2020 Favorites


With staying at home so much I got a head start on my yearly Favorites Gallery. This is an 18 year tradition and how my website galleries are organized. With no photo trips in 2020, this year’s selections are scenes close to home. Looking back I am always surprised by the number of photographs I feel are successful. I started with several more and edited the collection down to 60. Below is a sampling that includes some of my personal favorites. Click the thumbnail page below to check out all my 2020 Favorites, and find links to other years, and my store too!

Beautiful winter lighting accentuates some weathered aspen trees in the snow.

‘2020 Line-up’ © Denise Bush

Clouds from a recent snowfall lift, giving way to a rugged mountain view.

‘In The Clearing’ © Denise Bush

A mountain lake reflection will soon be completely frozen and covered in snow.

‘Icy Beginnings’ © Denise Bush

Fireweed grows beautifully on the steep slopes of a mountain lake in Colorado.

‘Lakeside Beauties’ © Denise Bush

As seen from above on Loghill Mesa, Dallas Creek winds through Cottonwood Trees and Willows.

‘Dallas Creek Curves’ © Denise Bush

An autumn road invites a investigation to look at the beautiful, colorful foliage.

‘Along An Autumn Road’  © Denise Bush

A picture perfect barn and autumn colors make a wonderful rural scene.

‘Picturesque Barn In Fall’ © Denise Bush

An old miner’s cabin includes a front porch built on a rocky foundation.

‘Rocky Foundation’ © Denise Bush

An old-fashioned fence adds interest to this beautiful autumn scene along a country road.

‘Fence Along Autumn Road’ © Denise Bush

A fence with San Juan Mountain character makes a great background for Mears Peak near Ridgway.

‘Ranch Boundary’ © Denise Bush

Two Gambel Oaks create an arch and frame for the setting sun.

‘Sunburst Arch’ © Denise Bush

A long lens picks up the beautiful warm light on a distant slope of aspens in deep orange and gold.

‘Warm Light On Distant Aspens’ © Denise Bush

Mighty Mount Sneffels is one of the 14ers in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

‘Mighty Mount Sneffels’ © Denise Bush

An open field and distant hill anchor a surreal sky in winter.

‘Minimal Landscape In Winter’ © Denise Bush

All of these images, and more are available on my STORE site as well as being featured in my this year’s gallery. As always, let me know if you have any questions about my work. And all the best to you in 2021!

50 Responses to “2020 Favorites”

  1. Denise, with images like this, you don’t need to go far from home. Well done!

  2. Wow, you’ve captured the grandeur of this state I love so dearly! From one proud Coloradoan to another, thank you for sharing it with the world!

  3. Amazing collection. You are so creative.

  4. 18 years: that’s quite a tradition. As your first commenter noted, you don’t need to travel far from home to get good pictures (though living in as a scenic a places as you do certainly helps). I remember most of these photographs. “In the Clearing Clouds” looks like an image Ansel Adams would have made.

    • I am very grateful to have beautiful scenery close to home. I think it might look easy but actually be harder than you and others think. I’ve mentioned some of the physical challenges in previous posts. What others don’t see are all the failed attempts, miles I’ve traveled for a shot only to come home empty handed, or the large percentage of outings that don’t pan out because of other conditions … like the sky and light. Then of course, it’s about what calls to me, personal vision and choices, exposure, composition and processing too. Thanks for visiting Steve!

      • I expect all of us who’ve practiced photography for a good while know about the failures, the pictures we almost got but the subjects moved away, or the weather changed, or things didn’t look as good as we hoped they would, and so on. And yet we persist, and some of the time we succeed.

  5. Masterpieces! Thank you for the post, Denise!

  6. I can see why they’re your favorites. They’re amazing.

  7. Indeed, a stunning collection. I can’t even imagine the agony of having to go through all those stellar images to pick a few favs. Incredible. You needn’t travel far from home to capture/create beauty. May 2021 include more travel, less trauma.

    • Thanks very much Linda. I do hope to do an out of the area trip next year. We watched the first part of a three part series on Idaho today. (Amazon Prime) Lots of beautiful places in your state. Best wishes to you for a wonderful holiday and new year.

  8. Such a pleasure to peruse your favorites, Denise. They are magnificent! I hope you have a lovely holiday filled with simple pleasures. 🙂

  9. WOW year for sure. This is another amazing collection. Merry Christmas and let’s pray for a truly HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR!

  10. Picture perfect each one of them! Magnificent

  11. These are so fabulous, Denise! you are an awesome photographer with a beautiful eye. The best to you and yours for 2021 as well!

  12. These images are stunning! I feel a great sense of peace when I look at them. Beautiful work Denise 🙂

  13. 27 Ken Curtis

    Well done, Denise. Looking forward to your 2021 images.

  14. So glad to have seen this…your gallery is inspiring!

  15. Beautiful! The Mt Sneffels one really catches my eye; it’s such a neat mountain and the lighting in your photo is really pretty!

  16. They are gorgeous!

  17. What a beautiful body of work in this difficult year. I don’t think I can pick a favorite. Each one looks better than the last!

  18. They are all gorgeous, Denise! You have such beautiful scenery around and a great eye that you don’t need to go far from home.

    • Thank you Deborah! It is getting harder and harder for me to find fresh scenes … especially in the winter. We have so many elk and deer the snow gets tracked up and messy looking right away. Happy holidays to you and yours!

  19. This is a wonderful collection and I am sure the “rejects” are also, Denise. You do live in a gorgeous location. I hardly travel at all so it does get difficult to find new vistas but they are there if only for the changes in light. Looking forward to many more favorites over the years.

  20. Staying close to home was not a handicap, was it? I love the spareness of that first photo. And I have to say, “Lakeside Beauties” really speaks to me – oh, those colors look so good right now. 😉

    • Luckily I love photographing close to home. Still a trip somewhere would have been nice. I had plans to go to Yellowstone that got cancelled. Even a trip to Moab would have been nice. I might do that this winter … it is only 3 hours from me. I’m glad you like my ‘2020 Line-up’ … I’ve photographed it many other times and in previous years. ‘Lakeside Beauties’ was fun to shoot and one of my very top favorites this year. I will stop by your blog soon … it’s hard to keep up! Happy 2021!

  21. Amazingly beautiful landscapes. Here it is cold and grey, so I’m happy that your pictures could beam me away for a while.

  22. ‘Icy Beginnings’ took my breath away, but I am sure with a different moment of the day another in these series would feel precise for the moment. Wishing you a nice 2021, Denise.

    • I understand … our choices and favorites can change from day to day. Thanks very much for visiting and letting me know what calls out on this day!

  23. 49 Sarah

    Denise, every year, every photo take, you continue to out do yourself. Just stunning photos! I am sure you have your personal reasons for the photos you selected, although there are so many spectacular ones, I don’t know how you have done so. I hope 2021 brings you more surprises and places to shoot in a much more tranquil world.

    • Thanks very much Sarah. I appreciate you taking an interest, knowing how dedicated I am. I don’t really feel my work is changing much in the last few years. My goal is just to continue to produce work I am proud of. Some of my favorites are still from previous years and I’m always trying to create work of the same caliber. XO

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