Mountain lakes have a special place in my heart. I’ve heard that ‘water’ is one of the most photographed subjects. When you think about all the ocean, lake, pond, river, stream and waterfall subjects it is probably so. But lakeside is by far my favorite … a place I like to be, and a place I like to photograph. A stop at Sylvan Lake in the Black Hills of South Dakota did not disappoint. Rock formations surrounding the lake created a unique and peaceful scene, especially at sunrise and sunset.

The clouds are the first to wake at Sylvan Lake in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

‘Glorious Morning’ © Denise Bush

A Canada Goose, awake before sunrise is enjoying a peaceful morning swim before the tourists come.

‘Morning Swim’ © Denise Bush
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As the sunrises it illuminates more of Sylvan Lake’s beautful rock formations.

‘Sylvan Lake Lighting’ © Denise Bush

Sunset on Sylvan Lake in South Dakota’s Black Hills region.

‘Sylvan Lake Sunset’ © Denise Bush

49 Responses to “Lakeside”

  1. The reflections of the rocks, sky, and clouds are wonderful! The rock formations are quite different and interesting. I love the water too for photography.

  2. Excellent! Was a good place to visit for sure. I like all of them so much!

  3. I love the light of these pictures. The shade of blues with the sunlight reflected of the clouds are just gorgeous!

  4. 7 Kathleen Lapergola

    You captured the beauty of the Lake.💕

  5. “First Light” with its overhead and reflected clouds made me think of one of your GREAT captures in he Pinelands though that one, a maybe later time of the days was more reds.

  6. Yup! Stunned again! Fabulous captures.

  7. 14 Mary Ann Silvers

    Denise, You get us into the most interesting and unusual places through your pictures. Love it!!!

  8. 16 Vickie R Bush

    Denise I always love your pictures with water!
    Beautiful …wonderful color and lighting!

  9. Marvelous reflections – the rocks, water and clouds work together perfectly!

    • Thanks Eliza. There was a trail around the lake and it was a busy place to camp. It felt wonderful to be there before anyone else woke up!

  10. These are stunning, Denise. You’ve captured that utterly serenity of natural peace. I feel like I’m right there enjoying it without having to slap at the mosquitoes. 😉

    • Yes … slapping at mosquitos takes away from the serenity. I don’t recall if there were any … I was too ‘in the moment’! Thanks for the kind comment, it means a lot!

  11. Gorgeous reflections, Denise! ❤

  12. How far apart in time were the first two pictures?

    You’ve made me wonder whether anyone has done a book of photographs showing lakes and only lakes.

    • They were probably 5 minutes or so apart. The difference in the 2nd one is the rocks starting to warm up and the goose swimming into the scene.

  13. 26 Natalie

    Very nice Denise!

  14. These are stunning images Denise!

  15. 30 Virginia Rice

    Beautiful images with such crystal clear water

  16. Beautiful mirror images. The water must have been very quiet.

  17. Denise, These images are spectacular and masterfully shot. You captured such serene moments with gorgeous cloud reflections and stillness in the lake. Love that you caught the duck swimming and the rock formations are very cool. Terrific work!

  18. It’s hard to go wrong with reflection shots (apart from having to get up so dang early before the winds rise…)

    • Yup … you could get up early, get out there and it could still be windy … some mornings are and some aren’t. Thanks for stopping by.

  19. So beautiful, Denise! I love, love, love those rocks, and couple them with those skies and reflections…. wow. My favorite is “First Light” – ahhh. 🙂

  20. Particularly spending time at a lake when the day is slowly coming to an end, is a special experience. Love this beautiful images, delightfully lit and with gorgeous reflections in the lake.

  21. So very amazing photographs. I have never been to that part of the country but I can tell you that such beauty also exists in the northeast. I hope to travel west one day and view what you have captured.

  22. Wonderful images. You were definitely there at the right time!

  23. Wonderful reflections in the water. You really show the starkness of the rock formations.

  24. Fantastic images! I really enjoyed viewing your work.

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