Creative Identity & Boundaries

Creative Identity … what is it and what does it mean to you? 

I consider everything I do with photography and how I do it, all added together to be my Creative Identity. I’ve been working on it seriously as my fine art medium since 2000 and the darkroom. Early years were spent experimenting to come full-circle narrowing subjects down to only what I love. My Creative Identity includes the equipment I use, how I use it, and my processing techniques … to my fine art framed pieces, exhibit history and presence on the web. Exploration, what inspires me and how I capture what I discover are all part of the process. My website, online store and blog reveal who I am as a photographer too. And thinking about it I believe this blog says the most about my Creative Identity. The way I put images together in mini collections, use of clever titles, and my style of writing expose my passion, methods, and personal viewpoints. I believe it is something we develop naturally with time, introspection and work. I have been thinking a lot about Creative Identity lately and I am interested in hearing your thoughts!


And because I’ve also been thinking about how boundaries relate to Creative Identity I’ve decided to pair this post accordingly. Here is a small collection of images that includes fences. Fences can be an obstacle to vantage points but there are some great old weathered ones here in Colorado. I am often looking for ways to include them in my compositions.

A fence adds a little foreground to the distant mountains bathed in pre-sunset light.
‘Mountain Boundary’ © Denise Bush
Low clouds and late day light combine to create a peacefull winter scene.
‘Clouds On A Hill’ © Denise Bush
A fence, buried in the snow acts as a nice accent to this winter scene.
‘Fenced Mountain’ © Denise Bush
Two days before the full moon, this almost full moon rises much earlier, well before sunset.
‘Lunar Prelude’ © Denise Bush
Fog rises from the valley near some hot springs after an overnight snow storm.
‘Above The Fog’ © Denise Bush
A fence with San Juan Mountain character makes a great background for Mears Peak near Ridgway.
‘Ranch Boundary’ © Denise Bush
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Spring Rush

In the mountains nothing calls out ‘spring’ quite so exuberantly as the streams, rivers and waterfalls! Swollen rivers rush melted snow downstream to get to where it is needed. Always careful of my footing it’s exhilarating to stand beside a roaring river, to witness its power, through sight and sound. And waterfalls are in their glory too … each expressing their own voice while traveling over cliffs and boulders. Some falls only make an appearance this time of year, to do their job then again wait, until next spring’s melt. I have made a recent effort to find and enjoy this wonderful sign of spring, close to home. Here are some early results!

The San Miguel River, near Telluride Colorado is moving swiftly as it turns one of many bends.
‘River Bend In Spring’ © Denise Bush
Falling through tiers, this waterfall disappears in the trees then emerges below.
‘Long Falls’ © Denise Bush
A river flows swiftly along in Spring as if on a mission to reach destinations below.
‘Spring Mission’ © Denise Bush
Water cascades over rocks in spring after making its way through an underground tunnel.
‘Tunnel Cascade’ © Denise Bush
A detail shot of a ribbon-like waterfall making a little ‘splash’ on the way down.
‘Making A Splash’ © Denise Bush
The San Miguel River, near Telluride Colorado rushes through the forest in spring
‘Rushing By’ © Denise Bush
A stream meanders down a mountain in spring, feeding into a larger river below.
‘Springtime Meander’ © Denise Bush