Autumn Roads


‘Autumn Roads’ is an on-going theme that always attracts me. Some with this subject from the past are among my favorites. I never tire of meandering along a country road searching for scenes to capture. When I include the road in a scene it takes me back to that experience. Here are some from this year, to add to my growing collection.

An old-fashioned fence adds interest to this beautiful autumn scene along a country road.

‘Fence Along Autumn Road’ © Denise Bush
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An autumn road invites a investigation to look at the beautiful, colorful foliage.

‘Along An Autumn Road’ © Denise Bush

A red mountain peak lights up as the sun filters through holes in the clouds in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains.

‘Mountain Peak Highlight’ © Denise Bush

A winding dirt road makes an inviting scene among the vibrant aspen trees.

‘My Favorite Autumn Road’ © Denise Bush

A back-country road takes a pleasant turn into an autumn aspen grove.

‘Passage Through Aspens’ © Denise Bush

50 Responses to “Autumn Roads”

  1. 1 Deb

    Gorgeous! I never tire of looking at beautiful autumn color!

  2. Some real nice golden roads, the peak in distance is amazing.

  3. Beautiful. Add “sigh” of appreciation and jealousy here. 🙂

  4. Your pictures had me hearing John Denver’s “Country Roads.” Many of us who live elsewhere would gladly join you in traveling those country roads at this time of year. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, aspen leaves have been figurative of tremulousness and quaking at least since the early 15th century.

    • Yes … aspens are well-known as ‘quaking aspens’ and others call them ‘quakies’. The leaves rustle in the wind and sound a little like shell wind-chimes.

      • That raises the question of whether you’ve ever considered taking closer pictures of aspen leaves at a slow enough shutter speed to cause motion blur that would suggest the quaking that these leaves are known for.

      • No, I haven’t shot any close-up long exposures with aspen leaves. I’ve done long exposures with willow trees in the wind. I’ve done some purposeful blurs and reflections with aspens for a more abstract look. They are in my Nature Abstracts & Patterns collection:

      • You’ve got some excellent abstractions in that collection. I’d be happy to see pictures of that type featured in an occasional post here as a balance to your landscape photographs.

      • It is something on my list to work on. I usually just come by shots for this collection naturally. Now you know why I can also appreciate your pattern shots.

  5. 13 bcplimpton

    Just love the mountain peak. Thanks for making my day again.

  6. Lovely how the eye wanders down these roads. Beautiful series, Denise!

  7. Ahh…. Thank you for taking us there, Denise. Too beautiful…

  8. Love the old fence in #1 🙂

  9. Wonderful photos, Denise!

  10. Each shot is fabulous! I love your great eye for composition, Denise!

  11. Gorgeous views! Love the composition of the first picture. The old wooden fence that snakes into the trees with yellow leaves is just a good leading your eyes into deeper into the picture. The bright yellow leaves and the light in the second picture are just so cheerful!

  12. Hello. Here, in southeastern Pennsylvania, most trees are still largely green. I’m hoping that color transformations take place pretty soon.

  13. Colorado Aspens are so colorful and you’ve captured them beautifully, Denise. I like that the roads all seem to be dirt and your “Favorite Autumn Road” could be mine as well. So much gorgeousness.

    • Most of the mountain roads here are dirt. I had to get used to not having a clean car when I moved here. Sometimes I have a bag in my pocket to protect my camera from the dirt and dust kicked up by passing vehicles. Thanks for visiting Steve!

  14. These images are so beautiful.

  15. A glorious celebration of autumn, Denise. Love the shadows and colors in Along Autumn Road. Lucky you to be surrounded by this seasonal beauty. 🍁🍁🍁

    • Thanks Jane. I wasn’t sure how that one would turn out because I shot it a little past mid-day … something I usually avoid. Now we have the long, very long winter ahead.

  16. Ahhh. Colorful Colorado. I’m glad you are getting out and not letting smoke get in your eyes.

    • The smoke and haze From CA comes and goes but it’s been pretty clear the last few days. The largest fire in CO history is burning NE of us and we don’t get smoke from there. There were several hazy days shooting foliage so I had to work around it by sometimes by not including the sky, or changing direction.

      • You are lucky to live where you do and that the prevailing winds blow the other way. I have many friends in the Ft. Collins area and the area where the Cameron fire is burning was one of my mom’s favorite haunts. I keep seeing images of the smoke from there. 😦

      • Remember that from your book! Now there is a fire a little closer between Ouray and Silverton. Up near a beautiful basin. They had to helicopter hikers out.

  17. Love each and every one! Lighting is perfect on all of them to highlight the stunning fall colors!!

  18. I LOVE those dirt lanes lined with Aspens! I see why they’re your favorite.

    Every scene is gorgeous!

  19. I love winding road photos – can’t resist them – and boy are they nice in your neck of the woods! ‘Mountain Peak Highlight’ really stells a story and gets me wondering – which road should I take? 😉

    • Thanks Lynn … we don’t have many paved roads here. These roads are especially nice when lined with autumn color. I would have liked to include more road in ‘Mountain Peak Highlight’ but standing on a cliff on a narrow part of the road above that was as much as I could get without falling to my death and worse … breaking my camera! 😀

  20. The light is delightful. Thank you, Denise, it brings joy to see such beauty in these landscapes ^^

  21. The split rail fence is a classic. I often wish we had one here, but we have never gotten around to it.

    • I hope people will continue with this split rail, zig-zag design. With a lot of them falling down, they sometimes replace with something less photogenic.

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