Salute To Sneffels


Mount Sneffels is without a doubt the most popular mountain in Ouray County. It gets a lot of attention and rightfully so. At 14,158 feet it joins an elite club called the ‘Fourteeners’. Many very fit hikers/climbers have challenged themselves with the goal of climbing all 53 of the Fourteeners In Colorado. Mount Sneffels ranks 27th and is one of 10 in the southwest portion of the Rockies, known as the San Juans. Like a beacon, mighty Sneffels is visible from many locations in the area and therefore makes its way into a lot of my landscape photos. Some of the following are from shoots this year while others, never posted before are from my archives. Mount Sneffels inspires me … I hope you can see why!

Mighty Mount Sneffels is one of the 14ers in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

‘Mighty Mount Sneffels’ © Denise Bush
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Storm Clouds hover above the Sneffels Range and the vibrant colors of fall.

‘Storm Clouds Over Sneffels Range’ © Denise Bush

Near the end of the day only the tallest mountains receive last light.

‘Sneffels & Tree Silhouettes’ © Denise Bush

This scene of the Sneffes Range, a subset of Colorado’s San Juan Mountains creates the quintessential winter landscape. The snow provides copy space for your message.

‘Loghill Mesa View’ © Denise Bush

The Dallas Creek flows from Mount Sneffels ans surrounding mountains as the snow melts. Most of the snow has melted and the river level has lowered in this summer scene.

‘Dallas Creek & Sneffels In Summer’ © Denise Bush

The last light of day peaks through the clouds above Mount Sneffels, spotlighting the lower slope.

‘Sneffels Side-light’ © Denise Bush

Harvested hay bales lay out in a field at the end o summer in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

‘Valley Shadows With Hay Bales’ © Denise Bush

Shooting stars accompany the Milky Way over Mount Sneffels near Ridgway, Colorado.

‘Shooting Stars Over Sneffels’ © Denise Bush

54 Responses to “Salute To Sneffels”

  1. 1 Deb

    Simply gorgeous, I could look at those mountains all day! Well done!

  2. I sure do, salute to you!

  3. 5 Joe Perno

    Beautiful as always Denise. My Cousin lives in Loveland. She mountain bikes the Fourteeners all the time.

    • She must be very fit! Loveland is about 7 hours east from here … one of the towns in what is referred to as the Front Range … at the foothills with the Rockies in view. Most of the population lives along the Front Range, from Fort Collins to the north, Denver in the middle and Colorado Springs to the south. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!

  4. What a grand tribute to Sneffels. It’s fascinating how a mountain peak changes with different perspectives, lighting, and atmospheric conditions. A bit like how different stylistic choices in a woman’s clothes, hair, and makeup can transform her into multiple personalities.

    • Yes … and I didn’t even get all the way around Sneffels. Your insight is one of the reasons I don’t get tired of the same subjects … always different!

  5. Beautiful! Love the sky shot and the stream the best.

  6. So great mountain photos Denise! And so different even it is the same mountain you have photographed 🙂 You are lucky to have those kind of landscape near you.

  7. Lovely scenes! I like the water flowing around the bend scene. A very composition to put the water and the nice bushes in mid frame.

    Not only day time mountain scenes, night sky with those stars is awesome too.

    • Thanks for visiting!!! I was pleased with the way the creek & mountain were the same colors in the Dallas Creek image. Where I live has been designated a Dark Sky location so the stars are awesome here!

  8. Nice set, Denise! I particularly like the pale, citrusy colors in the first shot.

  9. 17 bcplimpton

    Just awesome. I like the “road to” and “side light” the best.

    • Hi Barry! Thanks so much for looking. I’m glad you like ‘Road To Sneffels’ … I went there several times before getting a Sky and light I really liked.

  10. I’m fond of the soft, warm light in the sky and on the mountain in your first photograph and in the side-light one. And what’s not to like about the storm clouds in the second picture? We saw a few fields covered with hay bales outside of Austin today, but alas, there are no mountains here to play them off against the way you did. After eight daylight photographs, your nightscape came as a surprise and a pleasant change of pace.

    • The Sneffels Range runs east/west and great light only happens once in a while. There have been many shoots that don’t pan out! I’m glad you liked the night shot. It’s so smoky here now but I hope to get out again to shoot the Milky Way before the galactic center is no longer visible sometime in September. Thanks for your visit and comment!

  11. I can see why it inspires you it’s gorgeous. I love your Milky Way image the best in this set.

  12. A mountain of altitude and attitude. Such a beauty among a magnificent landscape. Thank you Denise for sharing such inspiring images 🙂

  13. Love this group. Great work Denise

    • So nice to hear from you Stephen! X5 huh … wow! I am X0! I’m glad you like these. Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving a comment so I know you did!

      • Grandsons 7 and 6, Granddaughters 5 and twins 4 Three in Cal, two in Conn. Facetime gets lots of use.

  14. Amazing work.

  15. I can see that signature majesty of a big mountain here. It’s an impressive one, looming over the landscape. The night shot is really beautiful!

  16. Yes, I see why: your stunning images! Bravissimo!

  17. Your photos make me want to ascend Mount Sneffels. Such a gorgeous mountain – and beautifully captured.

    • My husband and son have been to the top. They say the route goes through a lot of loose scree and the views are amazing. Thanks for looking Otto.

  18. So beautiful. I’d really like to go to Mount Sneffels for a hike one day.
    And your pictures are fantastic as well!

    • We have lots and lots of hiking trails around here thanks to the miners and mining days! I am not in good enough shape for that hike. It is very difficult partly because of the high elevation and thin air! Thanks very much for your visit.

  19. Beautiful photos as always! Quite the challenge, those fourteeners!

  20. Gorgeous landscapes and amazing scenery! Beauiful work.

  21. Thank you for showing us the majesty of the mountains via your lens!

  22. What a wonderful series of shots, really beautiful.

  23. Your photography just reaffirms why the southwest part of Colorado is the most beautiful and my favorite!!!

  24. Gorgeous, what a beautiful mountain! I especially love the first and second to last shots. And the shooting stars capture is in a category of it’s own…..WOW! You never disappoint with your inspiration, Denise!

  25. Hello Denise.

    Wow. Your photos are stunning in my eyes. It was a great joy me to see them. Thank you.

    Have a nice day!

  26. Wonderful mountain! I wonder where it got its name from?

    • Mount Sneffels was named for Snæfell, a stratovolcano in Iceland, by surveyors from the Hayden Survey in 1874. The Icelandic mountain and its glacier were featured in the then-popular novel A Journey to the Center of the Earth by early sci-fi writer Jules Verne. Thanks for asking! I never knew!

  27. ahhh thanks Denise. Fascinating isn’t it!

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