Immobile Mobiles

Finding a piece of history along the way is always a thrill for me. A ghost town with tales of hard times and murder was no exception. Fascinated, I went into over-drive … exploring, composing and shooting. Vehicles left behind and posed among the June grass, grabbed a lot of my attention. Here are some, once mobile favorites from two sessions at this location.

Three Ford Falcons line up together … all belonging to the same club!
‘Falcon Club’ © Denise Bush
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This abandoned car looks like the kind gangsters and bank robbers used back in the day. As a matter of fact, that’s an abandoned bank in the background!
‘Getaway Car’ © Denise Bush
Looks like this truck has been stripped clean, leaving just a shell of its former self.
‘Stripped’ © Denise Bush
An old truck is at home in its abandoned surroundings.
‘Parked Out Front’ © Denise Bush
A small tractor style lawn mower sits among tall grass in this ghost town scene.
‘Where The Grass Grows’ © Denise Bush

Two Visits

A town that once was called for two visits … one afternoon and one morning. I was drawn to a little weathered house sitting below some beautiful rolling hills, so I photographed it in changing light and from different angles. There were fences and ‘no trespassing’ signs that I did not want to violate so getting up close was not an option. What I find interesting and want to point out in this set are the skies and how they changed during my two, three hour (or so) visits. It was a fun location with other scenes to follow soon. Do you have a favorite here? … I’d love to know!

‘Below A Hill’ © Denise Bush
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‘House & Hills’ © Denise Bush
‘The Loner’ © Denise Bush
‘Little Lonesome’ © Denise Bush