Savory Sunsets


Some may think sunsets are cliché but I for one never get tired of them. And, from what I hear and see, I am not alone! Whether enjoying them from the comfort of my living room, or out in the landscape with my camera, a sunset surprise is always inspiring. With years of photographing and looking at sunsets, my selection process for what to show is particular. The sky alone is not enough. For me, the clouds need to have a nice balance and work with a thoughtful and interesting composition. Captures don’t make the cut if they lack these qualities. Mother Nature deserves most of the credit but it is also about being ready and at the right place. After months of mostly blank and often smoky skies, it’s been wonderful to see some beautiful sunset skies return. I hope you enjoy these recent selections!

A little tree sits on top a hill for a great view of Mount Abram, 20 miles away.

‘Little Tree With Mountain View’ © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

A beautiful sunset lights up the sky above the north end of the Cimarrons, near Ridgway, Colorado.

‘Cimarron Brush Strokes’ © Denise Bush

Twilight in the mountains can be striking to the east, especially when alpenglow appears.

‘Twilight Pink Over Rocky Ridge’ © Denise Bush

A pretty pink sunset sky settles over Loghill Mesa outside of Ridgway, Colorado.

‘Loghill Sunset’ © Denise Bush
(This is the mesa we live on top of!)

A beautiful sunset sky is anchored by the  silhouetted horizon.

‘Sunset Silhouette With Fence’ © Denise Bush

46 Responses to “Savory Sunsets”

  1. Beautiful scenes, Denise. I never tire of the romance of sunsets either, no two are exactly alike, after all. The first and last shots here are my favorites. ❤

  2. Sunset without the sun, the best way. Great!

    • I agree! I recently judged ‘the golden hour’ for a camera club and was surprised by how many submitted sunrise/sunset and included the sun … sometimes big and blown out. My comment was just as you state … suggesting shooting to the right or left of the sun. Here we can get color in all directions not just west.

  3. Of course I loved these! Beauty is never cliché, in my opinion anyway. I loved the little tree and silhouette best of all.

  4. Beautiful images.

  5. You must find it comforting that sunsets finally came back. Your selections in this post are in keeping with your predilection for including human elements in so many of your landscapes, except that here you’ve upped the ante by including features of the land (plus the fence at the end) in your sunsets.

    • Well, not too many human elements in these except for the fence. The buildings are so small at the base of Loghill they aren’t an important element in my view. Including a human element is not something I am always trying to do except when old buildings and other relics present an opportunity. Then I like to include them in a landscape rather than close-up. (That’s what I was really trying to convey in my previous post, ‘Fall’s Familiar Favorites’.) Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts with me!

  6. I agree with you Denise – still love sunsets and its the ever-changing clouds that make them interesting.

  7. I’m a sunset lover too, Denise! Each is lovely, my favorite is the first one. 🙂

  8. I love your sunset photos Denise! I love to photograph them too 😊

  9. I’m with you, Denise. I never tire of them and yours are extraordinary. Love twilight pink…great cloud. 🙂

  10. 25 Joe Perno

    I Love me some Beautiful Sunsets

  11. I feel the same except at the other end of the day. Occasionally the sun is included but as you mention it is not often having the sun in the frame works to advantage. And almost always the color is better away from it, or before the sun rises, or after it sets.
    Love ’em all but my favorite here is “Sunset Pink over Rocky Ridge” with the floating cloud.

    • Thanks Steve! I get out for sunrise once in a while. It certainly is easier this time of year … as long as I don’t wake up to snow and unplowed roads.

  12. You are not alone with loving to see sunset sky. I would add even looking up to see sky is included. I think you feel good even momentary. I think it is therapeutic. Our mind is at ease, feels good for the duration. These are beautiful pictures of sunsets!

    • I agree … it is therapeutic! (And that therapy is much needed these days!) Thanks so much for visiting Yellow Cable. (I feel funny calling you that … never learned your name?) 🙂

      • I understand 🙂 I think I do feel the same when I post comment to some blogs and use screen name (which isn’t a common people name) to refer to the person.

  13. Oh, you’ve had some lovely sunsets of late! I never tire of them either. The color if we have any doesn’t last long here though. A minute or two and poof! Gone! 😢

    • Thanks Deborah! Mother Nature is always up to something … about 8” of snow last night.

      • Oohhh! I bet your corner of the world is gorgeous and magical looking. We had a nice snow dump over a week ago, but it’s been sunny since so it’s largely all melted now.
        Enjoy your winter wonderland! 😀

  14. They’re beautiful Denise, and boy do they show what variety there can be in a sunset! That big single cloud makes for an interesting composition and the final image is eye candy. 🙂

    • We can get color in all directions here. The pinks, as in the single cloud is Alpenglow looking east and so is the second shot. The first one is looking south, and Loghill is looking north. Then the last one is looking southwest. Pretty amazing!

  15. Stunning captures and I love the way you showed sunsets at different times to highlight color differences. If I were to pick a favorite it would be Loghill Sunset…didn’t read your comment until after that decision…love the color tone throughout the capture!! You live in beautiful country!!

  16. Each of these photos has something toenjoy. For me, I especially like the silhouetted objects in the first and last images, the colors in the second image and the dramatic sky in the last. Nice work.

  17. Great captures Denise! Sunsets never cease to amaze.

  18. Wow, what a view from where you live, Denise. Beautiful clouds and perfect composition.

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