Autumn Encore!


I’ve already displayed several fall images in my last 2 posts, ‘Autumn Assembly’ and ‘Accented By The Moon’. In those posts I showed how I dealt with a bald, blue sky by eliminating it, including very little, obscuring it (like in the first image here), or capturing the moon for sky interest. This post is more of a mix … intimate and grand, sky and no sky. Considering how the season played out, I had more to work on more than I predicted. Processing and posting my photos is not only a way to share them, and my thoughts about photography … it’s more. I like to learn what speaks to others and why. It’s a way for me to see my successes and failures. It’s a way for me to learn what worked and what didn’t work, and what I want to work on.

A unique view of Mt. Abram in Ouray, Colorado, as seen through the autumn forest.

‘Abram Through Aspens’ © Denise Bush
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A young and healthy aspen grove shows off fall color in all its glory!

‘Aspen Glory’ © Denise Bush
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An October snow storm clears over Hayden Peak of the Sneffels Range in the the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

‘Clearing Storm Over Hayden’ © Denise Bush

The road leading to Chimney Rock displays some beautiful,

‘Road To Chimney Rock’ © Denise Bush

Aspens make a beautiful arrangement by highlighting the curves of the mountain slope.

‘Slopeside Beauties’ © Denise Bush

A beautiful cottonwood tree enjoys a distant mountain view.

‘View Beyond The Cottonwood Tree’ © Denise Bush

A group of young and healthy aspens glow in the warmth of the morning sun

‘Aspen Youngsters’ © Denise Bush

A hole in the clouds illuminates the colorful foliage on the other side of the River in Silverton, Colorado

‘Lit From Above’ © Denise Bush
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39 Responses to “Autumn Encore!”

  1. Beautiful images Denise! Enjoyed seeing them!

  2. All beautiful. Very well done. Storm clouds are awesome.

  3. Beutiful! Great collection from a short fall season!

  4. How blue the aspen trunks look in the first photograph, thanks to the shade

    • Yes … I wanted to keep that feeling of walking through a shady forest with the light just hitting the taller mountains. Thanks for your visit!

  5. 9 EA Jackson

    Always love to see those beautiful Aspens. When I saw “Clearing Storm Over Hayden” I immediately felt the power of that image. Well done!

    • Hello my faithful friend. I’m glad you can feel the power. It was so windy I thought I might be blown into that very deep canyon … but I had to take the chance!

  6. wonderful light, colours and photos

  7. So many wonderful images, Denise, it is tough to pick favorites. Stand outs are ‘Clearing Storm over Hayden’, ‘Lit from Above’ and I like the seasonal contrasts in ‘Autumn in the Clouds.’ Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think the most important eye to please is your own. ❤ 🙂

    • Thank you Eliza. Of course my opinion is the most important. I am happy with an image when I am proud of it. You like those clouds … me too!

  8. Oh, there are so many gorgeous images in this set. Lit from Above, clearing storm, autumn’s glory, and the road to Chimney Rock are superb!!

    • Thanks so much for letting me know which stand out for you. It’s rewarding for me when other photographers, who are knowledgeable and can appreciate what goes into it pick different images.

  9. You do Aspens so well, Denise! But your lit skies are darn fine as well!

  10. Great compositions you have for these pictures. I can sense some depth into the pictures. The colors are so cheerful.

  11. “Lit from above” is awesome Denise! Such beautiful colours and rather spiritual. “Aspen with attitude” funny 🙂 and a great shot. Somehow I find “Aspen Glory” very alive.

  12. Where could there possibly be something in your work that “doesn’t work”? All of these are “stunning”!! I love autumn aspens…..all of that white bark in a grove….beautiful! Each capture has magnificent beauty and tells separate stories!! Love all of them!!

  13. This is a great collection of Autumn landscapes, Denise. Like many others, “Clearing Storm over Hayden” could be a favorite, but choosing would be difficult. Very different from what we see here in New England and different is good. 🙂

    • Btw, I don’t know why I’ve not visited your blog before now but am glad that I did. You do nice work.

    • Thanks very much Steve. I appreciate the visit and nice comments! I am from the east coast and am very familiar with New England … visited as often as I could when I lived closer.

  14. A beautiful collection. I like the quiet in the first photo. Autumn in the Clouds has an interesting perspective – the clouds seem closer than they should be, and I like that slightly unreal quality. I love the S curve in Slopeside Beauties and the drama in Lit from Above is amazing. Have a good week!

  15. As always……. 😲 and ❤!!
    I very much enjoy seeing yours photos, Denise, your compositions are always amazing, I try to see and learn from your work!

    • Thank you Donna. One of the reasons I like to share my thoughts is so others might think about their own work in similar ways. Of course your work is usually very different due to subject matter.

  16. Outstanding photographs, Denise.

  17. Breathtaking landscapes, glorious display of Mother Nature’s majesty!

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