold statement, while leaving something for the imagination at the same time. With silhouettes we are forced to see the shapes instead of getting caught up in details. This is a self-assigned theme I’ve been working on for awhile, finally collecting enough to make a set for this post. I hope you like them!

‘Dusty Drive-by’ © Denise Bush

‘Hilltop Silhouette’ © Denise Bush

‘Silhouette In Sunset Hues’ © Denise Bush

‘Sunny Silhouette’ © Denise Bush

‘Sunset Silhouette With Fence’ © Denise Bush

‘Last Look’ © Denise Bush

47 Responses to “Simple Silhouettes”

  1. Great images and silhouettes, my favorite is “Last Look”.

  2. That’s an effective group you’ve put together here. Half are what we might call semi-silhouettes, in that the viewer can still make out some details in the shadowed areas. Did you ponder what degree of detail you’d allow and still consider the picture to be a silhouette?

    • Yes … I did ponder that! In some I wanted just a hint of detail in the blacks. Just for fun, I looked up the definition.
      the silhouette of the dome: outline, contour(s), profile, form, shape, figure, shadow.
      the castle was silhouetted against the sky: outline, delineate, define; stand out.

      • I’ve gone both ways, sometimes processing an image as a total silhouette, and at other times retaining some detail in the shadows. Once in a while I’ve taken the same picture at several exposures to have the leeway to decide later which looks best.

      • My 5DII & 5DIII don’t have the greatest tonal range … not what my eye can see. I almost always bracket and never regret it. I like to be sure I have all the info I might need and also as you say, want to have choices. I often manually blend with layers and masks to achieve what I remember.

  3. 8 MikeP

    Well the first one comes off not so simple… that is one sweet image with a ton of depth to it. Love it when a comp just really moves the viewer in. Keep clickin… miss ya!!!

  4. I love this theme, Denise! ‘Dusty Drive-by’ is particularly remarkable, making me wonder how the dust was illuminated with the light behind the hill, and it looks like a ruined castle at the top. My imagination runs wild! 😉
    ‘Sunny Silhouette’ could easily be the moon on a wintery night and ‘Last Looks’ is apocalyptic… geesh, I better stop, lol!

    • Hi Eliza! There was just enough light to illuminate that dust … it didn’t last long! Thanks for sharing your reactions! 🙂

  5. These are excellent and beautiful examples of my favorite theme in taking pics. Good on you!

  6. Excellent images Denise. Love the first one!

  7. Beautiful images Denise.

  8. Absolutely beautiful Denise! Yes, you are forced to see the shapes instead of being caught up in the details, I like that.

  9. Beautiful images of silhouettes. Love that you found lovely light that goes along with these so well.

  10. Wow that “Dusty Drive By” is really a spectacular! My other favorite is the “Sunny Silhouette”. However, they are all very beautiful.

    • Hi Buck … thank you! I read something about mixing things up right before I shot ‘Sunny Silhouette’. I figured I’d try shooting right into the sun even though it is something usually avoided.

  11. Gorgeous images! I love how you so beautifully share our Colorado treasures with the world.

    • Thanks very much! It is hard to tell with these but the first is from Utah and the 2nd, 3rd and last is from a recent trip in South Dakota. But you are right 99% of my imagery is Colorado. I like working close to home as it often takes several visits to get what I want.

  12. Oh, yes Denise. I love them! I am a real fan of silhouettes and you’ve captured them so beautifully against these spectacular skies. Such great detail in the trees and grasses. Brava!

    • Thanks Jane … I’m happy you like them! I was especially pleased with the detail in the grass & flower line in ‘Silhouette In Sunset Hues’.

  13. An inspiring idea Denise. Very beautiful images!

  14. Definitely like them! Sunny Silhouette is my favorite.

  15. Really well done and enjoyable to view. Your images force the viewer to appreciate the backgrounds, or, as in dusty drive-by, the other non-silhouetted objects in the image. We all have an idea of what the silhouetted objects are but do not need to see the details to appreciate the image.

  16. Great idea and nice results. “Last Look” fits my thesis that stunning sunsets need something else to make them more impactful. And this “With silhouettes we are forced to see the shapes instead of getting caught up in details.” is a memorable idea.

  17. A beautiful series and theme, Denise. That top one looks as if it might be a castle on top of the mountain, doesn’t it? Love that one and the trees in silhouette the best.

    • Yes it does! There are several rock outcrops Out West with ‘castle’ in their name but this isn’t one of them. I’m glad you like the trees .. not popular with others commenting but I am fond of them. We scurried to find a tree on a hill just before sunset.

  18. I am drawn to silhouettes too, Denise – that’s a LR keyword! 😉 These make a wonderful post, all together like this. I like them all very much – maybe the first is tops for me, with the interesting shapes up top and the dust – that gives it something extra. I like that lone tree with lots of sky around it too, such pretty clouds.

    • Hi Lynn … thank you. I am always keeping my eye out for shapes against the sky whether silhouettes or not. Glad you like the lone tree … a recurring theme too!

  19. All beautiful captures!! Stunning work!

  20. Wonderful “seeing”! You make the unnoticed and ordinary, well – extraordinary!

  21. Lovely skies. “Silhouette in sunset hues” is my favorite.

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