Spring Rush


In the mountains nothing calls out ‘spring’ quite so exuberantly as the streams, rivers and waterfalls! Swollen rivers rush melted snow downstream to get to where it is needed. Always careful of my footing it’s exhilarating to stand beside a roaring river, to witness its power, through sight and sound. And waterfalls are in their glory too … each expressing their own voice while traveling over cliffs and boulders. Some falls only make an appearance this time of year, to do their job then again wait, until next spring’s melt. I have made a recent effort to find and enjoy this wonderful sign of spring, close to home. Here are some early results!

The San Miguel River, near Telluride Colorado is moving swiftly as it turns one of many bends.

‘River Bend In Spring’ © Denise Bush

Falling through tiers, this waterfall disappears in the trees then emerges below.

‘Long Falls’ © Denise Bush

A river flows swiftly along in Spring as if on a mission to reach destinations below.

‘Spring Mission’ © Denise Bush

Water cascades over rocks in spring after making its way through an underground tunnel.

‘Tunnel Cascade’ © Denise Bush

A detail shot of a ribbon-like waterfall making a little ‘splash’ on the way down.

‘Making A Splash’ © Denise Bush

The San Miguel River, near Telluride Colorado rushes through the forest in spring

‘Rushing By’ © Denise Bush

A stream meanders down a mountain in spring, feeding into a larger river below.

‘Springtime Meander’ © Denise Bush

49 Responses to “Spring Rush”

  1. 1 deb

    There’s nothing like that smooth silky dreamy water! Beautiful!

    • Thanks Deb. Most of the rivers are down so deep around here it’s hard to find a spot that’s accessible. I hope to find and do more.

  2. Beautiful. I can almost remember the sound of those rushing streams from when I lived out there.

  3. I especially appreciate “Making a Splash” because the white traces in the falling water are akin to the vertical white streaks on the dark rocks. In the following picture, the fallen tree with its perpendicular remains of branches acts as a convenient dividing line between the forest and the stream.

    • At first I looked for compositions getting around that fallen divider … then I decided to embrace it and ended up liking it. The nice light on it helped. Thanks for your comment. I am making my rounds now to the blogs I follow. I have a hard time keeping up but always try to catch up after a new post.

  4. 7 eajackson

    I can almost hear the water as it races through each of these landscapes. I have always loved to just to sit and listen to running water. Recognizing and respecting the power behind it. Beautiful

    • Thank you Buck. I have good memories of seeking out and photographing waterfalls with you. (Catskills, Water Gap & here!)

  5. 9 bcplimpton

    I think I got splashed by number 5.

  6. Lovely series, Denise. Water is my favorite element, I’m so drawn to it, esp. waterfalls! ‘Tunnel Cascade’ is my first choice. 🙂

    • My favorite too Eliza. When is your birthday? Are you a water sign? I am … Cancer. Thanks for visiting. If you like ‘Tunnel Cascade’ then I’m glad I included it! 🙂

  7. The geologist within me was provoked seeing “Making A Splash”. Is that some highly deformed (to the point it becomes vertical) shale or coal outcrop or perhaps basalt sheeting joint… I don’t even know. Beautiful pics as always! Greetings from a new follower. 🙂

    • This is a detail shot of the waterfall you see in the second frame here … further down the fall. I converted it to B&W. The rocks there are wet. If you are interested in the geology just look up ‘Ouray Colorado Geology’. There is a rich history of mining here! Thanks for your visit and follow!!!

  8. Hello.

    Stunning photos those waterfalls! Thank you sharing them.

    Happy weekend

  9. A lovely series of photos. Waterfalls are always beautiful to see. “Spring Mission” – looks like you got low down for that one.

  10. 19 Russell G Hunt


  11. Nicely done. Good subject matter. My favs are River Bend in Spring and Spring Mission.

  12. Great collection of spring streams, rivers and waterfalls. I am especially drawn to the first one, River bend in Spring.

  13. Great series, lady. Took me back to the Catskills and I saw you thought of that also in your reply to Beth (just can’t bring myself to call such a nice gal Buck). My instant favorite: River Bend, particularly as it leads the eye to and around the bend. I would have been even happier had the river been flowing in that direction also. Oh, well, when it reverses please grab it.

