Magnificent Mountain Peaks


I’m used to always being out there, trying to out-do my best work while adding to my portfolio. I’m picky and don’t always come away with something I like enough to show, but that’s OK. It’s all good … being out in the fresh mountain air and taking in the scenery never gets old. In recent weeks I’ve stayed at home except for a couple of cabin fever drives and stops with no one else around. I’ve been shooting from our property at sunset which gets me out of the house and enjoying that special time of day. I wait, watch and hope that something wonderful happens with the light and sky … like the last image here, shot from our property. The other scenes are from some of my usual stops on days when I got lucky. I hope you enjoy seeing these magnificent peaks … they are expecting a fresh coat of spring snow tomorrow, Easter Sunday!

The San Juan Mountains of Colorado light up to feature Hayden Peak and the North Pole

‘Amber Glow At Sunset’ © Denise Bush
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Teakettle Mountain reveals its peak as clouds lift after a winter storm.

‘Teakettle In The Clouds’ © Denise Bush

A wintry scene in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado featuring Hayden Peak and North Pole Peak.

‘Winter Light On Hayden’ © Denise Bush

Looking west from Ridgway we see the end of the Sneffels Range On the left and West Baldy on the right with Pleasant Valley in between!

‘Western Winter Panorama’ © Denise Bush
(Hard to see at this small size but felt it belonged in this group!)

Hayden Peak and the North Pole are featured in this San Juan Mountain, winter scene.

‘Painted Sky Over North Pole’ © Denise Bush

A knobby peak reveals itself as a winter storm clears in the mountains of Ouray County, Colorado.

‘Knobby Reveal’ © Denise Bush

Warm light bathes the mountains as clouds lift after depositing a fresh coat of snow.

‘Warm Light Over Cold Peaks’ © Denise Bush

57 Responses to “Magnificent Mountain Peaks”

  1. Denise, thank you so much for these beautiful Easter gifts. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  2. Thank you Denise. My spring skiing (not, despite perfect conditions) fix. I’m glad you have such a marvelous view just outside the door.

    • Hi Linda! Thanks for stopping in. I trust you are staying safe. We can see the Cimarron Range from our upstairs where our kitchen and living room are and the front of the house. Of course they are considered the San Juan’s here.

  3. Beautiful set of images. I’m particularly enamored with the black and whites, which always have a timeless quality to them when photographing the mountains.

  4. 7 Deb

    Love that “Western Winter Panorama “!!
    I could look at this scenery everyday!
    You always capture the scenery beautifully.

  5. Lovely series, Denise. Boy, it sure looks cold!
    Wishing you a nice, quiet Easter and warmer days ahead.

    • We’ve had some warm spring days and the snow is all gone around our house. It takes a long time to melt off the peaks. Still this time of year it can turn cold and snow which is what we are expecting. Thanks for stopping in … best wishes for a pleasant Easter to you and yours!

  6. Beautiful images, Denise!

  7. Your captures are stunning as ever, Denise! You have a gorgeous backyard in your first photo. 🙂

    • Yes, that is a part of my big backyard! I was curious and that location is 14.5 miles from home. I have shot that many times but the captures often don’t make the cut. Appreciate your visit and comment … thanks very much! 🙂

  8. They’re all wonderful shots, Denise. That’s quite the view just outside your door.

    • Thank you! The last pic is from our property. The others were shot from down the road a piece! 🤠

      • That’s still close enough to qualify, Denise. 🙂 I imagine there are folks, even me if I flew, who’d love to travel just to see all those views.

  9. These are stunning, Denise! So full light and wonder, which is what we all need during these uncertain times.

  10. You do have quite a view from your house… I am quite jealous. Lovely photos. Take care and stay healthy. (Suzanne)

    • Thank you! Only the last one was from our property. After living in the forest for many years we love our view here and being able to see the sky.

  11. Denise, when it is your post then one thing I am sure of is that I am going to see some extraordinary photographs not just any OK pics. Marvellous!

