Wintry Mix


This post is an assortment … an array, medley, potpourri, etcetera, of recent images I decided to process! It includes some that didn’t fit into previous post themes, and others that I found reviewing folders from the past 2 months. Spring arrived on the calendar but it doesn’t feel like it here in Colorado. March is typically our snowiest month and it’s no surprise to us if we get some in April. We’ve learned to hold off putting our shovels away until late May! It’s all good … we just need to be a little more patient and appreciate what the snow brings to our forests and rivers. It’s a gift that will slowly melt off the peaks now through summer. Although ready for a change, once gone I will undoubtedly miss the unique photo opportunities the snow creates.

A fresh coating of snow coats a mountain in Ouray County, Colorado.

‘Frozen Landscape’ © Denise Bush

Three gambel oaks are a frequent subject for this photographer ... in all kinds of seasons and at sunset and sunrise.

‘Tree Trio’ © Denise Bush

An old fashioned barn graces the mountainside in a nostalgic winter scene.

‘Picturesque Barn In Winter’ © Denise Bush
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In the mountains of Colorado one of the first signs of spring is the willows waking up with vibrant yellow, orange and red.

‘Vibrant Willows’ © Denise Bush

A stand of aspen trees stand out in in a winter scene of white

‘Aspen Row In Winter’ © Denise Bush

A line of bare aspen trees with only sky behind them creates a beautiful winter statement.

‘Wintry Row’ © Denise Bush

The day comes to a close with its last light upon the north end of Cimarron Ridge, near Ridgway Colorado.

‘Days End Over Ridge’ © Denise Bush

A barn in the mountains makes an idyllic winter scene.

‘Serene Scene’ © Denise Bush

The Turrets are a ridge of smaller pinnacles and spires in the Cimarron Range, a subset of the San Juan Mountains and Rocky Mountains.

‘Turrets To The East’ © Denise Bush

A line of trees on a distant hillside stand in mornings warm light while the mountains remain in cloudy shadow.

‘Morning Line-up’ © Denise Bush

A ranch gate acts as a frame for the distant mountain in this winter scene.

‘Gated Sunset’ © Denise Bush

55 Responses to “Wintry Mix”

  1. Great captures…love the choreography of your images.

  2. So glad you shared these. Wintry row is my favorite!

  3. Excellent mix, Denise. Enjoyed the minimalist feel to Wintry Row, the shadows in Serene Scene and the layering and divided comp in Morning Line Up. 😃

  4. 8 Deb

    Beautiful! “Vibrant Willows” and “Serene Scene” are my favorites!!

    • Thanks Deb! I might have guessed you would like ‘Vibrant Willows’ … just seems like you. The willows get brighter when the days are warmer and longer … taken March 7 I think. I liked the other for the diagonals and shadows. XO

  5. Picturesque barn is my fave!

  6. Is that the top of a barbed wire fence in the first picture? Your Gated Sunset has the look of a Japanese tori: The majestic snowy mountains beyond your aspen row are impressive in two photographs, as are the turrets that you looked east at.

    • Hi Steve! The fence is a distant zigzag split rail fence, mostly buried. I love that style. I don’t know about looking like the tori but those gates are all over here on ranches and homes. We call them ego gates. We can see The Turrets from our house. I think they are pretty cool.

  7. Nice photos! I like Picturesque Barn In Winter. I also like the Aspen Row.

  8. Amazing pictures and I really like the 2nd and the 6th a lot.

  9. 19 Ken Curtis

    Wonderful set of images, Denise. All excellent. My favorites are 1) Aspen Row in Winter because I love these kind of scenes, the the contrasting snow blowing over the mountain against a darker sky is dramatic, I love all the detail you captured and the trees provide a natural dividing line between the mountains and the foreground, and 2) Wintry Row because of the minimalist composition, love the palette of the white snow and slightly darker sky and contrasting trees and you have were able to show separation between the snowy hill in the background (where the trees are growing) and the foreground hill (that hides the base of the trees).

    • Thanks for your excellent explanation of what you like and notice. I really appreciate it. I added ‘Wintry Row’ last minute and glad I did. It is other’s favorite too.

