The North End


This post pays tribute to the less photographed, north end of Cimarron Ridge. I’ve shown images of the more mountainous south end including, Chimney Rock, Courthouse, Coxcomb, Precipice and Redcliff in a number of previous posts. I can see and often photograph the Cimarron’s from our property as well as when I’m out and about. The forms are silhouetted at sunrise looking east and we enjoy tracking the sun as it changes position along the ridgeline from season to season. In late day and at sunset the Cimarron’s surprise us each evening by lighting up in unpredictable ways. The ridge and mountain faces can light up a bright gray to deep red and in between, often turning alpenglow pink in unison with the clouds. An added bonus is moonrise … often viewed from the comfort of our upstairs living area, when not obscured by clouds. We enjoy our Cimarron view and I hope you enjoy these views of the north end.

In this view we see the north end of Cimarron Ridge at sunset.

‘North Ridge View’ © Denise Bush

Bright green aspens are just one of the many beautiful sights of spring in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

‘Aspen Accents, Cimarron Bluff’ © Denise Bush

Approaching shadows signal night's arrival as we witness last light of day on Cimarron Ridge.

‘Cimarron Ridge Finale’ © Denise Bush

Distant rain clouds releasse some ‘pink rain’ at sunset.

‘Pink Rain’ © Denise Bush

Light on the north end of Cimarron Ridge near Ridgway, The outcropping is known as the Castle Rock.

‘Ridge & Castle Rock’ © Denise Bush

The moon looks large the night before a full, supermoon as seen here on April 6, 2020.

‘Supermoon Prelude’ © Denise Bush

A supermoon rises over a portion of Cimarron Ridge near Ridgway Colorado on April 7, 2020.

‘Rising Over Ridge’ © Denise Bush

67 Responses to “The North End”

  1. Simply stunning, Denise. I especially liked the Super Moon Prelude. Well done.

  2. 3 bcplimpton

    As usual they are all beautiful but I especially like ‘Pink Rain’. It must be nice to live in “landscape photographer’s heaven.” Thanks for keeping the blog going. I really need the inspiration.

    • Hi Barry — Thanks so much for looking and letting me know you stopped by. Hearing from my SJ friends always means a lot!

  3. Extraordinary, Denise! All fabulous landscape images- Pink Rain and Super Moon Prelude stopped me in my tracks especially. And Aspen Accents has a wonderful rhythm to the composition. Terrific work, as always. 🙂

  4. 7 Judy Hazen

    Beautiful, as usual, Denise. Lovely photos and great “moments” you have captured!  Judy

  5. Wonderful series, Denise. Such tremendous views you have. My favs are the moonrises and ‘Aspen Accents, Cimarron Bluff’, which reminds me of an appliqué quilt. Beautiful textures!

  6. Just brilliant, as always!

  7. Love them All!!!!

  8. Definitely a different take on the other views. I seem to be attracted to both. Love how the color of the skies put their spin on the ridges.

    • Yes … the skies are a very important ingredient. I reject so many scenes and images because I don’t like the skies. They need to feel balanced to me. Always appreciate hearing from you Mike! Hope all is well in your world … considering.

  9. These amazing views were definitely worth the wait. I especially like the incomparable color reproduction and depth in the images which gives an extra crisp and clear tone. A homeground I do envy!

    • Thanks very much for stopping by for a look and taking the time to comment Hans! I appreciate you telling me what you see and like. 🙂

  10. 19 Amy

    Stunning shots, Denise! Amazing views!

  11. Wow, these are wonderful pictures. Beautiful lights…

  12. Your pink rain and a Moon images are gorgeous. You have a fantastic view!

    • Thanks Deborah. That pink rain happens every once in a while when it rains over the mountains at sunset. These are looking east which is where alpenglow happens … opposite of the sunset.

  13. You recorded such nice pastel colors in your first landscape. In the second I appreciate the way all those diagonal ranks of trees mimic the profile of the mountains in the background; what a good lining up you did. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such pink rain as in the picture of that name, and in addition the mountains reflect the same color. What an improbably, whoppingly big moon in your prelude to the supermoon. You’re fortunate you can see and photograph the Cimarrons from where you live.

