Savory Sunsets

Some may think sunsets are cliché but I for one never get tired of them. And, from what I hear and see, I am not alone! Whether enjoying them from the comfort of my living room, or out in the landscape with my camera, a sunset surprise is always inspiring. With years of photographing and looking at sunsets, my selection process for what to show is particular. The sky alone is not enough. For me, the clouds need to have a nice balance and work with a thoughtful and interesting composition. Captures don’t make the cut if they lack these qualities. Mother Nature deserves most of the credit but it is also about being ready and at the right place. After months of mostly blank and often smoky skies, it’s been wonderful to see some beautiful sunset skies return. I hope you enjoy these recent selections!

A little tree sits on top a hill for a great view of Mount Abram, 20 miles away.
‘Little Tree With Mountain View’ © Denise Bush
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A beautiful sunset lights up the sky above the north end of the Cimarrons, near Ridgway, Colorado.
‘Cimarron Brush Strokes’ © Denise Bush
Twilight in the mountains can be striking to the east, especially when alpenglow appears.
‘Twilight Pink Over Rocky Ridge’ © Denise Bush
A pretty pink sunset sky settles over Loghill Mesa outside of Ridgway, Colorado.
‘Loghill Sunset’ © Denise Bush
(This is the mesa we live on top of!)
A beautiful sunset sky is anchored by the  silhouetted horizon.
‘Sunset Silhouette With Fence’ © Denise Bush

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Lunar Landscapes

While out photographing the landscape the last few months the moon was my frequent and welcome companion. I love including it in my landscapes, no matter what phase, from crescent to full. And, the moon was especially helpful this autumn when skies were sometimes hazy with smoke and, at other times lacking in clouds and interest. As a ‘moon child’ I am a big fan of the moon and with a good view looking east I like to follow its cycle. Here in the San Juans I need to account for the mountains when timing the moon’s appearance. It depends upon the height of the ridge or mountain it is hiding behind. There could be up to a 30 minute difference … appearing later or disappearing sooner. The anticipation of moon rise and, also catching it as it sets, is a wondrous experience I am grateful for!

A lot is written about ‘moon children ‘ and here is some I can identify with and approve … A moon child is someone born under the astrological sign of Cancer. Moon children have strong intuition and should always pay attention to their hunches. Most of them have a very retentive memory recalling even small events from the past in great detail. They are very idealistic and always do the best job they can. The Cancerian imagination can bring them success in artistic work, writing, or anything creative.

A single aspen tree brightens the foreground of this autumn scene near Red Mountain Pass, Ouray, Colorado.
‘Half-Moon Over Autumn’ © Denise Bush
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A waxing half moon rises over a peak and forest in the San Juan Mountains.
‘Waxing Moon Over Mountain’ © Denise Bush
A pond reflects the beautiful autumn colors with a waxing moon overhead.
‘Reflected View With Moon’ © Denise Bush
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Last light and tthe appearance of the moon create a beautiful mountain scene.
‘Lunar Appearance’ © Denise Bush
A crescent moon rising above a mountain top makes a fun silhouette image
‘Crescent Moon Setting’ © Denise Bush
The moon is a welcome accent to the sky over Kendall Mountain, near Silverton Colorado.
‘Moon Over Kendall’ © Denise Bush
A full moon is setting in smoky skies as a result of wildfires in The West.
‘Full Moon Over Smoky Landscape’ © Denise Bush
A setting moon makes an nice accent to the beautiful fall colors.
‘Moon Over Colorful Aspens’ © Denise Bush


Fall’s Familiar Favorites

Most of the buildings in this post are familiar to me with only one being a new find. I’ve posted photos of some of them before and I’ve shot others, but perhaps not to my satisfaction. And, I have never shot some of them in the fall … all the more reason to go back and work with these subjects again. Whatever the case, these are new versions, shot with different angles or framed for fresh compositions. In most cases, my interest is in showing the scenery with the buildings to add a human story to the landscapes. 

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A picture perfect barn and autumn colors make a wonderful rural scene.
‘Picturesque Barn In Fall’ © Denise Bush
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A shack with a rusty roof blends in with the surrounding autumn colors.
‘Shack With Rusty Roof’ © Denise Bush
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A rustic barn sits on a mesa below Mount Wilson, near Telluride Colorado.
‘Barn Below Wilson’ © Denise Bush
A tiny old cabin hides out in the autumn forest among the aspen and spruce trees.
‘Hidden Among Aspens’. © Denise Bush
A tiny cabin creates a quaint scene nestled in a forest of aspen and spruce trees.
‘Autumn Hideout’ © Denise Bush
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An old log building serves as storage with a workshop attached.
‘Log Shed With Tin Roof’ © Denise Bush
A weathered shack sits along a country road with a brillian autumn backdrop.
‘Shack At Crossroads’ © Denise Bush
The old blacksmith building of the Neosho Mine jokingly displays an Antiques sign and laundry left by hikers.  A 2.2 mile hike is the only way to get there.
‘Antiques On A Cliff’ © Denise Bush
An old barn, barely standing survives to lean another day!
‘Old Barn In Morning Sun’ © Denise Bush
A rustic old barn has begun leaning to the left adding character to a subject from the past.
‘Log Barn Leaner’ © Denise Bush
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