Autumn Sampler ~ Three


In this post I decided to combine two of the image sets I was collecting. Instead of having a separate post for what I was calling ‘Autumn Abstracts & Patterns’ I am combining them here with autumn landscapes for this third ‘Sampler’. I have always been drawn to pattern and repetition in art. When I worked as an illustrator and graphic designer using pattern and repetition was part of my style. And looking back through my photographic portfolio I think the work often reveals my interest in order, repetition & pattern. If interested, a collection of ‘Nature Abstracts & Patterns’ can be viewed HERE. Autumn foliage is harder to find in SW Colorado now, but I hope you aren’t getting tired of fall scenes … I still have more to come! As always thanks for visiting and feel free to leave a comment or let me know if you have a favorite.

A long lens picks up the beautiful warm light on a distant slope of aspens in deep orange and gold.

‘Warm Light On Distant Aspens’ © Denise Bush
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A delicate set of aspens show off  golden fall color below a ridge receiving the first light of day.

‘Young Aspens Below Ridge’ © Denise Bush

Some dry grasses strike a pleasing sihouette before an autumn pond reflection.

‘Pond Silhouettes’ © Denise Bush

Aspen trees have small round leaves which can remind one of Pointellism art.

‘Pointillistic Aspens’ © Denise Bush

Autumn oak brush makes a colorful statement in the mountains of Colorado.

‘Autumn On The Rocks’ © Denise Bush

Aspen Trees, Gambel Oaks and Spruce Trees create an ensemble that resembles a tapestry.

‘Slopeside Tapestry’ © Denise Bush

Colorful aspen trees circle around the base of and outcropping near Gunnison Gorge.

‘Ring Around The Rock’ © Denise Bush

55 Responses to “Autumn Sampler ~ Three”

  1. I never tire of your Autumnal images and have enjoyed all three samplers. I love trees so I’m off to your Tremendous Trees collection. The ‘Pond Silhouettes’ is a peaceful composition. As always, thanks for taking me to the Rockies !

    • Thank you Michael … glad you are not tired of looking! And thanks for checking out my ‘Tremendous Trees’. I did a solo exhibit at a coffee shop here with that title.

  2. I loved the pond silhouettes too.

  3. More excellence! We’ll let you know, Denise, when we get bored.

    • 🙂 … thanks Bruce! We are in a bit of a boring time here. The resort towns call it ‘shoulder season’. Everything is mostly brown and we don’t have fresh snow on the peaks yet.

  4. So incredible! Your pictures are so very precious! Amazing!

  5. 9 Ken Curtis

    Denise, I enjoyed viewing your “Nature Abstracts & Patterns”. Very nice. My favorite is the Pond Silhouettes. All the others are well done and pleasing to view except the “Aspen Abstract Blur”. It is like wearing the wrong prescription eyeglasses.

    • Ha ha! ‘Aspen Abstract Blur’ is certainly the most abstract here … sorry it was unpleasant for you! 😀 Seems like ‘Pond Silhouettes’ is the favorite. The redish brown is reflection from redish canyon walls. I always look forward to your comments … thank you!

  6. Lovely series. I do love fall colours… (Suzanne)

    • Thank you Suzanne. The palette in the first image is my favorite. The colors are so deep, earthy and rich … mkaes me think ‘late fall’.

  7. 13 Deb

    “My all season favorite “! Mine too!

  8. Beautiful. I love the linear elements here, and of course the color too.

    • A new friend! Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to comment! ‘Linear elements’ is a good thought and term. It reminds me that someone once commented about my attention to the verticals and horizontals.

      • Thank you, and yes, I think your attention to the verticals in that set of pictures added something extra to the pretty scenes.

  9. Wow, nice set, Denise! Favorites are ‘Pond Silhouettes’ and ‘My All Seasons Favorite.’ I like the diagonal patterning in ‘Warm Light On Distant Aspens’ and when I saw ‘Slopeside Tapestry’ and ‘Autumn on the Rocks,’ I thought they would make great patterns for hooked rugs. Wouldn’t that be cool?

    • Thanks Eliza! I appreciate you telling me why certain aspects appeal to you. I am a former weaver which is what I thought of when naming ‘Slopeside Tapestry’. Either of these could be weavings or hooked rugs!

