Adobe Attraction


It’s been awhile since I’ve dedicated a post to the ‘Adobes’ … although I have included scenes now and then, in collections with a different aim. The Adobe Hills or Adobe Badlands are a vast area of more than 10,000 acres in Montrose & Delta Counties, north of my Ouray County home. It is more arid in these counties, they get less snow and it melts quickly allowing spring to appear sooner. It is a playground for hiking, ATV & dirt bike enthusiasts, jeeping and this photographer! I find the area a bit ‘otherworldly’ and at times, being there has made me feel like I’ve landed on the Mars! I remember thinking the landscape looked like piles of dirt from a gravel pit when I first saw them. Now I think the Adobes are beautiful and I enjoy shooting there from time to time for a change of scenery. I find the contours and shapes very attractive, especially when complemented with an interesting sky and light. Well, because a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll let these images from different seasons take it from here!

A tall hill in the Adobe Badlands near Montrose resembles a pyramid.

‘My Private Pyramid’ © Denise Bush
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A winter sunset adds some pretty pink on top of the tallest hill.

‘Sunset Over Adobe Layers’ © Denise Bush

A canal winds through Montrose Colorado ranch land with the Adobe Hills in the background.

‘Autumn Canal’ © Denise Bush

Yellow wildflowers grace the sides of the road in the high desert near Montrose Colorado.

‘High Desert Bloom’ © Denise Bush

The Adobe Badlands in Montrose County, Colorado are offer interesting, arid scenery.

‘Adobe Badlands Pyramid’ © Denise Bush

Twilight falls on the snow-covered adobe hills near Montroce, Colorado.

‘Adobe Twilight Zone’ © Denise Bush

52 Responses to “Adobe Attraction”

  1. Lovely. Your description of your first impression of the Adobes reminds me of my first impression of the foothills around Boise. They are mostly treeless and by July are usually dull gold/brown. But as I watched the light play over those hills, I began to see their simple, sensuous beauty. It’s all about “seeing.”

  2. Very beautiful pictures of the place. I do like the ‘Autumn Canal’ a lot. So beautiful light.

  3. Autumn canal gets my top vote, too! Lovely images, all.

  4. Gorgeous as usual, Denise.

  5. 9 Deb

    Autumn canal is my fav!

  6. Nice series, Denise. The Adobes are quite ‘otherworldly’ and I see how they look like gravel piles! “Autumn Canal’ is gorgeous and of course, I like the flowers in ‘High Desert Bloom.’ 🙂

  7. Autumn Canal is my favorite!

  8. Another fine collection, Denise. There’s no need to travel when one lives in a visual paradise as you do. I browsed through several times looking to pick a favorite among them. Couldn’t do it as they are all standouts. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Steve! It’s nice to have some variety. Our high mountain jeep roads are still snow-covered. This area is accessible year-round.

  9. 17 Pat Worley

    Calming and beautiful as always.

  10. 19 Ken Curtis

    High Desert Bloom is my favorite because of the colors.

  11. Such an interesting landscape, and changing beautifully in the various seasons. I get why it looks otherworldly to you. For me even more so, coming from northern mountain areas. Gorgeous images as always, Denise.

    • Thank you Otto. I’m happy to have a choice of scenery here … between the arid Adobe Hills and snow-covered, rugged San Juan Mountains.

  12. Nice collection from all seasons! The adobes are a “hidden” delight.

  13. Lovely. And so far I had just known about Adobe software company 🙂

  14. I can see why you say you find the area a bit ‘otherworldly’. Thanks for showing us the ‘Adobes’, looks very beautiful.

  15. Wonderful photos, Denise!

  16. Hello Denise.

    How gorgeous set of beautiful photos! It was a great joy to see them. Thank you.

    Have a good day!

  17. I am so ready for spring. Autumn canal and high desert bloom were my favorites, just for the colors.

  18. “Autumn Canal” speaks to me with its blend of gold and pale blue and the lovely contour of those background hills. Your photos are always such a delight for the senses.

  19. What an interesting landscape…I hadn’t heard about it until now. Autumn Canal is beautiful!! It makes me want to step into the picture and wander around. 🙂

    • Thanks Lynn. Images from the Adobes get sprinkled in here and there. My husband and son love to ride their dirt bikes out there.

  20. Beautiful landscapes, Denise! The Autumn canal is gorgeous, and I like your private pyramid a lot.

  21. Your gift displays the beauty not everyone sees initially! Really well done!!

  22. 45 Admin

    Beautifully composed shots. I really like “Autumn Canal.”

  23. A beautiful selection of photos. A place to add to the visit list, should I get the chance to return to the USA someday.

    • This area is in Montrose County which is also home of the Black Canyon National Park. Of course the San Juan Mountains, where I live are close by too.

  24. These are awesome!! I myself own a portfolio blog if you want to check it out. I just hit follow!

  25. So beautiful landscape! Love your story and photos😊

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