Tree Groupings In B&W

Back in January my post ‘Alone’ featured the solitary trees I am always on the lookout for. I mentioned that I also keep an eye out for groups of trees … groups that make an artistic impression. My attraction might include pattern, repetition, arrangement and/or placement. When a couple of my selections for this set looked good in black & white, I decided to convert them all. I especially like monochrome winter landscapes, so now is the time! I saw something special in each of these scenes and hope you enjoy viewing them. And, as an avid tree lover I am always adding to my ‘Tremendous Trees’ store gallery. Your favorites sometimes help me decide what to add to that larger collection.

Just over the hill, a line of spruce trees look lovely in the fresh snow.
‘Just Over The Hill’ © Denise Bush
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The bare branches of winter allows a beautiful group of healthy, young aspens a chance to show off their design and structure.
‘Delicate Aspens In Winter’ © Denise Bush
A mature aspen and offspring shoots sparkle with a frosty coating.
‘Aspen Family In The Snow’ © Denise Bush
A group of very tall aspen trees creates an interesting visual on a cloudy winter afternoon.
‘Slender Aspens’ © Denise Bush
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Some young aspens collect snow on their branches to create a wintry pattern in B&W.
‘Snowy Branches’ © Denise Bush
The fresh fallen snow clings to branches and needles of a beautiful stand of spruce trees.
‘Frosted Forest’ © Denise Bush
Everyone loves the aspens for their beautiful bark among other qualities.
‘Aspen Trunks In B&W’ © Denise Bush

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Mountain Medley In Winter

This post features some snowy, winter landscapes, shot recently here and there, not too far from home. Getting out with my camera has been a saving grace during this time of safety and isolation. I watch the weather, think about where to go and then take my chances hoping my choice will offer favorable results. Excited by a days shoot, a lot of photographers like to review their images as soon as they can. I like to wait a few days … perhaps it’s to have a fresh perspective. I look over the shots to see if any excite me and sometimes need to work with others to decide if they are successful. Usually having a variety of themes in the works at once, I’ll decide how current choices fit in. Collecting blog images in folders, I then edit down to my favorites, and what works well together. This collection, for instance, didn’t feel finished and ready until I added more, and deleted others.

A crooked evergreen has a beautiful view of the mountains in a clearing storm, near Ouray, Colorado.
‘Tree In Clearing Storm’ © Denise Bush
Three evergreens frame a mountain as a winter storm clears, in Ouray Colorado.
‘In The Clear’ © Denise Bush
A modest little mountain, just beyond big cottonwood trees creates a pleasant winter scene.
‘Little Mountain In Winter’ © Denise Bush
Near Telluride, the Ophir Needles are beautiful forms in the last light of day.
‘Last Light On Ophir Needles’ © Denise Bush
Clouds lift after a winter storm, just below the peak of Mount Abram in Ouray, Colorado.
‘Mount Abram Reveal’ © Denise Bush
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Trees below Corbett Peak, near Ridgway Colorado compete for attention with their early morning frosty coating.
‘Frosty Trees Below Corbett’ © Denise Bush
Some frosty aspen trees sparkle in the foreground of this winter mountain scene.
‘Frosty Aspen Family’ © Denise Bush
Mount Sneffels is beautiful in every season and from many vantage points.
‘Sneffels View In Winter’ © Denise Bush

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Winter Relics

While making my rounds close to home, I couldn’t resist stopping to capture some familiar relics, now resting in the snow. In my view there is always a new image to be made when the subject has character and can tell a story. I also enjoyed stopping to photograph a couple of other subjects that have caught my eye, more than once while wandering. Looking at these together I am reminded how much the cloudy-cool or sunny-warm color of the light affects a snowy scene. The lighting influences the mood … cheerful and bright, or calm and peaceful. Adding to the stories, these the relics seem all the more vulnerable in the snow, making me wonder … how many winters they have sat in the harsh elements and yet survived.

A little log cabin completes the picture to make a quaint winter scene.
‘Log Cabin Between Trees’ © Denise Bush
A weathered shack, surrounded by farm equipment makes a fun subject in the snow.
‘Shack & Relics In Winter’ © Denise Bush
An old log cabin, weathered by the elements reminds us of a day gone by.
‘Cabin Remains’ © Denise Bush
An old style barn lights up in the late day sun on a cold winter day.
‘Barn On Winter Slope’ © Denise Bush
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Old cabin remains hang on by a thread in the winter elements.
‘Weathered Remains’ © Denise Bush

I started out with more images in this post but even while I liked all of the images, something was bothering me. I ended up deciding to delete a couple of them, and in doing so I realized the group then made a stronger set. For me, sometimes less is more!