Compositions From Above


I love working my camera along the Loghill Mesa escarpment where I live. The wide, mountainous views are beautiful to behold. But when the sky wasn’t cooperating recently, I turned my long lens downward to capture some scenes in the valley below. I love examining the contours of the land from this high vantage point. The fences, streams, hills and snow create their own designs and become somewhat abstract when reduced to B&W. It’s difficult to see some of the detail at this blog’s small image size but I wanted to post them all the same. Of course viewing them on a phone the detail will be even smaller. See if you can find the elk herd in two of the images!

Bare trees and willows take on a warm glow as the Dallas Creek leads the winding way.

‘Dallas Creek From Above’ © Denise Bush

A view below focuses on a corral and contours of the snow covered land.

‘Corral From Above’ © Denise Bush

Long Shadows develop at the end of the day shining a spotlight on an elk herd below.

‘Elk From Above’ © Denise Bush

A herd of elk graze in the snow covered valley below.

‘From Above In B&W III’ © Denise Bush

A composition of the valley below creates an abstract design of texture and line in B&W.

‘From Above In B&W II’ © Denise Bush

A composition of the valley below creates an abstract design of texture and line in B&W.

‘From Above In B&W I’ © Denise Bush

48 Responses to “Compositions From Above”

  1. Wonderful compositions, Denise. I really love the colors, lines, sinuous water and trees in ‘Dallas Creek From Above’ – it is fabulous!

  2. These are beautiful

  3. I am glad you aimed your lens downward. These are terrific.

  4. Awesome, Denise. My favorite is “Dallas Creek from Above”. Love the winding creek! All the images are great and beautifully composed.

    • Thanks Angie. I’ve shot that Dallas Creek composition a few times and don’t know why I never did anything with it before.

  5. I’ll ad to the chorus of “Dallas Creek from Above”. Great composition and that view offers so much to sweep our eyes over. Nice job too of not letting disappointing skies ruin the day.

  6. Exquisite landscapes, Denise. Love your lead shot as others have mentioned. The B&W images really caught my eye with their delicate lines, textures and shapes. Wonderful. The long lens is great for compressing scenes.

    • Glad you like them Jane. I like to use the long lens to compress scenes too. From this vantage point the elements were relatively close to one another.

  7. It’s a luxury to live near places high enough that you can look so far down from them.

    • I go out to the escarpment frequently Steve. It’s an awesome view and there is a trail that runs some length of it. Mountain lions are sometimes seen up there!

  8. Fabulous!!!

  9. Wonderful view from high up. I think that is the kind of view that do not come by in daily life. They are absolutely eye candies and the mood of the light you captured is just amazing.

    • It’s a pretty and expansive view. I love being able to see so far and in different directions. Thanks for your visit and comment!

  10. Great photos and wonderful landscapes, Denise.

  11. Very cool. And yes the elk are quite prominent even on the blog. Have you ever considered using a drone? I know drones can be a nuisance and are often overused, but there is something quite magical about seeing the landscape from a bird’s eye view. Like so much in life, I think drones in the hands of responsible experts have much to offer. Now if we could just rip them out of the hands of irresponsible amateurs!

    • Thanks Linda! There is a photographer here who is well-known for his drone photography. I would not be confident developing a skill for it. It is annoying when I go to a spot and have (tourists) flying them all around me. By the way … Brent really enjoyed your book too!

      • I know what you mean about drones in the hands of idiots. There’s also a fabulous photog/videographer in Boise who has taken to drones in a big way. He’s an artist of supreme ability and what he does with his drone footage is something to behold.
        Gee, I’m glad to here Brent read/enjoyed the book too. I always wonder how well it appeals to men. Several of my male Tweeps have been wildly supportive. Makes my day. Thank you.

  12. Well, done, Denise. The images are pleasing to the eye. I love snow and how it covers all the unnecessary detail and allows the viewer’s mind to relax and enjoy just the essentials.

    • Thanks Ken. The longer I live here the more difficult it becomes to do something new … even though the weather and light always makes the same scenes different. You bring up a good point. I don’t think these would work as well if it were not for the snow.

  13. The “Corral from Above” and “Dallas Creek from Above” are my favorites. Such nice composition.

  14. You use natural lines in the landscape to create beautiful compositions. And of course, light is also so important in these lovely images.

  15. That’s a room with a really big view! The first shot is my favorite.

  16. 32 Pat Worley

    The compositions are very strong and simplistic. Think they are beautiful.


  17. Absolutely beautiful

  18. Amazing photos.
    I really like the composition here as well. Really great series.

  19. Elk herds over here just don’t have the same wild feeling, being near busy roads and farms. I love the palette in all of these, and the textural variety. The river “S” curves are beautiful, but the abstract feeling in the second-to-last photo really pleases me, too.

    • I’m glad you, who works in the abstract likes that one … it’s one of my favorites too. There is a lot to look at, especially when larger. The animals aren’t very tame here, like in Yellowstone for example. An exception are the Mule Deer.

      • Maybe you’ll do more abstract, or shall we say abstract-ish work. 🙂 Of course, snow and winter lend themselves well, but plenty of other things can, too. Deer seem pretty tame is no many places – today there was an article about the deer in Nara, Japan. People feed them and they walk through the streets, even allowing touch. Our deer walk through the streets too, but I don’t think anyone wants to encourage a lot of feeding.

  20. Indeed, its cool how snow simplifies the winter landscape. Beautiful captures, B&W3 is my fav!

  21. Very nice shots Denise. The first one is my favorite with the ‘texture’ of the trees and the simplicity in colour.

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