Mountain Viewing Pleasure


There’s a saying … “If you’re lucky enough to live in the mountains, you’re lucky enough.” And it seems that most folks living here do feel that way, including myself. I am grateful to have all of this wonderful scenery that inspires me each time I venture out with my camera. I love exploring to find scenes that call to me, creating compositions from my own perspective. Different seasons, lighting and skies, as well as a choice of vantage points and angles provide a wealth of opportunities for me as a landscape photographer. Friends and visitors here have commented that they love seeing the mountain scenery too, so without further adieu, I present the following … for your mountain viewing pleasure!

Dead cedar trees create a foreground for this Colorado Mountain scene.

‘Boggy Reflections’ © Denise Bush
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This mountain view showcases the bright green aspens of spring.

‘A River Flows Through It’ © Denise Bush

A colorful gradient sky signals the end of day over the mountains near Ridgway, Colorado.

‘Gradient Cimarron Sky’ © Denise Bush

Irises grow wild in springtime, in the mountains of Colorado.

‘Wild Iris View’ © Denise Bush

Clouds cast dark shadows on mountain slopes while other areas are highlighted by warm, golden hour light. Note the timy moon on the rise above the upper cloud.

‘Highlights and Shadows’ © Denise Bush

62 Responses to “Mountain Viewing Pleasure”

  1. Denise, you have outdone yourself with these stunning shots. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

  2. 3 bcplimpton

    Denise,, I especially loved the Iris view

    • Hi Barry! I had a nice time with the irises. There was a mama elk and newborn baby keeping me company over yonder in the aspens! I’m glad you like the image … I find framing the right patch of flowers challenging in these situations.

  3. 5 MikeP

    You never cease to enlighten my visual senses. So glad to see your vision out there beyond the real world on the east coast in Jersey… lol!!!

    • I still miss the ‘real world’ (sometimes). Because this set included ‘Boggy Reflection’ a bunch of my old Jersey bog posts came up as related! Thanks so much for visiting and letting me know!

  4. I love all of these shots….I could stare at the mountain beauty all day!! Love your “backyard” of Colorado!

  5. Winners, All!!

    • Thank you. I tried a couple of others with this group but didn’t feel as strongly about them so deleted them. My philosophy is that sometimes less is more!

  6. 11 Amy

    Breathtaking… Thank you, Denise!

  7. So beautiful! I bet you don’t miss living in the East at all! 😉

    • Thanks Eliza. I do sometimes miss the East for the variety but mostly my friends. There was a great camera club there … the South Jersey Camera Club. I am an honorary member and was able to join one of their zoom meetings recently.

  8. Your ‘Gradient Cimarron Sky’ caught my fancy with its combination of ice and pink.

    Regarding the bog, did you also get in closer for more-abstract views of the dead trees and their reflections?

    • Thanks Steve. I shot that ‘Gradient Cimarron Sky’ from my property. I played with the bog location for awhile and liked including the mountains. It reminded me of South Jersey where I shot in the cranberry and cedar bogs but this seemed even more interesting with the mountains.

      • I didn’t realize that there are cranberry bogs in southern New Jersey. I found this interesting article about it:

      • Yup … that’s where I used to live. I had special permission to shoot on one of the largest cranberry farms there in Chatsworth, where the Ocean Spray co-op is located. The cranberry fields are flooded with water from the bogs for harvest. The bogs often have dead cedar trees in them.

      • So we’re both former Northeasterners transplanted to the West.

      • Where did you used to live and where do you live now? I was born in Buffalo, moved to Overland Park Kansas as a kid, then to South Jersey … for my Dad’s job in Philadelphia. I went to art college in Philly. Our son moved to Colorado first and we came out 5 years ago.

      • I grew up on Long Island, went to college in Manhattan, then spent two years in the Peace Corps in Honduras. After graduate school I spent two years in North Carolina before moving to Austin in 1976. That makes this by far the place I’ve lived the longest. Still, the place where a person grew up remains special and formative.

