Winter Wonders II

Winter landscape photography has its challenges and I’ve mentioned them, more than once in previous posts through the years. Today I was thinking that we are at the mercy of the conditions in winter, more so than any other season here. With many roads closed there are just more options in spring, summer and fall. When it’s snowing the mountains are not visible and we sometimes have to wait until the plows come through. To capture optimal conditions we might only have a short window, after the clouds lift enough to reveal the fresh snow. The strong sun can quickly melt the snow off the trees and a bald, blue (boring) sky can appear much too soon. Then after a few days the snow gets old and tracked up from deer, elk, cattle and other miscellaneous critters … as well as humans with snowmobiles and skis. Yes, it’s challenging but it’s exhilarating too and I love it! With the cold air in my face and surrounded by winter’s beautiful, dynamic scenery I feel alive and grateful for each experience.

Coutrhouse Mountain catches bright light against a dark, brooding sky.
‘Brilliant Courthouse’ © Denise Bush
A little tree is all alone in the valley after a snow storm.
‘Little Loner’ © Denise Bush
A trail used by snow mobiles only leads to ‘off the grid’ living.
‘Off The Grid Trail’ © Denise Bush
Last light of day strikes an exposed peak in the San Juan Mountains, San Miguel County, Colorado.
‘San Miguel Moment’ © Denise Bush
A snowy ridge and lifting clouds light up with the last light of day.
‘Spotlight Along The Ridge’ © Denise Bush
New fallen snow and pink clouds are about as close to heaven as one can imagine.
‘Mountain Peeking Out Of Clouds’ © Denise Bush
A gentle slope catches the last light of day under prretty pink clouds.
‘Gentle Light Catcher’ © Denise Bush