    • Thanks Steve I like learning what you see. I didn’t have a whole lot of composition leeway in ‘Aspen Accents’ since I was shooting through trees but noticed and embraced the alignment. In ‘Pink Rain’ it is raining during the affects of alpenglow, at sunset, looking east. With ‘Supermoon Prelude’ I was zoomed at 560mm … I guess that made it look even more super! 🙂

  14. Terrific photos Denise. Those sceneries are awesome and I am glad that you shared them with us. Thank you.

    Have a good day!

  15. 29 Vickie Bush

    Fantastic Denise. Beautiful skys!

  16. So awesome photos Denise! Supermoon is my favorite 😊

    • Thanks Minna … I’m glad you like that one. I really zoomed in at 560mm. I like to shoot the moon 1 or 2 nights before the full moon, when there is still light on the landscape.

  17. Beautiful set! It’s always good to photograph what you know that’s local to you. All the observation of the light changing on the landscape makes you a master of that landscape and how to photograph it as these images show here. They are all great but I’m a sucker for a great moon photograph.

  18. What a great area that you live in. I enjoyed viewing the scenes and am envious that our part of the country does not have the dramatic landscapes that you showed here.

    • Thanks Ken! Lots of people come here to enjoy our landscape. We have more tourists here now than ever before. We went jeeping in the high country on Monday and were shocked by the number of jeeps and side by side ATVs. It’s great if you own a business here but not so great other wise.

  19. Gorgeous series, Denise, what a view from home!

    • Thanks Donna! Just to clarify … I can see the Cimarrons from my house but not all were shot from my property. Getting out for drives is the only thing keeping me sane! 🙂

      • Just having the Cimarrons is wonderful, Denise, your surroundings are just stunning. If all goes as plan, my husband & I will be camping in Colorado Springs late September/early October. My dream to see the Aspens in the fall is almost a reality, I’m very excited! I hope I can capture them as beautifully as you do. 😊

  20. Again, you live in a wonderful location for anyone who loves the scenic outdoors but especially for a landscape photographer. More gorgeous views. “Pink Rain” would be my favorite for its uniqueness but I’d be pleased to call any of them my own.

  21. 43 Deb

    Beautiful Denise!
    Love those moons and the color in Pink rain, gorgeous!

  22. A lovely series of photos from your “backyard.” The daily visual inspiration must be so empowering, in almost all light and weather conditions. I’d be ecstatic to even have taken one of these photos.

    • Thanks very much for your kind comment. We have lived here for 5 years now and the landscape and I have become familiar friends.

  23. Beautiful series of photos Denise, the Cimarron Ridge and the moon look magnificent. You have some stunning views from your property, it must be lovely tracking the sun through the seasons.

  24. Amazing landscapes wonderfully captured!

  25. Your photos are so beautifully done.

  26. Oh my! Thank you for this. I can just feel my soul expand as I look at these images of your surroundings. I can’t even pick a favorite. Each one elicited a fresh sigh.

    • Hi Linda … thank you! We are getting our monsoon rains now. I had to turn around on the Million Dollar Hwy yesterday due to a mudslide covering the road. Several back-country Jeep roads had slides too.

      • Wow. It’s hot & dry here right now. Well, actually, I lied. It’s muggy and hot. We’ve had our share of landslides closing down major mountain roads. One knocked a rock off a hillside onto the major n/s state highway. That boulder must have been 10 stories tall or more, and of course all the debris that came with it. Road crews are still working at rebuilding that stretch.

  27. Beautiful colors. I love the pink rain. The tricks the light plays is awesome

    • Thanks very much! There is another pink rain capture in my most recent post. It was happening a lot when we were in a late day rain pattern.

  28. Wonderful photos, Denise! That pink in the sky must be something to see.

    • Thank you Belinda! Seems like the pink rain has been happening a lot Lately. We are prone to afternoon pop-up rain this time of year. The rain never lasts long. The one here is looking East with alpenglow on the ridge and sheets of rain.

  29. All of these are gorgeous, but I absolutely love “Cimarron Ridge Finale.” One of those pictures I could look at forever.

  30. Wonderful composition for “Aspen Accents”.

  31. What an inspiring view! I’m envious. My favorite here is Cimmeron Ridge Finale. I feel like I could drive down that road and thrill at the expanse of space. 🙂

  32. Beautiful photos Denise! My favorites are Aspen Accents and Supermoon Prelude.

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