Autumn Sampler ~ One


I have been getting out more frequently to shoot the fleeting fall colors. The season is just too short, typically running between mid September through mid October. This year we’ve had a lot of smoke and haze from the wildfires in California and other places in The West. This has made landscape photography a little challenging. Some days are worse than others and some directions are better than others. And, sometimes it looks OK to have a little haze as it helps to show distance. Here is my first installment of images while working the scenery this fall … my 6th in Colorado! I’ve been so zealous about building my portfolio with fall images in past years, I’m feeling a little more relaxed about it now. It’s also harder to find local scenes I haven’t shot to my satisfaction in the past. But, if the light is different or I can make a different composition I’ll visit a spot again. Here are some images from the last few weeks and there will be several more coming. Thanks for looking and stop back if you can!

An opening in the autumn aspens reveals the Grenadier Mountains in the San Juans of Colorado.

‘Distant Twin Peaks’ © Denise Bush

The last bit of light illuminates a ridge above autumn aspen trees.

‘Last Light On Autumn Ridge’ © Denise Bush

Brilliant aspens light up this scene near Durango, Colorado.

Round Top Ridge & Aspens © Denise Bush

Sunset provides a little color behind this mountain peak in the San Juans.

‘Color Show At The Pass’ © Denise Bush

Backlighting brings out autumn colors in a brilliant display!

‘Autumn Backlight’ © Denise Bush

A pretty aspen group shows off autumn color among the rocks.

‘Aspens In The Rocks’ © Denise Bush

Aspens display autumn colors beautifully, across Crystal Lake in Ouray County, Colorado.

‘Across Crystal Lake’ © Denise Bush
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48 Responses to “Autumn Sampler ~ One”

  1. You and Kerry Mark Leibowitz (Lightscapes Nature Photography Blog) are my two favorite landscape photographers.

  2. 3 Deb

    My favorite season and you captured it beautifully. It makes me want to be out in nature.

  3. What a soothing collection of landscapes. You would never know such chaos is around in our world. Thanks for sharing. X0X0

    • Thanks Buck! I don’t even think about all the chaos when I’m out shooting! I’m guessing it’s the same for you when you are out riding! XO

  4. Something about trees turning color still thrills me these many decades later…and your lovely aspens are truly poetic.

    • Thanks very much! I like your idea of calling the aspens poetic … they are!!! People also call them Quaking Aspens or Quakies because of the sound the leaves make in the wind … similar to a shell wind chime.

  5. I feel the same way about my fall color compositions. I went out this morning to favorite spots but don’t feel like I improved at all. A return trip is needed!

    Your compositions are lovely. I love the first one with a peek at mountains.

    • If I have an image of a place I really like and don’t feel I could do better, with the given conditions, I just move on and find something new. Thanks for looking. I’m glad you like the first one which took a few visits last year and this year. The first time I went this year it was hazy with no clouds. When I drove by this time I knew it would be better with this clearer sky and clouds in a good position.

  6. 11 bcplimpton

    Oh the gold! It must be wonderful to live amidst that treasure for a month every year.

    • I never get tired of the gold! It is wonderful to live here and be able to appreciate the aspen’s beauty during this time! Thanks Barry! 🙂

  7. I was telling my son yesterday about your aspen photos and here they are! (He lives in Truckee, CA and that is their ‘fall’ tree, too.)
    Beautiful series, Denise – as always! 🙂

    • Everybody loves the aspens and people come here from near and far to see them this time if year. We get a lot of tourists from California. Our gamble oaks and cottonwood trees are pretty too. The gamble oaks turn yellow or red and everything in between! Thanks for you comment! Send your son a link if he likes aspens. There’s lots more to come!

  8. A master of landscape is no exaggeration in your case. A wonderful depth in the pictures, where the gaze is drawn to the horizon immediately. Thank you, it can never be too much.

  9. This is the time of year when we wish we could join you, especially we who live in warm places that lack colorful fall color on a grand scale. This year is especially hard, as the pandemic has kept those of us who would have traveled to regions like yours from doing so.

