Winter Wonders


In this post I’m displaying some winter images that caught my eye while reviewing. Getting a closer look by processing them helps me determine how much I like them and if they make the cut. And sometimes they don’t! I think that I am both selective and critical of my own work. A photo club I belong to offers critiques, and that got me thinking out loud here. At this stage in my photographic journey I have no interest in participating. I enjoy what I do and if I am proud of a piece, that is what pleases me most. The club wants us to challenge ourselves by trying different kinds of photography. For beginners who have not yet found their niché it’s a great suggestion. However, I feel that I’ve been there and done that, to come full circle with confidence. I have settled into my niché but that is not to say that I don’t have goals and aspirations! My goal is to stay the course … to continue to create interesting and captivating imagery, always open to and looking for that next favorite photograph. The images below were captured between late November and early January. We’ve had fairly steady snows this winter, keeping things wintry, white and wonderous!

Clouds from a recent snowfall lift, giving way to a rugged mountain view.

‘In The Clearing’ © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

A stream flows happily along, among a beautiful snow-covered forest.

‘Stream In Winter Forest’ © Denise Bush

A mountain stream flows along, surrounded by a snow-coated evergreen forest.

‘Wintry Stream’ © Denise Bush

Five bare trees look lovely in the soft winter light at day’s end.

‘Party Of Five’ © Denise Bush
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An open field and distant hill anchor a surreal sky in winter.

‘Minimal Landscape In Winter’ © Denise Bush
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A snowstorm clears to reveal a beautiful winter wonderland!

‘Under Lifting Clouds’ © Denise Bush


57 Responses to “Winter Wonders”

  1. Wonderful winter images. I can understand why you like them. (Suzanne)

  2. Beautiful winter shots. Smart to add a link to order from. I have to do that lol.

    • Hi Ray! I don’t know that it has ever helped to sell anything but I figure it can’t hurt. People can see them larger on the store site too.

  3. Beautiful, Denise! Love the winter images!

  4. 7 Deb

    My favs….”In the clearing” and “Party of five”

  5. All lovely, I particularly like the “minimal landscape” photo!

  6. In the clearing gets my WOW! Others are beautiful but that’s a real winner!

  7. 14 Elizabeth Jackson

    Great depth and strength with “In the Clearing” Of course the rest all tell their own story. Lovely collections!

  8. You just have to love the color and texture of the winter landscape.

  9. 18 Vickie R Bush

    They are beauties! Feel like we visited Icey beginnings in the summer.

  10. You’ve got excellent tonality in those two black and white photos. In the last photo, the subtle colors are quite appealing, and I like the contrast between the linear rock layers at the top and the arboreal features at the bottom.

  11. I always love to see your posts, Denise. ‘Epic’ comes to mind in viewing these latest. My favs are ‘Minimal Landscape In Winter’, ‘In The Clearing’ and ‘Party of Five’ – great title!

  12. That’s a really nice collection of winter images, Denise. I like the first two a lot but all are super.

  13. How lovely and beautiful winter photos. They are a great joy for my eyes! Thank you.

    Happy weekend!

  14. I have read one photographer. I think she is also well known who also says the same thing as you. You take pictures to please yourself.

    These are beautiful pieces of work!

    • Yes … I think shooting for yourself and being true to yourself are important in finding your own voice and style. Then if others can appreciate your work it’s a big plus! Thanks for your visit and comment!

  15. First, let me say that I applaud your steadfast confidence and loyalty to your vision. I think artists tend to feel pressure to explore and question their vision, which leads to a lot of outlandish trial and error and anguish.

    Secondly, I love the unexpected movement in that first image. The way the fog separates the foreground and background creates a lovely curve to lead the eye inward. Its subtle, yet surprisingly strong.

    • Thank you for your comment. I thought my commentary might spur some discussion, but not so much (yet anyway)! Nothing wrong with being content in my view!

      I am really enjoying ‘My Life With An Enigma’! Not only am I a slow reader but got busy with an exhibit last week. Looking forward to the second half this week!

      • Thank you! Take your time. Enjoy. Sorry if you’re finding typos. If you got an early copy, there are plenty for you to find. Also, please let me know if there are any oddball print abnormalities. I’ve seen a copy that didn’t properly center the text longitudinally on the page. Someone else has reported a wrinkle or something in the first 157 pages that scrunches the words together in the center of the right hand pages. This person hasn’t been able to send me a photo yet, so I’m not sure what it is, but it sounds awful. I need to gather info and deal with Amazon CS about this. :-O Endless troubles. Keep enjoying your vision. I certainly enjoy what you share with us.

