Bare Trees


I have no doubt that trees are the most photographed subject in my portfolio. Mountains may be a close second but sometimes trees play an important role in those compositions too. Trees certainly take center stage in my autumn photography and I love to shoot them in winter as well. With the structure visible we are able to enjoy their interesting silhouettes. I am always looking for trees with pleasant shapes, against the snow or sky, and in pleasing arrangements. I do have some favorites and four of the images here are places I have visited before, and will likely visit again. The scenes are always different depending on the time of year, weather and sky. I’ve accumulated quite a collection over time. A few years ago I displayed some of my framed tree images in a show titled, Tremendous Trees … an exhibit for tree lovers! And for the love of trees, I’ve gathered many of my favorites in an online collection of the same name HERE.

A distant group of assorted trees makes a lovely silhouette against a wintry sky.

‘Winter Assembly’ © Denise Bush

A row of trees growing on a distant rise creates an orderly winter composition.

‘Winter Silhouette’ © Denise Bush
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A little gamble oak soaks in the warm rays on a winter afternoon.

‘Little Tree In Afternoon’ © Denise Bush

Birds take a short rest in a little gambel oak on a sunny winter day.

‘Rest Stop’ © Denise Bush

A grouping of cottonwood trees stands in the foreground with Lone Cone Mountain in the background.

‘Lone Cone View’ © Denise Bush

Some extra white aspens create a high contrast nature pattern in black and white.

‘Aspen Forest Contrast’ © Denise Bush

Some white aspen trees make a strong black and white close-up!

‘Aspen Forest Close-up’ © Denise Bush

62 Responses to “Bare Trees”

  1. I love these compositions. Well done, Denise.

  2. Beautiful, all of them!

  3. 7 Deb

    Love “2020 Lineup”,”Winter Assembly ” and “Winter Silhouette “. I really, really like “Silhouette in the Snow” but it makes me a little sad….maybe it’s just the state of everything going on right now, I don’t know….. it definitely stirs an emotion!
    Fantastic job as always! Miss you.


    • Thanks Deb … those are all my favorites too … all at the beginning of the post this time! ‘Silhouette In The Snow’ feels a little lonely … social distancing. Like hearing your favorites and I miss you too!

  4. Those that particularly got to me are: 2020 Line-up, Silhouette In Snow, and Aspen Forest Contrast. As you know so well, you’re fortunate to live in such a scenic part of the country—and now we can add that it’s ideal for social distancing.

    • Hey Steve, thanks! The patterns the aspen trees make always appeal to me. Groves can often be gray or tan but these were especially white. Yes … it’s easy to go out here and still be alone, with nature!

  5. These are wonderful images, Denise! I revere trees, esp. the great, old ones. My favorites: ‘Silhouette in Snow,’ 2020 Line-up’ and Winter Silhouette’ which have marvelous skies as well.

  6. 13 Amy

    Beautiful, indeed!

  7. 15 Elizabeth Jackson

    This evening I was sitting on my deck looking up and admiring the awesomeness of all the trees around me. This collection is grand. I love the winter scenes with the trees appearing as silhouettes. Thank you for sharing.

  8. These are all wonderful shots, Denise. I’d say that “2020 Lineup” and “Silhouette in Snow” could be favorites but choosing is difficult. I like both aspen images a lot too.

  9. Stunning photographs, Denise! I love trees, and these are gorgeous.

  10. Great shots of these bare trees. I also do like to see those big branches getting into fine branches all around. I think that is geometrically pleasing (at least for me).

  11. Beautiful artwork. Thanks for sharing during these troubling times.

    • Thank you Russ! Yes … a little diversion is helpful. Think I’ll take my camera for a drive today. Social distancing is easy to do here!

  12. Wow … what beautiful compositions. I saw the title and had something completely different in mind. Really glad I checked it out!!!
    Be well!!!!

  13. Beautiful captures, Denise!

  14. Those first four seem like a departure from your usual photos….not sure why, perhaps because they are so simple. (I mean simple compositions, not simple execution!) I particularly love 2020 Lineup and Silhouette in Snow.

    • I have done that kind of thing quite a bit but maybe not too recently. I have photographed 3 of those 4 stands of trees before and some are in that ‘Tremendous Trees’ collection (link). I’m glad you like them and hope you are well in our current situation. 🙂

  15. Each and every capture is an exquisite beauty unto itself! Love all of them!

  16. 33 Virginia RIce

    I love silhouette in the snow, I also photograph trees but I don’t care why, they just settle me. I always enjoy your work, thank you for sharing in these unsettling times.😊

  17. Lovely images, Denise!

  18. I love them all, Denise! What is it about humans and trees? They are incredibly important and we relate to them so strongly. The ghostliness of the last two images is wonderful. There is something strangely uncanny but also comforting about the third, with the bare trees and clouds. Lone Cone View stands out for me, too – it’s that foreground/background synthesis, so nicely balanced. I’ll go take a look at the tree collection link….

    • There is a lot written about the symbolism and meaning of trees that explains why we are so drawn to them. I’ve written about it in the past and perhaps I will do so again in a future post.Your insights into my images is always so thoughtful. I know what you mean by ‘something uncanny’ in the third and you picked up on the juxtaposition with Lone Cone. Thank you! 🙂

  19. Nice. Favs are 2020 Line Up, Silhouette In Snow, and Aspen Forest Contrast.

  20. Such a beautiful collection of trees and landscapes. Like Lynn, I like them all, but I think my favourite, if I were to pick one, would be ‘Winter Silhouette’.

  21. Hi Denise…just great your tree photographs…I have a small series in my site with a blog I published some time ago called ‘standing dead tres’… when you have a spare time have a look at it…thanks…antonio

  22. Beautiful!

  23. Lovely selection of photos. Until I got to the last two, I was wondering if photographing trees was really an excuse for photographing the sky. That element contributes so much to the beauty of your photos.

    • You’ve figured me out! Interesting, balanced skies are a requisite for most of my landscapes and I’m a fan of low horizons too! Thanks so much for your visit and nice comment.

  24. Hello Denise.

    What a great set of beautiful photos. I love especially those winter photos. Thank you.

    Stay safe and healthy!

  25. Wow! These are great! 🔥🍄🔥

  26. Absolutely marvelous, Denise. A favorite subject. You have such a great eye for composition and light. The three in monochrome are fantastic. 😃

  27. Will write to you separately. Bottom line is these are wonderful.

  28. Love your trees Denise, ‘2020 Line-up’, and oooooh ‘Silhouette in Snow’! Beautiful!!

  29. Beautiful photos! Trees are so photogenic. I love drawing them. They are a perfect source of inspiration.

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