Heavenly Heights


In the winter my attention often turns to the mountain peaks. It’s when I find them most beautiful, coated in white, the snow accenting their rugged beauty. When the clouds roll in, usually from the west, or lift after a snow storm I think, ‘this is what heaven must look like’!

A peak revels its fresh coating of snow, high above lifting storm clouds.

‘Above The Clouds’ © Denise Bush

The top of Chimney Rock peeks through the clouds at sunset near Ridgway Colorado.

‘Peeking Through’ © Denise Bush

Distant mountains, blanketed in fresh snow create a beautiful winter scene.

‘Snowbound Beauty’ © Denise Bush

Rocky outcroppings reveal their winter coating as a snowstorm clears.

‘Winter Forms’ © Denise Bush


42 Responses to “Heavenly Heights”

  1. ‘Heavenly’ shots for sure, Denise. Height and majesty all rolled into one! I love the soft layers of clouds in ‘Snowbound Beauty.’

  2. Those sure do look like heaven on Earth, Denise. Nice set of mountain images.

  3. Beautiful. I love mountain photographs. Your pictures are great.

  4. That’s quite a variety of color schemes. How about those lenticular clouds in the third photo? The last view, though colorless, seems especially dramatic.

  5. Beautiful, Denise! Yes, I agree this must be what heaven is like! Soft white snow and clouds…so peaceful and special. My favorite is the first one, Above the Clouds.

  6. While I admire your photography, I think I admire the dedication you have to be so consistent with it more. I find the winter months see me more inside than outside.

  7. These are all wonderful, Denise. Love the image with the lenticular clouds and your final b&w is gorgeous.

  8. 15 Elizabeth Jackson

    Now I know what a lenticular cloud is. My morning education. Really love the feel of “Winter Forms” Stay warm and keep sharing your passion.

  9. Lovely pictures, love your first picture with cloud covered mountain with just the peak visible.

  10. How glorious! It feels as if we are hovering like birds.

  11. Those are beautiful! Your mountains remind me of the Eastern Sierras.

  12. So beautiful, Denise! I love all four, and that cloud formation in the third photo is amazing! ❤

  13. Your description says it all….stunning captures!!

  14. Beautiful.

  15. Snow on mountains is like people putting on their fancy clothes. These are purty.

  16. I agree, mountains dressed in winter’s costume is when they are most beautiful. You certainly captured some beautiful images of those mountains.

  17. They are all beautiful, but since I love color, I like the second red one best.

  18. Great shots, special clouds in the 3rd photo.

  19. I can see the grandeur in these images. The clouds in the fourth photo are amazing! I’ve seen lenticular clouds a few times, but nowhere near as big as those were. And I really like the textures in the last photo – beautiful.

    • Thank you Lynn. It has been a bit gloomy and the snow needs some freshening up. They say March and April are the snowiest months here. I’m eager to get back out there!

  20. Wow!! I love all images around the mountain peaks. Thanks, Denise.

  21. Drama and majesty are often often characteristics found in your landscapes. There is a sense of awe, appreciation, if not connection, with the natural beauty of Mother Nature. Sorry, I’m catching up on your blog. Cheers!

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