  16. It’s good to be satisfied with what you’re doing, but not by any means bored with it. There’s always more to see, more ways to see it, and more room to grow than we will ever need, and I know you’ll keep moving forward. The last photo has such beautiful textures and subtle colors. The black and white stream photo is gorgeous as well – it’s got to be quite a challenge to photograph all that snow and do it successfully. I’m fond of the minimal landscape, too. Glad you’re enjoying winter, Denise! 🙂

  17. Your love and compassion for Colorado comes through with your artistic style, Denise. These wintry scenes are stunning! ❤

  18. You should be satisfied with what you are doing…you have the visual gift!! I go through similar processes with my work…I may settle on 1 out of 10, but it has to look and feel right to me. You have learned to trust your gut and that to me is the most important aspect. Your work is stunning and I truly mean that!

    • Thanks very much for your encouraging words Kirt! My blog and friends like you give me the fuel I sometimes need to stay the course. I find blogging to be much healthier than posting on FB which I keep to a minimum.

  19. Nice stuff, as usual. Maybe I should join a photo club. It’d give me an excuse to get out more.

    • If you’ve never belonged to a camera/photo club you might want to check it out. I was heavily involved in a large club back east and got a lot from it … many friends and support from them. The club here is much smaller and it’s difficult to feel the same by comparison.

  20. You put into words so perfectly how I feel about the critiques and challenges at the local photo clubs. Plus they can be so competitive and that’s just. not. me! I only compete with me.

    I much prefer Meet Up photography groups. Just hanging out with like-minded photographers who want some company.

    I love the two top images, but the Party of 5 is my favorite! LOVE IT!

    • Thanks so much Deborah … glad to hear you have similar thoughts. I decided to add ‘Party Of Five’ to my store … the more I looked at it, the more I liked it!

  21. Thanks Denise, I enjoy these beautiful winter photographs!

  22. Denise, sorry that I could not look at your blog until today, but glad that I did. All are wonderful image, but the first black and white image is exceptional and my favorite.

    I agree with your thoughts on camera club critiques and competitions. I dropped out of the Cranbury club and want to leave the Hunterdon County club at the end of this year. Camera clubs are like attending high school. If you stayed another year, yes you might learn something more, but there is a time to graduate and move on. There are other ways of getting to the next plateau in our quest for perfection, not the least of which is taking more photos and post processing them, and then self-analyzing the result. Your photographs are yours and it is your vision that makes them so special.

    • Thanks Ken. I often put my favorite first in a post so I’m happy you like that one too. I’m glad you can relate to where I am coming from. The club here does not have competitions but they ‘share’ and have a theme each month. I don’t share very often because I figure if fellow members were really interested in seeing my work they would visit this blog or my website, or would have come to my current show at the library. As far as FB goes … I think its mostly photographers wanting to show off their own work without really caring so much to see other photographer’s work.

  23. I think “Wintry stream” is my favorite. I love the running water.

    I am glad that you have enough confidence in yourself that you don’t need someone else to give you that approval anymore. In the end, it is only ourselves that can click the shutter or make the brush stroke and we have to believe we can make the decisions. I had art teachers in college (early 70’s) that told me realistic artwork had NO value – that the Old Masters had done it all so get over it. Illustration and graphic design bak then were not even considered “real art”. It was crushing to me at that time because I lacked enough self confidence and I gave up most of my artwork for long time. When I went back to it, it was on my own. It has only been the last ten years or so that I have felt that what I do is okay. It is also freeing to finally understand that every piece does not have to be perfect and the process is important too. It is okay to use the “circular file” and chalk it up to learning something new.

    • I think we are both creating professional work and don’t need to be concerned with what other artists/photographers think … especially if we are proud of our work and we enjoy what we are doing. Thanks for your visits and thoughts!

  24. Gorgeous photos, Denise. Particularly the first one captured me. It has an Ansel Adams feel to it.

  25. Oh wow, another wonderful post! ‘In the Clearing’ really grabbed my eye, amazing depth, drama and visual interest. Love the two stream compositions as well. ‘Under Lifting Clouds’ is also a fav, love the depth and range of textures! Glad you’re sticking to what you love. Each image you create is wonderful and unique. There is a lifetime left to explore. Rock on!

  26. I’m in love with your blog!

    • Oh, thank you … I’ve been at it for a while as you can see from my archives when you ‘visit site’ rather than using the WordPress Reader. I saw your email address … I was born in the year of the monkey and love them too! I live practical jokes!

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