    • Thanks for looking Ralph. I have fond memories of our Catskill trips. We had a great group. It would be interesting to see how different it would look if the current was flowing the other way in ‘River Bend in Spring’. I could really sense the power of the water at that location.

  14. Wonderful selection Denise. My favourite is 2nd image – waterfall. I love the contrast of flowing water with solid rock and plant life!

    • Thank you. Shot that one with my Sigma 150-600mm.

      • Very nice telephoto range. I don’t have Sigma lenses but I understand that they are excellent quality. However, as you know, it is really our personal perception and creative composition skill that makes for an satisfying photograph. Probably half of my photos have been captured on my cell phone – especially close-ups of flowers etc. And then tuned up with photo-editing. Lots of fun!

  15. I’ve always had a weakness for mountains and water – you’ve hit the jackpot. I’m still waiting for the day when they cut us loose…

  16. Your ‘efforts’ are astounding, Denise! Each capture is lovely!

  17. Those are beautiful! I too have the waterfalls and springs on my mind. I have been photographing the streams and little cascades and I started a hike to a waterfall not too far from home, but the steep 8-10% grade of uphill mountain climbing beat me 1.5 miles in. I only made it halfway there! I will try again this week. I’ve really lost my ability to hike up mountains. Use or lose it is true!

    Your images will help inspire me to get up the mountain canyons. 😀

    • The hikes can be very strenuous in the mountains … I know! It’s hard to be up there for the right light and time of day and with equipment. I usually want to do a slow shutter with moving water so a tripod is a must. So happy to have a jeep now which can get us up pretty high. Thanks Deborah!

  18. Stunning captures of such beautiful typography and of course…the water falls….can I say “WOW”!! Miss the beauty of Colorado!!

  19. I, for one, have always been fascinating by running water. Rivers are my friends and love to spend time around them. These are all gorgeous images. Nothing quite like rivers in spring time.

    • Thanks Otto … looking for more spots that offer a tidy scene. So often there are snags and other elements that interfere with the flow. I thought of calling this ‘In The Flow’, then remembered that is your blog title!

  20. As you might imagine, I enjoyed every single one of these water images, Denise. I was especially drawn to Tunnel Cascade and Making a Splash as they are so familiar to what I look for. Now if I were in Colorado then I’d be looking for them all. 🙂 Really nice collection. You can’t beat the spring runoff for loud and energetic flows.

    • Hi Steve. Yes, I know you have been doing a lot of water images. I used to lead tours in the Catskills and visit the Delaware Water Gap, Poconos and Rickett’s Glen when I lived Back East. The waterfalls were more accessible there. Here in Colorado many of them require a high altitude hike which is next to impossible for me since my gear is heavy and a tripod is a must.

  21. These are delightful. I like your introduction – it’s true, it’s such a rush to stand by a river or a waterfall in the spring. The depth in ‘Spring Mission’ is wonderful – like having your boots in the water and looking at the hills, far away. I like the way the white lines in the rocks echo the stream of water in the waterfall close-up. ‘Rushing By’ has a lot of appeal for me. It seems to be made up of just horizontals and verticals, each with their own rhythm and it has a minimalist flavor. I bet things are looking beautiful in your area these days… 🙂

    • Thank you Lynn. This was a fun set to shoot. As I told someone else. At first I was looking for a way to get around that dead fallen tree in ‘Rushing By’ but decided I really liked it when I reviewed the shot later. It’s hard to find spots that are accessible and tidy. So often the rivers and cascades have snags that ruin the scene for me. The bright green aspens are so pretty now but it doesn’t take long for them to blend in. The lupine are blooming and I spent a little time shooting some yesterday. Take care!

  22. A lot of people find fire mesmerizing. For me flowing water is the thing. I love it. I particularly enjoyed “Making a Splash” and “Springtime Meander.

    • I have always loved photographing by the water and sometimes miss the ocean, bays, lakes and bogs where I used to live on the East Coast. Thank you for looking and letting me know which you enjoyed most!

  23. 48 Minna

    I love photographing streams and waterfalls as well. It is so calming and relaxing by the water. Love your Spring rush photos

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