Mountain Sunsets In Winter

Nothing too new here … just more mountain sunsets I’ve had the pleasure to witness this winter. With limited mobility this time of year my telephoto lens is a frequent choice. I can focus on the peaks where the snow is always fresh and pair them with interesting portions of the sky. For this kind of scene, the two ingredients together are what is important to me. Many outings fail to make the cut when either is lacking. But, I don’t let it disappoint me when it doesn’t work out, because it’s worth being out there no matter what. Breathing in the fresh air, and enjoying the scenery as daylight fades is always a good experience. Now, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy!

High winds wispe clouds over the San Juan mountains creating what's known as horse tail clouds.
‘Sweeping San Juan Clouds’ © Denise Bush
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Sunset takes on a fiery look over Mount Wilson near Telluride, Colorado.
‘Light Show Over Wilson’ © Denise Bush
A light coat of snow  signals winter’s arrival in the mountains of Colorado
‘A Distant View’ © Denise Bush
A small mountain beside the grand San Juans of Colorado is crowned with a beautiful sunet sky.
‘Little Mountain Sunset’ © Denise Bush
Redcliff Mountain near Ridgway Colorado lights up with the last warm light of the day.
‘Mountain Beacon’ © Denise Bush
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Windswept clouds over the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado are a wonderous, winter sight.
‘Windswept Mountains’ © Denise Bush
A beautiful sky appears at sunset to complement this wintry mountain peak.
‘Painted Sky Above Peak’ © Denise Bush
The last light of day strikes a mountain ridge with warm light, coloring the clouds pink.
‘Snowy Ridge Highlights’ © Denise Bush

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More Winter Relics

There’s no hope and no changing me now … I can’t stop … finding new stories in old relics that is! Always loving the country and tales of a simpler time in American History I recall being attracted to like treasures at an early age. When traveling I’m always looking, and scanning the views left and right. Discovering new relics, or having a successful photo shoot with one is my kind of fun! Usually more selective, I was surprised by how many I had for this set. Since my blog also serves as a way to document current work I decided to include all the candidates this time. Some of the images were shot in cloudy conditions and others when it was sunny or during the golden hour. In this larger set we can again see how much the temperature of the light affects the scene. In cloudy weather the mood is cold, serious and sometimes sullen. And it’s quite the opposite when sunny. That isn’t to say I think one is better than another … they just convey different moods. With snow scenes even more of a difference can be noticed in the hue of the snow reflecting the color of the sky, time of day and quality of the light. I hope you’ll have fun looking and using your imagination. I wonder, if these relics could talk about what they have seen, what would they say?

An old log farm building is a reminder of the past as it survives another snowstorm.
‘Where The Willows Grow’ © Denise Bush
Some aspen trees grow right up alongside and old cabin ... perhaps helping to hold it up!
‘Close Companions’ © Denise Bush
An old rusty car from the past isn't going anywhere soon, content to sit in the sun and snow.
‘Rusting In The Snow’ © Denise Bush
Chicken wire and a piece of metal are past attempts on discouraging rodents like marmots, opossums and squirels from entering this abandoned building.
‘Critters Keep Out!’ © Denise Bush
An old log barn displays a lot of character in warm, late day light!
‘Log Leaner’ © Denise Bush
Winter conjurs up the images of Courier & Ives in the snowy countryside.
‘Winter Ranch Nostalgia’ © Denise Bush
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A small house and barn remind of how it was on the ranch in the old days!
‘Ranch House & Barn’ © Denise Bush
A barn that was featured in the original True Grit movie, starring John Wayne still stands, surrounded by a new fence and snow.
‘Old Barn With New Fence’ © Denise Bush
An old shed leaning to the right has seen better days. We can only guess what is inside ... violaters will be prosecuted!
‘Posted Private Property’ © Denise Bush
An old cabin located on a Colorado ranch soaks up some warm winter sun.
‘Cowboy Cabin’ © Denise Bush
What this shed was used for in the past is unknown. Now it has become a place to pile used tires.
‘The Tire Shed’ © Denise Bush

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