  10. Great set! Warm Light, Autumn Rocks and Season’s fave churn my butter 🙂

  11. You’ve got good verticals (the tree trunk) and diagonals (the bright crowns) in your first picture. Your silhouetted sedges are enhanced by the warm colors reflected in the water. And now we see the abstract aspen blur you mentioned not long ago. What a bright ring of foliage around the rock in your penultimate view. Your all-seasons favorite must have been especially exciting when seen in person.

    • Hi Steve … I appreciate your insights. It often assures me that what I am seeing is conveyed successfully. The cottonwoods in the last scene are close to home and I enjoy creating different compositions and ‘portraits’ with them.

  12. Natural patterns fascinate us for some reason. Perhaps we are looking for an order that does not exist in this nature’s chaotic tangle of vegetation.

    • Hi Hans! I confess that I am a neat freak! The comment I get about my personality is ‘your are so organized’! (Not ‘you are so funny’ or ‘you are so pretty’ … ha ha!) Maybe this trait is part of the reason I am so drawn to pattern, order, simplicity etc.

  13. All spectacular but Pond Silhouettes stopped me…so out of the genre for such a delightful change.

    • ‘Pond Silhouette’ is turning out to be the favorite here. I think another of your favorites was a reflection in a previous ‘sampler’. I was walking around a little park pond, not finding much to excite me when I saw that. The more intimate shots often feel that way (more intimate) and are more unique.

  14. I also like visual pattern too. I am not sure how others see world but perhaps that is our nature to look for patterns. I also trend toward liking the “ordered” patterns. Here are the strong ones to me: “‘Warm Light On Distant Aspens’, ‘Pond Silhouettes’ and ‘Pointillistic Aspens’.

    • Yes … as I was telling Hans above, I am someone who likes order and organization in my life. Perhaps some are more drawn than others. Thanks for sharing your picks. ‘Warm Light’ and ‘Pointillistic’ are 2 that I consider nature patterns.

  15. Have always loved the colors of Fall. The color out where you photograph a different than here in PA.

    • Yes … most of our color is in the yellow family. But, I was surprised my first fall here to see aspens with orange and red too. Which aspens get these colors can change from year to year. Our scrub or gamble oaks turn every color from yellow to rust and burgundy, as in ‘Autumn In The Rocks’. Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment!

  16. Very much enjoying your autumn series, so do keep them coming. Pointillistic Aspens & Ring Around The Rock are very atmospheric.

  17. Autumn light is so special. Wonderful shots Denise.

  18. Beautiful.

  19. Amazing and beautiful as always, Denise! I especially love ‘Pond Silhouettes’! ❤

  20. I didn’t know you used to do graphic design and illustration – interesting! The repeating patterns immediately grab my eye in the first photo – those wonderful vertical tree trunks. Int he second photo I like the way some trees lean and others don’t – it has rhythm. I bet it would also be nice without the upper 1/4 or 1/3rd of the frame – just the trees. The third photo has such gorgeous colors and curves. 🙂 I love the ‘Autumn on the Rocks’ title, and the way the warm foliage masses nestle into those cool, blue rocks. I want to see that in person! The tapestry, rock and last burst of fall color are all lovely images. I hope the uptick isn’t too bad where you are – maybe not, since you’re in a more rural area? Stay safe, healthy and creative!

  21. Folks often point to New England for foliage wonder but I think you continue to show that Colorado is also the place to go. “Pond Silhouettes” is my favorite but only because of my jealousy as I had hoped to make something similar but didn’t really find anything. Aside from that they are all beautiful shots.

    • We get lots of leaf peeping tourists and photographers here in the fall. FYI … besides New England and Colorado, West Virginia’s Canaan Valley is an excellent place for fall foliage … lots of red maples. I was walking around a park pond not finding anything too exciting when to my delight I spotted the ‘Pond Reflection’. Thanks very much for visiting and leaving a comment Steve!

  22. What a feast! I particularly loved your Pond Silhouettes.

  23. Interesting about your background in graphic design, Denise. I think it really informs your photography as is evident in your lead photo. Love the verticals and zigzag pattern of the trees. Pond Silhouettes is gorgeous and well seen. A stunning set of gems overall. Makes me miss leaf peeping…

  24. Stunning… via your lens. ‘Pond Silhouettes’ is like a beautiful painting.

  25. All beautiful. I particularly like pond silhouettes.

  26. Such beautiful colors! I love the pond silhouettes one. The water framed by the weeds is inspiring.

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