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I’m still going through images from a June road trip to South Dakota and Wyoming. The goal was photography and it surely provided a lot of material for this blog! If you scroll down (after clicking on Denise Bush’s Photo Blog above) you’ll see some of the other posts. Amazing scenery kept my camera busy, filling one card after another! Now working on images from the end of the trip, the fall foliage I’ve shot during the past couple of weeks will have to wait a bit longer. The first image here presented a predicament … should I create a post about barns or buttes? My solution, as you see from the title was to combine the two. If you have a favorite in this set I’d love to know… just click on ‘comments’ at the end!

First light illuminates a photogenic gable barn near Bear Butte in South Dakota.

‘First Light On Barn & Butte’ © Denise Bush
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A pink stripe hovers above Bear Butte at sunset as if to accent days end.

‘Streak Above Bear Butte’ © Denise Bush

An intense rain storm rolls over the countryside near Bear Butte.

‘Bear Butte Storm’ © Denise Bush
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An old farmhouse and barn make one wonder what it was like in its prime.

‘From Days Gone By’ © Denise Bush
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An ominous storm cloud appears above Devils Tower to create a dramatic Wyoming scene.

‘Right Before The Storm’ © Denise Bush

Devil’s Tower in Crook County, Wyoming is an awe-inspiring sight!

‘Devil’s Tower & Clouds’ © Denise Bush

The sight of Devil’s Tower is even more dramatic against a sunset sky.

‘Close Encounter At Sunset’ © Denise Bush
notecards, unframed, framed, canvas, acrylic & metal prints available

A famous and preserved barn in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, lights up at days end as long shadows from trees creep closer.

‘Approaching Shadows’ © Denise Bush
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60 Responses to “Barns & Buttes”

  1. These are lovely images. Very nicely done. I like the variations in lighting and color. The landscape really offers a thousand poses.

  2. 3 Deb

    Wow! Can’t honestly pick a favorite!
    These are all wonderful!

  3. great moments

  4. All are lovely, but my favorite is the drama of ‘Bear Butte Storm’ – very cool!

    • I put that on Facebook shortly after and it was a popular with everyone. There was lightning too but I couldn’t get my darn lightning trigger to work. It was an electric and very dramatic moment followed by a rainbow!

  5. “Right Before the Storm” could be a shot right out of “Close Encounters.”

  6. What would Wyoming be without it’s spectacular weather? You’ve captured it all so well. Each of these images portrays a unique mood.

    • There are so many wonderful scenes Out West that’s for sure. These start out in South Dakota, then Wyoming and the last one was from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, on our way home. Have been busy catching up and will visit your blog soon! I am hoping your story will be available in book form soon???

      • I’m working on that, Denise. Not sure if I’ll get it out before the holiday season or not, but you’ll know when I finally reach that milestone! 😉

  7. Great images, love “Bear Butte Storm” we don’t have storms like that in the UK.

  8. They’re all lovely! My favorite is Bear Butte Storm. My gosh, that cloud formation is amazing. It nearly pops off the page and is so pretty.

    It’s been decades since I was last at Devil’s Tower. It’s still mystical and beautiful.

    • Thanks Deborah! That was definitely the most awesome storm I’ve witnessed.

      We tried some different vantage points at Devils Tower but this angle proved to be the best with the quickly changing sky. Native Americans go there to pray and have tied prayer bundles in the trees.

  9. stunning scenery – can’t possibly pick a favourite..

  10. Now that’s some open country… my fav the “storm cloud”!!! I love how the lighting changes. Keep traveling girl.

  11. 25 Joe perno

    More amazing images Denise I need more walls !!!

    • Thanks Joe … more room for your beautiful work! I do enjoy having framed prints that I’ve had in one show or another hanging in our home. I like remembering the moment and what called to me.

  12. Beautiful! Great collection!

  13. Beautiful pictures from different places. The one that really cool and beautiful is “Bear Butte Storm”. That one is just awesome!

  14. Among so much beauty I love ‘Bear Butte Storm’ It is special… that moment in which heaven and earth talk to each other.

  15. You’ve got some great clouds here, with pink often predominating.

    According to the relevant Wikipedia article, the English-language name Devil’s Tower arose when an American expedition’s “interpreter reportedly misinterpreted a native name to mean ‘Bad God’s Tower.'” The article goes on to note that ‘Native American names for the monolith include: “Bear’s House” or “Bear’s Lodge” (or “Bear’s Tipi”, “Home of the Bear”, “Bear’s Lair”; Cheyenne, Lakota Matȟó Thípila, Crow Daxpitcheeaasáao “Home of Bears”), “Aloft on a Rock” (Kiowa), “Tree Rock”, “Great Gray Horn”, and “Brown Buffalo Horn” (Lakota Ptehé Ǧí).’

    • Thanks for your observation and history lesson. We didn’t see any bears but there were several birds living in the cliffs near the top. There was a sign that said, don’t approach rattlesnakes’ that I got a kick out of!

      • Once every few years on average I encounter a rattlesnake. I have approached, but only what I think is a safe amount—and with a 400mm lens.

  16. 36 EA Jackson

    Nothing beats a great landscape image with great storm clouds. Except maybe a landscape with abandoned buildings. I love how just a little bit to the left or right changes a scene. Love these.

    • Thanks Buck! Clouds are so important to my compositions when including the sky. I’m very picky about them … they need to feel balanced. I will often point my camera in the direction of the best looking sky. XO

  17. Bear Butte Storm is amazing Denise! That would be my absolute favorite out of these great shots.

  18. As always you have captured some gorgeous images. And brought them so beautifully out with the processing. You are a true master of light, I would say. My favourite is ‘Bear Butte Storm’.

    • It took a while in my photographic journey to really pay attention and read the light. I still like flat lighting for some scenes but often think about this Galen Rowell quote.

      “I almost never set out to photograph a landscape, nor do I think of my camera as a means of recording a mountain or an animal unless I absolutely need a ‘record shot’. My first thought is always of light.”
      — Galen Rowell

  19. All images have such beautiful light. The skies are amazing! Bear Butte Storm is simply stunning!

    • Thank you … I usually (but not always) want sky interest when I include the sky in the composition. We have had a lot of bald blue skies here lately so I include very little.

  20. Amazing captures, Denise, I cannot pick a favorite, just too hard. The storm shot is spectacular!

    • Thanks Donna … I appreciate that since the others are not getting as many comments as the ‘Storm Over Bear Butte. I guess it is over-shadowing the others.

  21. 47 Virginia

    Right before the storm and First Light are my favorites. I just like them!!’

  22. All good shots. I have much the same favs as everyone else; the storm and ET central.

  23. 51 Vickie R Bush

    WOW!! So beautiful Denise.

  24. Such drama! 🙂 The weather must have been exciting to experience. Bear Butte Storm, Right before the Storm and Approaching Shadows each stand out for those incredible cloud formations. All are beautifully composed and processed. I really like Close Encounter, too, and the title made me smile. The way the barn echoes the butte in the first photograph so perfectly is very pleasing. And I like Old Farmhouse and Barns for the way the buildings take on a toy-like aspect against the simple background.

  25. Bear butte storm is awesome!!

  26. These are superb Denise, absolutely stunning. Barns and Buttes, a great combination!

  27. Magnificent photo shoot!,superb!

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