Random Acts Of Nature


When venturing out on a shoot I usually have a particular destination in mind, wanting to add to an ongoing collection, or perhaps find something new. Whatever I’m after I stay tuned in to scenes and subjects along the way. I like to be open to everything Mother Nature presents to me! When it comes to inspiration and what is right with the world, she excels. Being with her brings a sense of awe, peace and hope … especially welcome during these trying times.

A vibrant rainbow apprears over the San Juan Mountains featuring Whitehouse Mountain and Teakettle Mountain.

‘San Juan Rainbow’ © Denise Bush

The sun breaks out through a hole in the clouds to illuminate this scene on a mesa near Telluride, Colorado.

‘God Beams On The Mesa’  © Denise Bush

Two Gambel Oaks create an arch and frame for the setting sun.

‘Sunburst Arch’ © Denise Bush
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Rain clouds light up pink at sunset over a golden field.

‘Alpenglow & Storm Clouds’ © Denise Bush

A rainbow surprise was waiting around the corner as a spring storm clears and the sun peeks out of the clouds.

‘Over The Rainbow’ © Denise Bush

61 Responses to “Random Acts Of Nature”

  1. You indeed were being in the moment with these excellent shots.

  2. 3 in

    All beautiful shots!


  3. 5 Amy

    Taking my breath away…

  4. That’s a bold rainbow you led with, then followed up with beams of light coming down through the clouds, and finally gave us a sunburst on the horizon. And what’s not to love about those Alpenglow pink clouds? Like you, even on those occasions when I go out looking for something in particular, I often find plenty of other photogenic things.

    • One of my friends had a workshop leader say, ‘never pass up a sure thing for a maybe’. That is so true and I think of that advice often. Thanks for looking and commenting.

  5. These are fantastic images, Denise – so gorgeous! I esp. love the trees forming a frame in ‘Sunburst Arch.’

  6. They are all stunning, Denise!

  7. Great set of examples of “Random Acts of Nature.” I love that term. I will take a slight issue with Sunburst Arch. That image took your keen eye to see and compose. Instead of being random, it is more of a natural Decisive Moment.

    • Oh, of course some quick composing needs to take place when Nature gives us these moments! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. I still miss all my SJ buddies!

  8. 16 Debra

    Stunning as always! Mother nature gives us amazing beauty if you take the time to look and enjoy it. You capture it so beautifully.

  9. Mother Nature performing some of her best acts for you! Bonus you have the skills to capture all these so beautifully. I just love the San Juan Rainbow. The colors shooting right out of the clouds.

  10. You capture light so well, the more ethereal, the better. Sunburst on the horizon is a work of quiet perfection.

    • Hi Linda! I can’t imagine what I’d be doing if I didn’t have a camera and love photographing the landscape so much! I could easily fall asleep in my recliner right after dinner but I force myself out and feel energized!

      • Your are healthier for your determination and by sharing your results, our health, too, is enhanced. 🙏

  11. I like this title and these pictures just captured the random acts indeed! Awesome.

  12. 25 bcplimpton

    I can only say WOW! and did you stop and pick up the “pot of gold” that had to be near in “Over the Rainbow?”

  13. Breath-taking, Denise! ❤

  14. Gorgeous images, Denise. We need more “god beams” and rainbows in our lives.They are all spectacular – San Juan and Alpen Glow really speak to me. 🌈💓

  15. I love your sunburst framed by the trees, and the rainbows, but they’re all beautiful images.

    • Thanks Deborah. We have a lot of smoke here now from fires in Colorado, California and Arizona. It looks like the Smoky Mountains!

  16. I agree with you, Denise. Nature calms and inspires. Beautiful work!

  17. Gorgeous piece of the planet you have there

  18. Beautiful!

  19. Every once in awhile I spend time in the WordPress Reader looking at blogs I am not familiar with. I take time to look at a few posts and leave a comment that is thoughtful … what I like and why. It is very rare that any of these bloggers return the visit and comment. Blogging is very much a give and take. I am so grateful for my regular blogging family who support what I do with their visits and encouraging words. Thank you blogging family!!!

  20. All these images are wonderful and each a gem, Denise. I have the same strategy when leaving the house. Some location in mind, usually, but with eyes open for whatever else may present itself. In my case it is more likely a frog than alpenglow though. 🙂
    I am glad to be following your blog. I appreciate your visits to mine. I do find that there are some folks who don’t reciprocate but if I like what they post I at least indicate that and sometimes do comment. Most of us put a lot of work into acquiring the images we share as well as putting together the posts.

    • Thanks for checking this post out Steve. If I ever get tired of looking up I know I have an option in looking down … for frogs and other subjects below! As I said, I appreciate and value my blogging friends! I find it sometimes a healthier way to share rather than sharing on FB where it is more competitive … especially among our local photographers. I don’t need my portfolio to be someone’s checklist of locations and ideas for very similar copies. I don’t do that but it happens!

      • I do post on Facebook but am lucky that I don’t feel like I am competing.There is the possibility of an image being ripped off but that can happen most anywhere on the internet. Was I more of a professional it might be a different case but many of the pros post to attract workshop participants. Even f I was a pro I don’t think I have the right personality and makeup to lead a workshop. Some locals do ask my locations but for the most part I don’t see much copying as my landscape locations are rather obscure at times and many others are already well known. The big difference is most folks don’t like getting up as early so I get the good light. 🙂

  21. You have the gift to not only see Mother Nature’s finest, but to capture it well! That is a gift you are blessed with!!

  22. 46 Vickie R Bush

    WOW! These are excellent! Color is outstanding.

  23. I love those rare fleeting moments when nature throws something extraordinarily beautiful and unexpected at me, even if I’m not in a situation to capture them. You have photographed these ones brilliantly!

    • Yes … lucky moments when Mother Nature surprises us! Thanks for your visit and comment. It’s always great to make a new bogging friend! 🙂

  24. It is always uplifting to see rainbows!

  25. Sorry I’ve been absent…I bite off more than I can chew. Oh, that final rainbow! Beautiful. I like “Sunburst Arch” a lot, too. But of course, they are all delightful.

  26. You truly are an inspired photographer.

    • Thank you very much Ana … I put my heart and soul into it. Perhaps you will consider following my blog. I post just 1 or 2 times a month. Clicking on ‘visit site’ will allow you to see that option in the sidebar.

  27. Yes, mother nature always inspires and refreshes!

  28. Beautifully captured nature in its finest forms🙂👍

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