Accented By The Moon


I’ve been saving a few images that include the moon to one day make a set of them … and here it is! In my last post I wrote about the bald, blue skies dominating fall. One plus … a little accent, was the presence of the moon on more than one occasion. I like to include the moon in all its phases in landscapes whenever the opportunity presents itself. It just adds that ‘certain something’ for me!

On this evening Mount Abram, an icon of Ouray Colorado receives a little accent from the moon.

‘Setting Moon Over Abram’ © Denise Bush
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A rising moon enters the scene beside Chimney Rock of the Cimarrons during the golden hour.

‘Moon Beside Chimney Rock’ © Denise Bush

A setting moon makes an appearance as the sun goes down over a quiet Colorado landscape.

‘Moon Over Quiet Landscape’ © Denise Bush

The moon rises just above a mountain peak as if to puncuate it!

‘Puncuated By The Moon’ © Denise Bush

The super moon of January 31st rises brightly against the silhouette of the Cimarron Ridge near Ridgway Colorado.

‘Super Moon Over Cimarron Ridge’ © Denise Bush
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A setting moon floats above snow-covered mountains across Molas Lake near Silverton, Colorado.

‘Moon Over Molas’ © Denise Bush

42 Responses to “Accented By The Moon”

  1. Your ‘Super Moon Over Cimarron Ridge’ makes a stark contrast between the throughly silhouetted earth below and the gradations in texture and color in the the sky above. And of course there’s the giant moon straddling the border between the two regions.

  2. 3 Diane St Peter

    Super Moon Over Cimarron Ridge is my favorite but they are all lovely!

  3. La luna bella!! The super moon image is so a winner! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow. The moon really adds something to the photos. The first and last photos were my favorites.

  5. Amazing pictures! You must be at those places at the right time. I don’t think you can catch moon up in the sky and still have plenty of light!

    • Well yes you can see the moon when it is still light out. It rises and sets at all different times. If you go to you can get a calendar that tells you all the rise and set times for your area, as well as phases. Thanks for visiting!

  6. 12 EA Jackson

    These are all so beautiful in their own way.

  7. Nice series, Denise. I love seeing the moon in all phases. The supermoon shot is pretty cool!

  8. The moon gives to me a peaceful aspect to landscapes, as it made the time slower. Thank you, Denise.

  9. Lovely images. I enjoy your pics!! Hard to choose a favorite in this set, they are all super awesome!

  10. That’s a beautiful set, Denise!

  11. 22 Vickie R Bush

    Denise, so magnificent! One of my favorite subjects! Really enjoyed as always!

  12. Interesting how much difference in moon size there is between shots, and how much smaller it gets as it rises above the horizon line. Super Moon Over Cimarron Ridge is extra nice – super telephoto too?

    • Different lenses and focal lengths as well as it looking bigger at times contribute I suppose. I shot the super moon with a Sigma 150-600 @ 435mm from my driveway. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. The images are so beautiful, but it must have been even more magical to experience the accenting moon, while daylight is still trying to keep up the a little longer.

  14. Amazingly beautiful landscapes, Denise.

  15. Lovely images. I like “Moon over quiet landscape” and “Super moon” the best.

    • Over-shadowed by the supper moon shot, I’m happier you like ‘Moon Over Quiet Landscape’! I like the feeling of that one a lot. Thanks so much for catching up.

  16. Love the theme of “including the moon”!! Stunning captures all of them! My best to you!!

  17. Oh yes, the moon is perfect pendant to dress up a drab ol’ blue sky. These are lovely, as usual.

  18. Beautiful!

  19. Beautifully captured, Denise! ❤

  20. The moon over Molas has such a fragile, poignant look, it’s lovely!

    • Thank you Lynn. It is unusual to be able to see the ice as it is usually snow-covered. This mountain grouping is one of my favorites … I love the shapes.

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