    Your fifth picture is a reminder of the way a photographer can use backlighting to enhance the color in already colorful autumn leaves.

    • I’m afraid you may be in the minority Steve. We have had a record number of tourists this year. They say it was up 200%. Many locals are unhappy because places are so crowded and then some tourists are behaving badly … riding off trail, leaving litter behind, etc. We get a lot of tourists from Texas, Arizona and California and also see plates from every other state. It’s been crazy this year and other tourist destinations are reporting the same.

      • Wow, that’s surprising, at least to cautious me. We haven’t spent a night away from home since the pandemic began. I guess enough people are tired of being holed up that they’ve been willing to take risks that I haven’t. And of course young people have less to worry about.

      • We haven’t taken any risks either and like most locals we were quite surprised by the crowds this summer/fall. A big majority of them have campers and motor homes so some feel they can distance. But there are also lines at the restaurants and hotels are full, still. Masks are required and fortunately we have had very few COVID cases in our county.

  10. 21 Joe Perno

    Beautiful Denise. My Favorite time of year

  11. Nice work. I especially like Aspens in the Rocks as it’s a little closer to the subject and those rocks anchor me. I also like Across Crystal Lake as the lake punctuates the fall scene and (I think) greatly enhances it.

    • Thanks Ralph. I’m glad you like that one because I wasn’t sure about including it. They are really nice aspens but I wondered if the shot had enough going for it. I like it when fall starts and there is still some green as in that lake shot. Hope you have a great fall!

  12. Gorgeous colours.

  13. Fantastic! Across the Lake is my favorite!

  14. Beautiful!! Great post, Denis. ‘My favorite: Across Crystal Lake’-

  15. Beautiful fall colors, Denise! We had to cancel our fall trip to Colorado this year, but next year I hope we make it!

  16. 33 Will Beeson

    Beautiful as always Denise. Liking the fresh takes on things – the Crystal Lake one is wonderful. Hope to see you next year.

  17. Only a month? 🙂 Our season is a bit short this year because of our drought and sudden cold snap that propelled the color change. There are still patches but many of the places I usually go are bordering on past. I’d say you should be satisfied with all you have shared but it’s not up to me to tell you how to feel about your images.
    Distant Twin Peaks and Across Crystal Lake would me my favorites. Start and end strong. 🙂
    Are these examples with your new Mark IV?

    • Well the cottonwoods get color a little later just here where it’s more arid. I have many more images ready to post but like to space it out and include some different themes/collections. Concentrating on shooting while I can. Yes all of these are from the IV. I keep my Sigma 150-600 on my III and use it a lot too. Thanks for stopping by Steve!

  18. Beautiful yellows. I think “Aspens in the Rocks” is my favorite. Fall is coming here, too. Unfortunately, we are having a drought here in Indiana for the last two month. I think our fall colors are going to go pretty quickly to brown.

    • Thanks Ruth. We have been in a severe drought too and our colors are wonderful as they were a couple of years ago when there was a drought. Maybe your foliage will be beautiful too. I am busy shooting almost every day and will catch up on friend’s blogs when the last leaves fall!

  19. 39 Ken Curtis

    All beautiful images, Denise.

  20. Lovely photos, autumn colour can create some great photographic inspiration. I’ve not really had the opportunity to capture any great autumn shots myself yet. Although the weather has definitely changed here in the UK autumn colours haven’t taken full hold yet.

    • Thanks for stopping in for a look. I have a lot more coming and have posted 2 more collections since this post. Colorado foliage comes a little earlier than many parts of the US and it’s just about over know except for a few lingering cottonwoods.

  21. It’s always worth returning – you never know what might be different – but sometimes you have to make yourself do it. 😉 Sorry I’ve been absent so long – it’s been nice taking this trip to Colorado, though, by seeing so many images at once.

  22. The yellows are pretty spectacular, even if they don’t last long. Onward to winter, I guess – definitely not my favorite season as I like to be warm. LOL

  23. 47 diegolapetinaphotography

    Love those deep yellows.

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