  12. 24 Elizabeth Jackson

    Happy Easter Denise. Your backyard never lets you down. So overwhelmingly beautiful. Next come all those scenes covered with wildflowers. Looking forward to those. XOXO

    • Thanks Buck. We’ll start to see some lupine and paintbrush in the neighborhood next month. It will be July for the high alpine meadows. XO

  13. Awesome stuff Denise. Lucky you to have such landscape surrounding you.

  14. You’re fortunate indeed to have such scenes visible in your area and even from your property, as your final picture demonstrates. Have you considered letting a small image like your panorama be enlargeable so viewers could better appreciate it?

    • Thanks Steve. Don’t know how to do that with my blog. I downsize my pics before posting them.

      • After I import a photograph into a post in the WordPress editor, I click on the photograph to select it and some icons appear above the picture. Clicking on the icon that has a stubby pencil on it, I get taken to a window that offers a bunch of choices. One lets me change the size of the photograph. There’s also a “Link to” menu that lets me choose how a picture will react when someone clicks on it. I usually choose “Media file,” which means that anyone who clicks an embedded image will get taken to the actual photograph I’ve uploaded, however big it is.

        I’m still using WordPress’s old editor, but there must be a way to do the same things in newer versions of the editor.

      • Thanks for the info Steve. I may choose to do this in the future with some of the images like that panorama. I like keeping the file sizes small on my blog for a few reasons … theft, space and how fast they load, and to entice them to go to my store where they can see select images larger. I still use the old editor too. I’ve noticed that some blogs that use full size images take a while to resolve. In addition to my store, I also have a website where images are larger at

      • One choice in the “Link to” menu lets you put in any URL you want, which could be the place where a larger version of the photograph appears on your website.

      • Thanks for all the tips! I already do link the images I add to my store but all don’t make the cut. I limit it to images that would make nice wall art.

  15. What a spectacular view you have, right from home. The clouds in that last image are so beautiful. The panorama and the 1st and 2nd images appeal to me a lot, too. I bet you’ll be happy when you can get out more though. We’ve been lucky in that respect here, but when you think about all the ramifications of this time that will continue to develop through the next few years, it’s scary.

    • Thanks Lynn. Only the last one is from our home view this time. I need to be patient although there are places here where I will be far away from others to photograph. Time will tell … be well!

  16. 36 Amy

    These peaks are stunning! Another awesome series, Denise!

  17. You make me homesick for the Rockies!! Love all of theses shots!!

    • Thank you Kirt. Maybe you can come back for a visit after this virus blows over. Our community FB pages get loaded with tourists wanting to know when they can come back.

  18. Quite a scenery you have from your property. You sure waited for the right light and low clouds to add beauty to these amazing images. I hope you were able to enjoy the Easter despite the special times.

  19. They’re all gorgeous, Denise. The view from your property is stunningly beautiful!

    • Thanks Deborah! We do have a beautiful view and I have included many images of our view in posts since moving here in 2015. In this set only the last was shot from our property where we have a view of the Cimarron Range. Others are from the Sneffels range which I can view from the escarpment in our neighborhood. Both ranges are subsets of the San Juan Mountains which is a subset of the Rockies!

  20. It’s hard to get tired of mountains, especially when the clouds and light add their paintbrushes.

    • I’m glad to read your comment. I hope viewers don’t get tired of them either. I try to break it up a bit. Thanks for stopping by! Stay safe!

  21. Outstanding views!

  22. Jeepers Denise, if that is what you can see from your property you are a very lucky lady! Beautiful shots, I always find it calming to look at mountains.

    • Thanks … just the last one in this set was from our property. The others were close-by though. I do include other views from our place pretty often. Lately, staying home I’ve been shooting here a lot!

      • Thank you, I realized it was the last photo, and isn’t it great that by being forced to stay closer to home, you start to discover ‘new’ things and seeing things that have been there all the time in a different light. Not all things for sure, but there seems to be always more to discover. Wonderful, that you can ‘work from home’ 🙂

  23. Beautiful photos, but I am ready for sp[ring! LOL

  24. 54 in

    wow, you really gotta be way up there in the sky to take these shots!


  25. 56 Geri

    I will never get bored looking at mountain photos. These are beautiful, so please keep them coming.

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