Autumn Sampler ~ Two


Here are more images shot this fall with no particular theme other than ‘autumn’. Now, the leaves are falling and I won’t be out shooting as often. It’s time to get caught up with blogging … my own and others. I have several more images to come and plan on other themes including roads, structures and the moon! I hope you enjoy this selection. As always feel free to leave a comment. Let me know if you have a favorite!

A massive mountain towers above a row of autumn aspens, high in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

‘Massive Mountain & Aspen Row’ © Denise Bush
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Aspens beneath Mount Wilson are well on their way in a beautiful fall display.

‘Boundary On The Mesa’ © Denise Bush

A forest of aspens fill the slope with autumn gold below a knobby peak.

‘Above A Golden Forest’ © Denise Bush

A group of aspens catch the last light before the sun dips below the west facing ridge.

‘Aspens Catching Light’ © Denise Bush

Autumn colors look like an paint a beautiful reflection with ripples.

‘Ripples At Crystal Lake’ © Denise Bush

A river flows away from Sunshine Mountain near Telluride, Colorado.

‘Flowing From Sunshine’ © Denise Bush

The sky turns a pleasant blue and  pink gradient to the east at sunset.

‘Gradient Sky In Autumn’ © Denise Bush

A view from on top of Grand Mesa shows a contrast between forest and high desert.

‘View Through Aspens’ © Denise Bush

If you haven’t seen ‘Autumn Sampler ~ One’ check it out … just click the link above the title. You can also click Denise Bush’s Photo Blog to return home then scroll down through recent posts. 

35 Responses to “Autumn Sampler ~ Two”

  1. 1 bcplimpton

    WOW, I love them all. I look forward for the notification that you have posted. I don’t know where my head was but at my first glance at “Massive Mountain …” I saw a truly giant sand dune and a large herd of camels. Then I thought “This is Denise and it’s autumn in western Colorado.” Looking again I could see the aspens. Massive is really an understatement. My favorite of this set is “Flowing from Sunshine.”

    • I agree that it looks like a big sand dune but it’s rock. Sometimes that mountain/ridge looks grey depending on the light. BTW … that is Sunshine Mt. in ‘Flowing From Sunshine’. Thanks so much for following along my photo journey! 🙂

  2. Amazing landscape captures with beautiful autumn colours.

  3. The first image attracts me most because of its purity. Only with the trees in the foreground do you realize the power of the mountains.

  4. Beautiful autumn shots, Denise. My favorite is ‘Ripples At Crystal Lake’ – so peaceful and serene…

  5. Flowing and Gradient are my 2 faves! Great work as always!

  6. I don’t think I’ve seen a picture of aspens with as bare a mountain as the one in your first photograph; I see why another commenter likened it to a sand dune. The rock formation above the golden forest is reminiscent of Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. Those are excellent ripples and reflections you caught at Crystal Lake. Your ‘Gradient Sky In Autumn’ is unique, at least in my experience; you have such subtle tones in that view.

  7. Each one is beautiful, Denise, I’ve been back and forth and cannot pick just one favorite this time!!

  8. New colors and softer light of autumn, wonderful images!

  9. Wow that’s beautiful. I love the autumn colors. Thanks, Denise.

  10. I look at these and sigh deeply. So beautiful- so wish I was there…

  11. 23 roberta zurbach

    Don’t usually comment here. I am always impressed but I’m not a photographer, but #1 gave me a “gut” reaction of “wow” and then I read the title. What I thought were bushes….are tall trees. That is a spectacular place.

    • Great to hear from you Bobbie! That is a section of the same mountains in the second to last photo ‘Gradient Sky In Autumn’. I shot ‘Massive Mountain & Aspen Row’ with a telephoto lens and the aspens provided scale to the scene. Hope all is well and you are having a nice fall!

  12. Hard to choose a favourite but if I had to it would be “Above a Golden Forest”.

  13. Taking my breath away…

  14. As always, your images are eye candy and delight for the brain. Ripples….perfect.

  15. All the splendor of Colorado autumn is here – so beautiful – the water images are really drawing me in. I feel like I should plan a fall trip to CO next year!

    • I love photographing near the water and only wish there was more of it here. It would be fun to see your images of Colorado. Ouray attracts a lot of tourists and as I’ve mentioned before, tourism was up 200% this year, surprising us all. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I have a couple more posts with autumn colors coming so check back when you can!

  16. Massive mountain almost looks like a sand dune in that light. I wish I copuld walk in that stream. I be it is cold though.

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