More Winter Relics


There’s no hope and no changing me now … I can’t stop … finding new stories in old relics that is! Always loving the country and tales of a simpler time in American History I recall being attracted to like treasures at an early age. When traveling I’m always looking, and scanning the views left and right. Discovering new relics, or having a successful photo shoot with one is my kind of fun! Usually more selective, I was surprised by how many I had for this set. Since my blog also serves as a way to document current work I decided to include all the candidates this time. Some of the images were shot in cloudy conditions and others when it was sunny or during the golden hour. In this larger set we can again see how much the temperature of the light affects the scene. In cloudy weather the mood is cold, serious and sometimes sullen. And it’s quite the opposite when sunny. That isn’t to say I think one is better than another … they just convey different moods. With snow scenes even more of a difference can be noticed in the hue of the snow reflecting the color of the sky, time of day and quality of the light. I hope you’ll have fun looking and using your imagination. I wonder, if these relics could talk about what they have seen, what would they say?

An old log farm building is a reminder of the past as it survives another snowstorm.

‘Where The Willows Grow’ © Denise Bush

Some aspen trees grow right up alongside and old cabin ... perhaps helping to hold it up!

‘Close Companions’ © Denise Bush

An old rusty car from the past isn't going anywhere soon, content to sit in the sun and snow.

‘Rusting In The Snow’ © Denise Bush

Chicken wire and a piece of metal are past attempts on discouraging rodents like marmots, opossums and squirels from entering this abandoned building.

‘Critters Keep Out!’ © Denise Bush

An old log barn displays a lot of character in warm, late day light!

‘Log Leaner’ © Denise Bush

Winter conjurs up the images of Courier & Ives in the snowy countryside.

‘Winter Ranch Nostalgia’ © Denise Bush
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A small house and barn remind of how it was on the ranch in the old days!

‘Ranch House & Barn’ © Denise Bush

A barn that was featured in the original True Grit movie, starring John Wayne still stands, surrounded by a new fence and snow.

‘Old Barn With New Fence’ © Denise Bush

An old shed leaning to the right has seen better days. We can only guess what is inside ... violaters will be prosecuted!

‘Posted Private Property’ © Denise Bush

An old cabin located on a Colorado ranch soaks up some warm winter sun.

‘Cowboy Cabin’ © Denise Bush

What this shed was used for in the past is unknown. Now it has become a place to pile used tires.

‘The Tire Shed’ © Denise Bush

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53 Responses to “More Winter Relics”

  1. I, too, am attracted to ‘old relics’. All history is fascinating, and the westward settlement of the continent resonates with me. I only wish the expansion had not resulted in the displacement of our native folk. As always, wonderful images…I am a bit envious !

    • In all my years of shooting weathered relics, on the East Coast and in Colorado I have learned that many feel the same way as us! Thank you Michael … nice to hear from you!

  2. Wonderful collection of “Winter Relics” Denise! And great captions too! I like the composition and depth of Winter Ranch Nostalgia. And the clearly defined patterns in Old Barn New Fence. Rusting in the Snow makes me wonder … how long ago since that car was parked there forever and who was the driver? Close Companions – great caption for the trees surrounding that cabin.

    • Thank you Michel. I have shot several of these in different seasons or conditions, and have worked on getting different compositions too. Thanks so much for letting me know your favorites … it means a lot!

  3. These are fabulous, Denise, I love all the lighting and how it conveys in each photo! I cannot pick a favorite, I absolutely tried! You have a beautiful eye for old relics and fencing. 🥰

    • I have a lot of hours and practice with this subject matter … like you with your bird photography. It’s fun when it’s your passion. Thanks for your comment and it’s OK if you can’t pick! 🙂

  4. I share your attraction to the old structures and vehicles from times long past. You have found some great ones for these images. It is difficult to pick a single favorite. I like the Old Barn with New Fence, with the criss crossing fence lines in the foreground. The Ranch house and Barn with the barn larger than the house seemingly showing the importance of a barn compared to one’s house in that environment. Winter Ranch Nostalgia is a great one, too. I’ve always been intrigued by antique vehicles, so that Rusting in The Snow has to be a favorite.

    • Thanks Ken. Glad you share the attraction and can relate to this subject and the compositions! ‘Rusting In The Snow’ was captured the third time I went to shoot it. The first time was in a different season and the second time all the snow had melted off of it. The third time was the charm! I appreciate you telling me your favorites!

  5. The winter with the intact snow conveys even more of the desolation and sadness of the places over having been abandoned.

    • Yes, if you picture some of these with sunny skies, green grass and wildflowers all around the feeling would be very different. Each season, along with changing sky conditions can create a variety of moods and feelings. That’s why I will shoot the same subjects at different times of the year and try different compositions. Thanks so much for visiting and sharing your thoughts! 🙂

  6. Silent now, your photos make me wonder about the people who once occupied these places. Excellent series, Denise!

  7. What a great project you’ve got here. It’s just fascinating. I’m aiming to embark on a couple of my own.

  8. “I recall being attracted to like treasures at an early age.” In 2019 I read a couple of the latest books about genetics. Both reported that genetic research has confirmed the great extent to which our DNA contributes to our predilections, right from the outset. Experiences influence us, of course, but we’re not at all the blank slates that some people claim.

    • I believe it Steve! Look at how twins separated at birth find they have the same interests when they are later reunited as adults. Somewhat related … as a kid I was obsessed with building forts and fantasized about living in them! And, I was always the one who wanted to go explore an abandoned house.

  9. Beautiful scenery.

    • Thank you … not so much scenery in these images but if you have time please check out some of my other posts filled with Colorado landscapes! 😊

  10. Nice set, Denise. I too, often wonder about who built these places and their stories. Lost to the echoes of time, I guess.

