2019 Favorites


Here we go again … Happy New Year! 2019 was a great year and I have a lot to be grateful for. Best wishes to all for a wonderful 2020 and thank you for visiting!

You are invited to view my ‘2019 Favorites’ Gallery … in keeping with a 17 year tradition! I like to organize images by year on my website, as an alternative to my store where they are organized by subject. Each of my sites serves a purpose. My website serves as a hub for all I do with links to my store, blog, stock photography and more! Many of the images in ‘2019 Favorites’ have appeared in posts here, where I show my most current work and thoughts about photography. If you’d like to see some of the posts click on ‘Denise Bush’s Photo Blog’ at the top (to return home) and scroll down.

47 Responses to “2019 Favorites”

  1. What a fabulous celebration of your love of nature, Denise. Your images capture the majesty of the environment and are a delight to see. Wishing you a wonderful new year filled with many more magical moments! 🌟

    • Happy New Year Jane! I am looking forward to another year of our sharing and promise to get caught up soon! Thank you … your words are always encouraging to me!

  2. Wonderful pictures.

  3. Fantastic images, Denise. Happy New Year.

  4. 7 Debra

    Happy New Year Denise!
    Your images are always fabulous! Here’s to a fruitful 2020! Cheers

  5. Such a delight, perusing your gallery, Denise. Fabulous, every single one. Of course, the wildflowers were very captivating to me. 😉
    Wishing you all the best in the year ahead!

  6. 11 EA Jackson

    Geez another year gone by. What a wonderful year of images you captured here. Some I don’t believe seeing before. Makes me wish all the more I was living somewhere so beautiful. For now, I will enjoy seeing these incredible landscapes and scenes through your lens. Thank you for sharing your 2019.
    Happy New Year XOXO

    • I know … the years are going by so fast. This is our 5th New Year here! Appreciate you looking and your nice comment. All our best to you and Alan in 2020! XOXO

  7. You must feel fulfilled to look back and see the successes that came your way in 2019. May your 20/20 insights continue in 2020.

  8. Wonderful set of images and the nature is absolutely fantastic. Best wishes for 2020 and many more wonderful pictures. (Suzanne)

  9. Happy New Year!

  10. Happy New Year!

  11. Beautiful set of images. Happy New Year!

  12. Another great year of photography! Your images are beautifully rendered, capturing the essence of nature. It is hard to pick a favorite! Here’s to another successful year of photography, health, family and friendship!

  13. Happy New Year Denise!

  14. Brilliant work, Denise, Happy New Year!

  15. Gorgeous, breath-taking, fabulous, inspiring….just a few words to describe your photography talent and love of nature. Happy New Year, Denise!

  16. Great collection and you obviously had a very good year, Denise. Congratulations.

  17. Outstanding gallery, Denise.

  18. You had an EPIC year! I hope 2020 is even better for you.

    I don’t feel like it was a good year for me photographically. I hesitate to find my best 10 for the first time in a decade. I haven’t even looked.

    I did do my best nine that Instagram picked. It surprised me and reminded me how wonderful the year was. Thank God for photographs to remind me of the little things that the changes in the year brought…more blessings than changes.
    That’s what I love most about photo photography. The memories and feelings they bring to one’s soul and heart.

    Happy New Year, Denise! May it be the best year ever!

    • Thanks Deborah! My summer trip to South Dakota and Wyoming produced some extra favorites I think. Going into picking my favorites I didn’t think I would have as much, so the same would probably be true for you. I whittled down to 60 from about 90 initially. I agree about the memories our work brings. I have about 50 framed photos in my house … they’ve all been in shows over the years and I still enjoy seeing them and remembering the places and moments. All my best to you in 2020! 🙂

  19. Happiest of New Years Denise! Thank you for all the photographic inspiration and I look forward to many more.

  20. You do such sweet justice to the beauty of the Rockies in Colorado! Happy New Year….love …love your work!!

  21. Sorry that I am so late in looking at your photos. All are very beautiful and show that you are an accomplished photographer. Thank you for showing us.

    • Like I’ve said before … doesn’t matter! I just appreciate you looking when you can. I have a hard time keeping up with everyone myself. Thank you!

  22. A belated congratulations on a great year in photography, and best wishes for many more. 🙂

  23. wonderful photos! thank you for sharing.
    If you get a chance, please check out my music/art blog.

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