Two Visits


A town that once was called for two visits … one afternoon and one morning. I was drawn to a little weathered house sitting below some beautiful rolling hills, so I photographed it in changing light and from different angles. There were fences and ‘no trespassing’ signs that I did not want to violate so getting up close was not an option. What I find interesting and want to point out in this set are the skies and how they changed during my two, three hour (or so) visits. It was a fun location with other scenes to follow soon. Do you have a favorite here? … I’d love to know!

‘Below A Hill’ © Denise Bush
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‘House & Hills’ © Denise Bush

‘The Loner’ © Denise Bush

‘Little Lonesome’ © Denise Bush

43 Responses to “Two Visits”

  1. Wonderful images from the various distances and sky scenes. I like them all !

  2. 3 Deb

    Beautiful set! Amazing how the scene changes! I think my favorite is “Little Linsome”, I like the light on the building, the scale of the building and the dramatic sky.

  3. The dramatic clouds of the last image endear it to me.

  4. Great shots Denise! The angle of the house, the light on it, and the awesome sky in ‘Little Lonesome’ give this image more ‘layers’ and makes it the most interesting to me.

  5. They are all great but my most favorites are the first one and the last one. I like the flat color and the color itself of the sky in the back ground of the first picture. I like the gentle light shined in the direction of the roof on the house and overall light of the last picture.

    • Thanks for your comments. I like the first one best, even with the flat light which I am often a fan of. I like how the fence counterbalances the house and the texture in the wood. The last one seems to be the winner though!

  6. Such a lonely place to live. One would really have to love the wide open space to live there. I wonder who did and what was their story?
    The sky has such an impact on the feeling of a photo, making my favorite ‘The Loner.’ Great set, Denise!

  7. I like the last two compositions best, though the light is more overcast and flat, the cloud textures and tonality make for a stronger composition. I used to get bumbedout with overcast weather when shooting landscapes. Unless the sky is just plain gray it usually works out for a more dramatic shot. Unless it’s sunrise or sunset 😊

    • Thanks for your votes! There are many times when I like the overcast light … we don’t have to worry about harsh contrast when shooting past the golden hours.

  8. I pick The Loner as I like the way the sky sweeps my eye back and forth through the clouds. The house looks so small and vulnerable against such a big landscape.

    • I liked that sweep too. You’ve got the idea with keeping the house small in the landscape too! Thank you for your visit and comment! XO

  9. Beautifully captured from different angles and lights.

  10. 20 Mary Ann

    The skies: In the picture called “House and Hills” the sky is happy. “The Loner” is mysterious…something may be brewing. The picture called “Little Lonesome” is down right scary. There will be a storm, possibly a tornado or hailstorm. For real did it rain or storm after you took the last picture. Love them all. Mare

    • Yes … it started drizzling soon after … it was the last shot. Storms can approach and clear quickly Out West … this was on my South Dakota trip. Always great to hear from you! XO

  11. The last one, Little Lonesome, for me. It’s a strong composition with relationship of the cabin to the little hill. Plus, I’m a sucker for a moody sky.

    • And the winner is … ‘Little Lonesome’! I know you are a sucker for a moody sky … me too. Great to hear from you Rich. I miss you and all my buddies back in The Pines!

  12. The Loner. Love the green and sky contrast. All beautiful captures.

  13. 26 bcplimpton

    I think I prefer “little lonesome”. The stark contrast of the stormy sky and the sunshine on the house speaks to me.

  14. I’m a little lonesome, too. I echo Rich about the clouds but I also like that the house is a more significant part of the image. Runner up? Beth’s “The Loner.”

    • Oh, I don’t like to hear that Ralph. I wish you could come visit. We should talk on the phone soon … email me your phone number. And thanks for visiting my blog and your comment. XO

  15. Fun! The Loner is my fav. That sky! I like Little Lonesome, too.

  16. Beautiful!! Amazing how the sky changed so much!

  17. They’re all beautiful, but I think I like Little Lonesome the best. Isn’t amazing how the light changes the look of an entire scene.

    I do love how clouds make the greens pop! Lovely set Denise!

    • Thanks for your visit and comment Deborah. I am often ammazed by how quickly it can change … more so out west than in the east, I think!

  18. All are gorgeous compositions, but I was drawn the most to “House & Hills”!

  19. I’d go with ‘Little Lonesome’, purely because of the dramatic dark sky with a lighter FG.

  20. My favorite for sure is the last one, and without looking, I bet that’s what most people chose. It has the poignant sense of aloneness from the cabin being by itself in that vast space, the wonderful repeating shapes of the roof and the peak behind it, and that great moody sky. Seeing the front door is nice too, it draws me in more. Cool, Denise! 😉

    • Thanks Lynn. Yes … that was the crowd favorite. This was not only an example of how the sky can change but how you should keep shooting as it does. The images are in order of how I shot them.

  21. I think I like the first one the best. Architecture is my favorite as you know. That house sitting alone in the middle of all of that flat green. I like living in the country, but that isilation might just do me in. You captured it wonderfully.

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