Passing By Time


On a recent trip to Wyoming & South Dakota my friend and I found many old, weathered buildings and rusty relics. We even had the opportunity to explore some real ghost towns. Loving this subject matter, we couldn’t let these opportunities pass us by. We had to stop and photograph them! The following are subjects we found in the first 2 days of a 10 day trip. So, along with many landscape images there’s more of this to come … houses, barns, another ghost town and more! Following is the first set I have ready to share. Let me know if there is one that speaks to you! And, if you like this subject matter as much as I do, check out my ‘Remnants & Remains Gallery’!

Some Old West buildings stand the test of time … barely!

‘Ghost Town Duo’ © Denise Bush

A roadside cabin looks quaint dressed in rust and weathered wood, against a pine forest backdrop.

‘Along The Way’ © Denise Bush

A mere shell of its former self., an old car rusts away under the open sky.

‘All That Remains’ © Denise Bush

Parts of an old vehicle looks as it s being used as a planter.

‘Stationary Planter’ © Denise Bush

The abundance of wires here inspired the photograph and title.

‘Wired’ © Denise Bush

An old building seems to defy gravity as it leans to the left.

‘Leaning Left’ © Denise Bush

Some abandoned farm buildings are seen in the distance as a storm approaches.

‘Abandoned From Afar’ © Denise Bush

An old house looks as if it is made of matchsticks and ready to collapse.

‘Vented Relic’ © Denise Bush

This abandoned yet sturdy looking stone building sparks imagination.

‘The Vault’ © Denise Bush

An old abandoned shack displays an unusual detail for such an otherwise simple structure.

‘Diamonds In The Rough’ © Denise Bush

An interesting abandoned saloon sign reads ‘Indians allowed’ with cow skulls hanging overhead.

‘Longhorn Saloon’ © Denise Bush

The front of an old abandoned house becomes a storage place for big bales of hay.

‘Old House With Hay Bales’ © Denise Bush

40 Responses to “Passing By Time”

  1. I love ghost towns and you have captured some beautiful examples. I remember seeing quite a few when we traveled through Wyoming a number of years ago… Great images (Suzanne)

    • Thanks … nice to hear from you! I’m sure there are many more relics to be found in this area … it’s big country!

  2. 3 bcplimpton

    I just love how you turn decaying junk into art.

    • Hi Barry … thank you. For me, I have to find something quaint or endearing about a place. I generally don’t like to shoot abandoned places that are too junky.

  3. 5 Vickie Bush

    Denise love these. Missed telling you how much I was blown away by your silhouettes. Think one of those will be on my livingroom wall soon!

  4. That’s a great set of images, Denise. Hard to pick a favorite, but I particularly like the black & white “Wired”.

  5. Excellent collection! Hard to pick a favorite, although I really like the Longhorn Saloon! Had a great time and excited for our next adventure!!

    • Loved all those cow skulls above the sign reading ‘Indians Allowed’. A fun adventure we get to relive through our photos.

  6. Did you also dare to go inside any of these structures for pictures showing the interiors or looking outward?

  7. 13 @mooresgreenhousewestdeptford

    Beautiful photos! You really captured the essence of these old structures. I especially liked “Abandoned from Afar”. It places the old buildings in context and also showcases the vastness of the western landscape perfectly. Looking forward to seeing more of your photos!

  8. I love each and ever one…super captures. I love old ghost towns….your photography does justice to the charm and beauty of the old abandoned structures!! Can’t wait to see more!

  9. Excellent series!

  10. Oh wow, I’m so envious! Would have loved to be with ya’ll. Beautifully captured, the leaning left is ab exceptional find!

  11. The ghost town or old structures or items are treasures for photo taking!
    Beautiful captures of these items. I love the B&W one that has a nearly collapsed house in it.

  12. What a great series, Denise! I love “Stationary Planter”. Thanks for sharing! Marcus

    • Thanks Marcus! I have fun thinking up the titles. ‘Immobile Mobile’ was another idea but decided to save that for another post title.

  13. Hi Denise, The countryside around Castlemaine is littered with the remnants of the gold rushes. Decaying old buildings are appealing subjects for photographers and artists.

  14. There are great finds here, Denise, what fun you must have had! The house with the vented roof (interesting to see the fence around it), the diamond pane window, and the stone building are each so interesting, not to mention the saloon – those are all skulls above the sign, aren’t they? .

    • Thanks Lynn. Yes, those are cow skulls. Hard to read small but it says ‘INDIANS ALLOWED’ on the sign. There are a lot of fences Out West … to keep us photographer’s out

  15. That must have been a great trip, Denise. I remember seeing a Nat’l Geo article a few years ago about the many abandoned homes in the Dakotas. There is always a feeling of sadness about an abandoned property. I wonder who lived there and what their lives were like. Was it hard? Were they contented?
    The sign on the Long Horn Saloon is interesting and I liked ‘The Vault’ and ‘Diamonds In The Rough’ best.

  16. Beautiful series, Denise!

  17. The Longhorn Saloon, Old House with Hay Bales, and Vented Relic speak to my imagination the most, but they all have something going for them Denise.

  18. My favourite is “Learning Left”. Amazing that the house is still standing! I agree with you in that ghost towns and abandoned houses are fun to photograph. Once again, you captured some lovely images.

  19. I always wonder about the lives of the people who built and lived in these abandoned houses. I don’t think we can quite imagine what it would have been like to be so alone these locations. I like “vented relic” and “leaning left” best of all.

    • Thank you for visiting and getting caught up … I will be doing the same after being busy with 2 art show installations. I appreciate learning your favorites.

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