Autumn’s Parting Shots


I am always sad to see autumn pass. It’s my favorite season and it comes and goes way too fast! Although it already feels like winter here, fall is not officially over until the Winter Solstice on December 21st. With that I thought I’d squeeze in one more post to include a few stragglers I wanted to document. I’m grateful for the gifts Mother Nature bestows upon me and now, with short days, cold temps and snow on the ground, I am ready for winter’s beauty and its challenges too. So in this post I say, “farewell to autumn … until we meet again”!

A view looking down on Pleasant Valley fromthe edge of Loghill Mesa near Ridgway, shows the ribbon of cottonwoods along Dallas Creek.

‘Fall In The Valley’ © Denise Bush

A mid-size cottonwood tree is a bright spot in the Adobe Badlands near Montrose, Colorado.

‘Bright Cottonwood In Adobe Hills’ © Denise Bush

Back-lighting illuminates autumn grass along the banks of a small bog in Colorado.

‘Autumn In The Bog’ © Denise Bush

A border of aspens, dry grasses and rocky mountain belong to the same autumn palette under a blue sky.

‘Autumn Gold’ © Denise Bush

An autumn path leads us through a stunning aspen forest in autumn.

‘Inviting Aspen Path’ © Denise Bush

39 Responses to “Autumn’s Parting Shots”

  1. Oh, Fall, we will miss you. Lovely shots, Denise!!

  2. I like the last photo best. Fall is my favorite season, too, and it goes by much too fast.

  3. Thanks for sharing autumn’s waning.

  4. Lovely shots Denise.

  5. Yes, sad to see Fall go. It was a beautiful and memorable one here on the east coast. My favorite is the first one. The lighting is really nice.

    • Thanks Ken. That was taken from the escarpment path along the edge of the mesa we live on. Cottonwoods grow along the meandering Dallas Creek.

  6. Your photo of dark trunks reflected in the bog is a novel take on fall, with the warm colors coming not from the changing foliage of tall trees but from the low vegetation around the shoreline.

    Whatever the calendar says, your comment tells us that climatic winter has already arrived in your part of the world.

    • I featured an afternoon photo of that location not too long ago. This one was shot in the morning. Yes … it has been cold 9 degrees at 6am … winter is long here.

  7. 13 Deb

    Beautiful Denise. “Inviting Aspen Path” is my favorite!

    • Thanks Deb. Glad you like that one. While I have lots of other aspen paths and roads, this one is a little different. The trees look tall.

  8. What a beautiful way to say good bye to autumn. These are wonderful pictures of autumn.

  9. Nice farewell to autumn, Denise. It does feel like it peaks and passes quickly. My favorites are ‘Inviting Aspen Path’ and I love the way ‘Autumn in the Bog’ catches the reflection of the mountains and trees, with the contrast of blue below and gold above. Lovely!

  10. The gifts Mother Nature, indeed. A beautiful fall series until next year.
    Thank you, Denise for sharing.

  11. I feel the same way about fall, sorry to let go. Get to hold on a bit longer with your beautiful photos!

  12. Such beautiful fall colors, Denise. I love the long shadows in your lead shot and the quiet feel in your final shot. Terrific work.

  13. That’s a very pretty farewell, Denise!

  14. Ooo, I love that bog image and the big Cottonwood, too. The warm and cool colors are balanced beautifully in all of these. Have a good week, and here’s to a scenic winter for you!

  15. They are all stunning captures, but I wanted to share my two favorites Autumn in The Bog and Inviting Aspen Path! Love your work!!

  16. Good morning. Autumn is my favorite season too. Winter is my least favorite, though I’m no big fan of summer’s heat either. Those aspen trees that you photographed are really beautiful. That woods is a good place to spend time in. Neil Scheinin

    • I know what you mean about the summer heat but one plus of moving to Colorado is the summers are dry and comfortable. Winter photography is my second favorite but it’s more challenging too. I am waiting for some new snow so it looks pretty again! Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment Neil!

  17. I love Fall in the Valley with those nice long autumn shadows. Autumn in the Bog and Autumn Gold too but my favorite is Inviting Aspen Path because I would like to be there and enjoying a nice Rocky Mountain hike.

  18. Wonderful lines and colours.

  19. You can definitely see it is the end of fall with the fading colors. I would like to walk on the path through the aspens.

    • Thanks Ruth. These were some shot at different times during the fall that I just hadn’t posted. The cottonwoods in the first two do turn a little later than the aspens. Perhaps I should have titled it ‘My Parting Shots of Fall’ so as not to imply fall’s parting. 😊

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