Heavenly Heights

In the winter my attention often turns to the mountain peaks. It’s when I find them most beautiful, coated in white, the snow accenting their rugged beauty. When the clouds roll in, usually from the west, or lift after a snow storm I think, ‘this is what heaven must look like’!

A peak revels its fresh coating of snow, high above lifting storm clouds.
‘Above The Clouds’ © Denise Bush
The top of Chimney Rock peeks through the clouds at sunset near Ridgway Colorado.
‘Peeking Through’ © Denise Bush
Distant mountains, blanketed in fresh snow create a beautiful winter scene.
‘Snowbound Beauty’ © Denise Bush
Rocky outcroppings reveal their winter coating as a snowstorm clears.
‘Winter Forms’ © Denise Bush


Winter Wonders

In this post I’m displaying some winter images that caught my eye while reviewing. Getting a closer look by processing them helps me determine how much I like them and if they make the cut. And sometimes they don’t! I think that I am both selective and critical of my own work. A photo club I belong to offers critiques, and that got me thinking out loud here. At this stage in my photographic journey I have no interest in participating. I enjoy what I do and if I am proud of a piece, that is what pleases me most. The club wants us to challenge ourselves by trying different kinds of photography. For beginners who have not yet found their niché it’s a great suggestion. However, I feel that I’ve been there and done that, to come full circle with confidence. I have settled into my niché but that is not to say that I don’t have goals and aspirations! My goal is to stay the course … to continue to create interesting and captivating imagery, always open to and looking for that next favorite photograph. The images below were captured between late November and early January. We’ve had fairly steady snows this winter, keeping things wintry, white and wonderous!

Clouds from a recent snowfall lift, giving way to a rugged mountain view.
‘In The Clearing’ © Denise Bush
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A stream flows happily along, among a beautiful snow-covered forest.
‘Stream In Winter Forest’ © Denise Bush
A mountain lake reflection will soon be completely frozen and covered in snow.
‘Icy Beginnings’ © Denise Bush
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A mountain stream flows along, surrounded by a snow-coated evergreen forest.
‘Wintry Stream’ © Denise Bush
Five bare trees look lovely in the soft winter light at day’s end.
‘Party Of Five’ © Denise Bush
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An open field and distant hill anchor a surreal sky in winter.
‘Minimal Landscape In Winter’ © Denise Bush
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A snowstorm clears to reveal a beautiful winter wonderland!
‘Under Lifting Clouds’ © Denise Bush


Most Favorite!

In my last post I shared a link to my website and ‘2019 Favorites’ gallery. However, my most favorite image was not among them because I added it to my ‘Home Gallery’ instead. Running across it in one of my folders I realized I never shared it on this blog either. Surely my most favorite should have a place here! I printed and framed this for a show last summer. It didn’t sell so I am including it in an exhibit at our Ridgway Public Library where I will be showing along with a potter. I will have about 20 framed pieces on display. Note the title … I amused myself with that one!

‘Pink Peak Peeking’ © Denise Bush
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Ridgway Library Exhibit – Jan. 11 – Mar. 13