Immobile Mobiles


Finding a piece of history along the way is always a thrill for me. A ghost town with tales of hard times and murder was no exception. Fascinated, I went into over-drive … exploring, composing and shooting. Vehicles left behind and posed among the June grass, grabbed a lot of my attention. Here are some, once mobile favorites from two sessions at this location.

Three Ford Falcons line up together … all belonging to the same club!

‘Falcon Club’ © Denise Bush
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This abandoned car looks like the kind gangsters and bank robbers used back in the day. As a matter of fact, that’s an abandoned bank in the background!

‘Getaway Car’ © Denise Bush

Looks like this truck has been stripped clean, leaving just a shell of its former self.

‘Stripped’ © Denise Bush

An old truck is at home in its abandoned surroundings.

‘Parked Out Front’ © Denise Bush

A small tractor style lawn mower sits among tall grass in this ghost town scene.

‘Where The Grass Grows’ © Denise Bush

37 Responses to “Immobile Mobiles”

  1. Great compositions and love your colors in these pictures.

  2. Did you also take some pictures from inside those derelict vehicles?

    “Immobile Mobiles” is a catchy title. The second word makes me think of art by Alexander Calder and also of the place in Alabama we recently passed through on our way home.

  3. Those old vehicles certainly look happy out in those lush fields. Getaway car and Stripped have smiles on their grills.

  4. Interesting series, Denise! Man vs. Nature… looks like Nature is winning. 😉

  5. I can see you had fun, and finding out about the history must have made it pretty compelling. I like the way “Parked Out Front” frames that cabin in the background. 🙂

  6. Excellent!! I really enjoy your images!

  7. Another terrific post. Thank you!

  8. 15 Joe Perno

    These are really cool. I love old rusty cars and you have found them in the most unique places. Would love to shoot out there some day

  9. I love finding old cars in nature. Very nice series. (Suzanne)

  10. A good find!

  11. Wonderful series!

  12. Whilst I know cars get dumped, I am surprised the owners of these vehicles just walked away from them when they left their properties. The vehicles certainly provide an interesting subject for your photography.

    • I’m glad they left them. My guess is that they were already broken down and would have had to hire someone to tow them somewhere else. Thanks for visiting … always nice to hear from you!

  13. I like photos, bravo!

  14. Oh I just love these, Denise. These old cars are so photogenic and you’ve done them justice beautifully. Great compositions and backgrounds for a sense of place. 🤗

  15. Great pictures!!

  16. When I see these kinds of photos, I always want to know something about the people whose buildings and belongings were left abandoned. Something we’ll never know I suppose.

  17. I love this kind of find…your pictures as always are spectacular!

  18. Thanks so much for the photos. It’s such a sad sight to see so many once-great cars sitting alone.

  19. Great collection of photos. I love the old truck. It looks in surprisingly good shape, even after all these years. Even still has the engine.

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