Random Rural & Relics


Side-tracked with autumn images I had forgotten some of these, just waiting in the wings. Once I process images I like to gather them into sets and post them here on my photo blog. It’s one of the ways I archive my work. I can look back and see what I’ve done. Just some of the images posted might make it into my year-end favorites, as organized on my website. I’ll be working on ‘2019 Favorites’ soon! The photos here are still more from a summer trip to South Dakota and Wyoming. And there’s one image from Colorado … see if you can guess which one it is!

An old grain elevator sits conveniently beside the tracks in an old abandoned town in South Dakota.

‘The Other Side Of The Tracks’ © Denise Bush

A cow peeks around the corner of an old shoolhouse in South Dakota.

‘Peek-A-Boo Cow’ © Denise Bush

Distant grain bins and a gentle green landscape combine for a pleasing rural scene.

‘Distant Grain Bins’ © Denise Bush

This horse has made itself at home in an old schoolhouse.

‘When Horses Go To School’ © Denise Bush

An old-fashioned windmill spins in the breeze atop a grassy hill.

‘Windmill In Motion’ © Denise Bush

A backwoods cabin has all the makings for off the grid living.

‘Rustic Find’ © Denise Bush

This old facade is full of diagonal, horizontal and vertical lines, then enhanced further by the weathered texture.

‘Lots Of Lines’ © Denise Bush

An old building is reflected from across a deserted town in Wyoming.

‘Reflections Of The Past’ © Denise Bush

35 Responses to “Random Rural & Relics”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Denise. From here the year flies past so quickly.

  2. Lovely images. (Suzanne)

  3. Wonderful series!

  4. Cool images, Denise. Old buildings make such interesting subjects. I’m puzzling how you made ‘Reflections of the Past’ without getting in it? And I’m guessing the Colorado shot is ‘Rustic Find.’
    Hope your holiday is a good one!

    • You are correct! I was off to the side of the window a bit then I straightened it all in Photoshop. Another thing I’ve done is to center the tripod, put the camera on timer and run out of the reflection … then just touch up the camera and tripod legs in Photoshop.

  5. 10 EA Jackson

    Good Morning Hmmm…I think maybe “Rustic Find” might be from Colorado. Of course I love the horse in the school house. PS Loved the Blue MT Greeting card. Happy Holiday season to you.

  6. A real nice collection, Denise.

  7. I love the rustic and falling down buildings in the middle of nowhere. “The otherside of the tracks” is my favorite, especially with the equipment in there.

  8. I love this series, Denise. Each is beautifully shot and composed. Peek a boo cow made me laugh!

  9. I love your photography Denise, great Idea on showing your end of the year favorites. I do love photos with old barns or rustic scenes. Great shots.

    • Thank you Sandra … likewise! I have been cataloging favorites by year on my website since 2003. When I redid my website last year I consolidated some of the earlier years and still have to go back and recreate 2005-2003. https://www.denisebushphoto.com In my store my categories are by subject.

  10. 20 Virginia Rice

    Merry Christmas Denise, May Santa bring you all the lenses you need😍

  11. I have no idea which one was done in Colorado and now you’ve got me curious. Obviously, I need to explore the mountain west – and the Dakotas. I like “When Horses…” and “Rustic Find” very much, and the broken-up reflections at the end are amazing.

    • Hi Lynn … thank you. ‘Rustic Find’ is from CO. I wondered if it fit with the others and almost didn’t include it. I’m glad it wasn’t obvious!

  12. I love all of these captures….I love the way you frame the subject matter!
    I tried to guess which one was from Colorado, but couldn’t. Each one could have been as Colorado is a very diverse state considering topography. Stepping out and going for it: either Rustic Find or The Other Side of The tracks.

    • Thank you very much Kirt … your reaction always interests me. I’m glad ‘Rustic Finds’ is one you like … it’s from Colorado. You are right about Colorado being diverse.:-)

  13. Great images! It was such a fun trip!

  14. Beautiful greens and blue skies! I think the woodsy image is WY and the grassy ones from South Dakota, and have no idea to even make a guess about which one or more are from CO.

    The last one with the reflection is neat, and I love silos! That image is lovely.

  15. Clever landscape vignettes and creative seeing! Of course the last two are my favs. Well done!

  16. Sorry Denise that I did not get around to looking at this blog until now. These are wonderful images and great finds. You have a terrific eye for finding interesting and unique objects. Excellent compositions too.

  17. beautiful photos, would love to visit thank you for your photos

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