Fall’s Familiar Favorites


Most of the buildings in this post are familiar to me with only one being a new find. I’ve posted photos of some of them before and I’ve shot others, but perhaps not to my satisfaction. And, I have never shot some of them in the fall … all the more reason to go back and work with these subjects again. Whatever the case, these are new versions, shot with different angles or framed for fresh compositions. In most cases, my interest is in showing the scenery with the buildings to add a human story to the landscapes. 

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A picture perfect barn and autumn colors make a wonderful rural scene.

‘Picturesque Barn In Fall’ © Denise Bush
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A rustic barn sits on a mesa below Mount Wilson, near Telluride Colorado.

‘Barn Below Wilson’ © Denise Bush

A tiny old cabin hides out in the autumn forest among the aspen and spruce trees.

‘Hidden Among Aspens’. © Denise Bush

A tiny cabin creates a quaint scene nestled in a forest of aspen and spruce trees.

‘Autumn Hideout’ © Denise Bush
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An old log building serves as storage with a workshop attached.

‘Log Shed With Tin Roof’ © Denise Bush

A weathered shack sits along a country road with a brillian autumn backdrop.

‘Shack At Crossroads’ © Denise Bush

The old blacksmith building of the Neosho Mine jokingly displays an Antiques sign and laundry left by hikers.  A 2.2 mile hike is the only way to get there.

‘Antiques On A Cliff’ © Denise Bush

An old barn, barely standing survives to lean another day!

‘Old Barn In Morning Sun’ © Denise Bush

46 Responses to “Fall’s Familiar Favorites”

  1. Another lovely autumn series, Denise! I’d say ‘Picturesque Barn In Fall’ is my favorite, as I love all the colors and textures on the ground leading the eye up the frame to the aspens on the hills beyond.

  2. The format of your first landscape, vertical, is much less common than the horizontal of most landscapes. You’ve used it well to combine the human world above, distinguished by the barn, with the natural world below, distinguished by the foliage whose colors range from pale green down through yellow, orange, and red at the bottom

    The cabin hidden among the aspens is well hidden. Your last picture sure plays up all the linear elements in the barn and the fences.

    • Thanks fo visiting Steve! I was quite pleased with the first and it made a nice print. I actually do a lot of vertical landscapes. They often are the answer allowing me to include only what I want. Out of the 39 recent fall images 11 of them are vertical … more than 25%!

      • You’ve raised an interesting question: in the universe of all landscape photographs, what’s the percent of vertical ones? And is that percent pretty stable, or has it fluctuated a fair amount as time has passed?

      • I don’t know but I do think that I do more vertical landscapes than most landscape photographers. If one wanted to look at a bunch of landscape photographers portfolios and create a percent for each and then average them all together I guess an answer could be figured out.

  3. Sooooo nice to see varied color… you know Jersey… kinda hit or miss. How are the fires around your area… sure was thinking about you.

    • Thanks for looking Mike. We are in a drought all across Colorado. There was a fire near Silverton recently but they got it under control pretty quick. The two largest fires in Colorado history are north near and west of Estes. They are having a tough time with those and afraid they might merge. People have lost their homes to those but we don’t even get smoke from there. We had snow a week ago and that helped. Thanks for thinking of me and your Piney ‘brother from another mother’! 🙂

  4. It’s always a treat to visit your site. I clicked the “links”, beautiful photos to go through. Thank you for sharing, Denise.

    • Thanks Amy … some of those links the WordPress Reader puts there are older posts, but that’s OK. To see recent ‘visit site’ or ‘view full site’ links then scrolling down works best. 🙂

  5. Love those old buildings, Denise, beautiful work!!

  6. Fall, like falling leaves and barns falling down. Great combinations.

  7. Oh those Aspens. They steal the show this time of year. What can I say but I love this collection. My favorite just may be the Old Barn in the Morning. My eye walks happily through the scene

    • Oh, I’m glad you like that … I waited and waited for the sun to come up behind the ridge to my back. I wasn’t sure if it was too strong in that shot. XO … still hoping you will call sometime.

  8. Wonderful set, Denise!

  9. All wonderful images, but the one that I like the most is Antiques on a Cliff because it is different from the others. I like that is shows the building is occupied because of the laundry hanging to dry.

    • Thanks Ken! That building on the cliff is actually a local joke! The only way to get there is a steep hike … about 3 miles one way. It is an old mining blacksmith shop. Hikers add items to the clothesline and when we hiked up there one of the items was a big bra … double D maybe! 😀

  10. Wonderful photos! Such lovely scenes.

  11. I love this series of “Fall’s Familiar Favorites”. Thanks for sharing, Denise.

  12. These are treasures and you wonderfully captured them. I love the “Log Shed with Tin Roof”. It reminds of one of B52 song.

  13. Mother Nature…such a brilliant artist! And what lovely photos, Denise! They bring moments of peace in such heartrending times. Thank you.

  14. Those are all so beautiful, Denise! I especially like the log cabins/sheds and that antique shot on the cliff.

  15. What can I say?? All are absolutely stunning captures!! Love the fall colors and love the buildings!!

  16. You really captured the beauty of autumn. Excellent photos, Denise.

  17. Such brilliant captures.

  18. This is another lovely post of Colorado’s wondmore abandoned(?) old cabins/shacks/barns to flavor our landscapes. I usually prefer one format or the other, but I think both work in the “Hidden among Aspens” and “Autumn Hideout” images.

    • Oh, and I was wondering…laundry or prayer flags in “Antiques on a Cliff”? They must have a fantastic view from that location.

      • That building on the cliff is actually a local joke! The only way to get there is a steep hike … about 3 miles one way. It is an old mining blacksmith shop. Hikers add items to the clothesline and when we hiked up there one of the items was a big bra … double D maybe! 😀

    • Thanks for checking these out Steve!

  19. Those old buildings look good in the fall, the season suits them. The first photo really draws me in. In the third, I like the way the roof peak is echoed by the mountain peak (or maybe vice versa!). I’m with Steve in appreciating the portrait and landscape modes for that one old cabin, and what a good story about the building on the cliff. 🙂

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