    • There is a good accounting of mining history in these parts and I love seeing those old photos. Unfortunately preservation efforts are lacking. Thanks for the visit and comment Eliza!

  11. Surreal feeling, instead of being covered they create the illusion to be emerging from the snow and the past. Thank you, Denise.

  12. You have different eyes all the time. I can imagine doing that. These are fantastic pictures.

  13. Rusting in the snow is my favorite. Just stunning images!

  14. There is so much story in these relics. Just fascinating. In particular, I got stuck with the old and the building fenced in by birches almost growing out of its foundation.

    • I’m glad you see the stories Otto! I think those aspen trees might be helping to hold that cabin together! Thank you … appreciate the visit and comment!

  15. 29 Les

    Very nice & well Posted. Like most other people I also enjoy rusted & abandoned things & places of History. I have for a long time. Even though we don’t have many places like you’ve shown around here, I always want to know what happened there, who lived there, why is it empty, and what those old buildings would say if they could talk. Ghosts of the past are probably still there.

    • Hi Les … glad you enjoy this subject too. Most of the places I find here in Colorado are fenced off, locked up or posted so I don’t usually get an opportunity to go inside. If they are accessible there isn’t much left behind but perhaps a ghost or two. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have many other posts that feature relics and have a dedicated ‘Remnants & Remains’ gallery on my store site too:

      • 31 Les

        I’ve taken a look at your Images of relics from the past. They are very good. I have often thought of selling some of my Images of History around here, but never know what to charge for them. How do you arrive at a price for what you’ve taken?

      • If you are going to print (paper, ink & cost of printer), mat, frame or send out for prints you need to figure in all the costs. Then … where are you going to sell them? If gallery of store, what is their commission or % split when something sells? Or, will you sell them from a website, in which case you set your markup and don’t have to deal with the mentioned. As it turns out my website prices are similar to prices in shops. I try to keep prices consistent.

  16. 33 Ken Curtis

    I love photographing when there is snow on the ground, and I know that you do too, as one can easily see in the images above. I have 2 favs in this set. The first is “Posted Private Property” because the gold colors contrast so nicely with the blues in the sky and hills in the background; a very pleasing combination. The second image is “Old Barn with New Fence” because the barn has an interesting shape (although we’ve all seen shapes like this before) that it provides a nice graphic difference from the snow and background. Also blends well graphically with the fences. The fences carry my eye around the scene and always brings me back to the barn. Excellent images.

    • I’m glad you like ‘Posted Private Property’ … I do too for the same reasons! Guess what? The old barn you mention is the True Grit Barn from the original movie. It is where the girl lived. They recently restored the house and added this new fence. I’m glad I have some pictures of it before too. The house is natural wood but it looks too new now. Thanks so much for your detailed comment … appreciate it!

  17. Thank you ALL for your comments and visits. I use them to link back to your blogs and return the favor!

  18. You’re landscape photos are always so inspiring. Excellent work, Denise.

  19. Wonderful group of “relics”, Denise. Of course each one has a hidden story to tell and your images get us wondering just what those might be. Lots of lives involved in those buildings.

  20. These are fabulous, Denise. I wonder what stories they each would tell as well.

    Your titles are so clever too!

  21. You make great points about light temperature on the snow. I love the way the trees grew so close to the cabin in “Close Companions.” “Winter Ranch Nostalgia” is beautifully composed – the vegetation really moves the image along, with those golden, dried wildflowers in the foreground and the snowy conifers back on the hill. That building is really snuggled right into the folds! The fencing does a great job in another photo, leading the eyes around. That image has a nice graphic feeling. I like the head-on perspective of “Posted” and I think I’d like it even more if the upper third of the sky was cropped – it would be very severe but I think it would look good. The Tire Shed has seen better days, hasn’t it? Seeing these all together gives me the feeling of driving around the hills with you and finding another relic around every corner. 🙂

  22. Gorgeous winter clicks! Nature really is an inspiration; it knows exactly what color palettes will make us awe-inspired! The colors of the old ranches against the white snow look magnificent.

    • Thank you Monica! Winter is my 2nd favorite time (next to fall) to photograph the landscape and relics. The snow and winter light makes the scenes very different from other times of the year. I appreciate your visit and thoughts! 🙂

  23. 45 Vickie R Bush

    Love-Love all of your relics. I’m on the same page as you! I was browsing some of the older ones a couple weeks ago.

  24. Fabulous theme, Denise, and who among us hasn’t wandered around photographing old barns, cars and farm equipment? 😃Ok, maybe some haven’t, but I sure love it.
    Love these and Old Barn with New Fence is a standout. 👏🏻

    • Thank you! The old barn in that shot was in the original True Grit movie with John Wayne. It is on the property where the girl lived. The house is there too but they recently resided and roofed it and it looks too new now. Glad I got some photos of it before.

  25. Beautiful snaps of winter. The heavy sheets of snow on the terrain look so calming. The hues of winter are so enigmatic!

  26. What an assortment of stunning captures. Each of them are so unique….great job Denise!! Old Barn With New Fence has a nice visual appeal and Rusting In the Snow wins uniqueness (who would suspect that old of a car being there and then to capture it with the snow), but overall favorite would be Winter Ranch Nostalgia. All of them are so beautiful….well done! Have a great week!

    • Thanks for going back in time to see this ‘older’ post Kirt! Spring hasn’t produced much green here yet and the dirty patches of snow laying around aren’t too photogenic, so I haven’t done much shooting lately. Eager to get out there when I see more signs of spring!

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