  9. 22 Minna

    You are lucky to live in a such place where mountains are so close! I liked all of your photos, somehow my favorite is the photo with the river.

  10. Amazing views of landscapes. A truly wonderful series of photos, Denise.

  11. Mountains look more fascinating when they are clicked by you Denise… 📷

    • Shucks! I don’t know about that! I try to choose and work on images that offer a little something extra. Thank you! 🙂

  12. Wonderful captures! From these pictures, I immediately feel fresh air and feel like you own the whole world to yourself. I really love the light from “Boggy Reflections”. It felt warm but yet you see snow patches on the mountain far way.. Very interesting look.

    • I was happy to find that spot with the warm light on it. I shot for a while and chose the one with the best balanced clouds. Thanks very much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  13. Really lovely! What an environment for creativity.

  14. Awesome landscapes and inspiring photography, Denise!

    • Thank you … trying to decide where to go later. Can you believe it snowed about 3” last night!? All melted around the house but fresh and pretty on the peaks.

  15. It’s not just any mountains you have there, it’s the Rockies, chock full of 14ers. We have the Cascades, and apart from a few volcanoes poking up here and there, they’re not nearly as impressive.

    • Hi Dave! The mountains in SW Colorado are known as the San Juan Mountains and they are a subset of the Rockies. People call the mountains here the San Juan’s. There is a ‘San Juan Skyway’ scenic loop that is about 230 miles. There are ranges within the San Juan’s with their own names. We live closest to the Sneffels Range And Cimarron Range. I have visited the Cascades and they are beautiful too!

  16. I don’t mind repeating myself and others in saying that you live in a spectacular part of the world. The northeast has its own wonders but Colorado is just plain amazingly beautiful. And your images portray that beauty so well, Denise.

    • Thanks Steve … the beauty is one of the reasons for moving here. I do find getting images I am proud of to be just as challenging as Back East and I miss some of the variety. Timing and weather conditions are just as important. The ruggedness and distance to get to some places is another factor. Today the sky is bald blue and uninteresting … outdoor enthusiasts love the ‘bluebird’ skies but photographers … not so much!

      • Yeah, photographers are a weird bunch that way. At this point in life the mountain climbing is a happy memory. I am more of an Edward Weston type now…more than 500 feet (or whatever number, I’ve read so many different ones) and it’s not photogenic. 🙂

  17. Every image is breathtaking.

  18. Really amazing! It has been 40 years since Iast time in reality.

  19. 45 Vickie R Bush

    Bravo Denise. Your posts inspire me !

  20. Mountains have always been the place for me – although I like it best when I have both mountains and ocean, or fjords, or sounds, at the same place. Another series of spectacular images, Denise, My favourite is ‘Wild Iris View’.

  21. I love the greens and flowers of summer! “Wild Iris” is a beautiful combination of the two.

  22. I missed this and am way behind, once again. With just 5 photos you presented a wide scope of mountain views, proving that there’s lots more to see than one might think. Would you guess that the wild iris photo is my favorite? Probably! But the bog is fascinating too, and the river (#2) is a classic.

    • Thank you Lynn. I like to only post my favorites and keep blog collections limited. Sometimes more sometimes less … sometimes around 6 … like seeing in sixes!

  23. I loved all them, Denise. “Wild Iris View” nevertheless has such a beautiful impact as because when one scroll from up to bottom the greens plants look almost alien, I say it because we don’t have them in Peru n.n

  24. Beautiful realistic photos, 100% transmitting all the beauty of nature. Thank you, I enjoyed it.

  25. I really like your beautiful blog. A pleasure to come stroll on your pages. A great discovery and a very interesting blog. I will come back to visit you. Do not hesitate to visit my universe. See you soon. 🙂

  26. I’m lucky enough 🙂 Though my patch is very different to your wonderful series of breath taking images.

  27. Nice photos Denise. Mountains have something majestic and some sense of permanence to me. I enjoy being in the mountains, which I am not often, so I enjoy your photos! Thank you.

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