  10. Oh, nice set, Denise! Seeing the fence nearly buried in ‘Frozen Landscape’ gives me an idea of just how deep the snow is. A lotta snow!
    I like the simplicity of ‘Wintry Row’ and the angles of hillside and slanted shadows in ‘Serene Scene.’
    Spring is just around the corner, I’m looking forward to seeing the wildflowers. 🙂

    • That is one of those split rail zigzag style fences. Your comments are exactly what I was thinking! So thank you! We get some flowers at the end of May and in June … lupine and indian paintbrush. The high basin wildflowers bloom in July and it depends on how much snow there is to melt too.

  11. 23 Bonnie Rovere

    Beautiful as always. Loving Tree Trio

    • Thanks so much for visiting Bonnie! I am pleased when my friends have different favorite choices. I have photographed these trees a lot. I like how they are set against the sky. 🙂

  12. What marvelous, the colors emerging from the snow as energic brushes. I felt quite drawn to “Vibrant willows,” the way the mountain peak shapes a perfect rhombus in the air. Thank you, Denise.

    • Thank you Francis. I think that composition of a mountain peak between two slopes is rarely common but of course all the elements combined make them all different.

  13. 27 Vickie R Bush

    Wow Denise these are all wonderful!!!

    • Thanks Vic! These are the last of my winter images … but we never know id there might be more snow … spring snow that is! XO

  14. These take my breath away! Not because of the cold (I see that fence is all but buried in deep snow), but because of the beauty you have captured. Always a real pleasure to see your captures, Denise! ❤️

  15. I love this potpourri. Maybe because I like winter so much. But also because your work is excellent, capturing the landscapes when the light is at its most beautiful.

    • Hi Otto! I don’t know who said it first but most photographers agree, ‘it’s all about the light’! Of course we call 1 hour after sunrise and 1 hour before sunset the ‘golden hour’ for the wonderful light it can produce. I often shoot in flat and cloudy conditions too like in the ‘Picturesque Barn’ image. What I avoid, and never like in the end are photos shot in harsh lighting conditions.

  16. Great photos, as usual, Denise. I can’t really pick a favorite, but here are my top picks: “Vibrant Willows” – color layers, “Turrets to the East” – great color and light, “Frozen Landscape” – layers of snow, mountains and clouds, and “Morning Line Up” – light and clouds.

  17. Ok… I usually try and pick a favorite (always hard), but I truly can’t on this post! I love the look of each and every capture. So stunning Denise!! Wow!!

    • Thanks Kirt! 🙂 Maybe it is harder to pick when they are all different as in this ‘mix’. Thanks for looking … I truly appreciate it!

  18. This is a beautiful series, Denise, and it really shows many faces of snow in your part of the world. The way the clouds echoed the mountains’ shapes in ‘Morning Line-up’ is spectacular. Then right above that, another photo of snow and mountains has an entirely different atmosphere. It’s nice to see the willows’ intense color and ‘Serene Scene ‘ is perfectly titled. Happy ongoing winter to you! 😉

    • Hi Lynn … thanks! I haven’t been out shooting as much … taking a break and looking forward to the change. We’ve had some warm temps, the snow is melting and it is starting to get green in places. Appreciate you letting me know what you like! 🙂

  19. Beautiful Denise. Such a treat for the eyes. All wonderful, with Morning Line-up and Aspen Row in Winter really glowing. We will all be looking forward to spring now, but these timeless images are a delight 🙂

  20. Loving the daytime tree silhouettes you captured from winter. Hope this finds you safe and well.

  21. Beautiful images!

  22. Many hues of winter. Not just snowy white, the hint of colours really enhance the beauty of these pictures. Especially loved the ‘ Morning Line up’ and Wintry Row. So serene they look!

    • Thank you Monica. Yes … I talked about how the sky color and temperature of the light affect the color of the snow in a previous post. Thanks very much for your visit, comment and letting me know your favorites! 🙂

  23. As always, very impressive photos. This time I concentrated on the light and it is amazing how the mountains in the background are lit. Especially the first photo and “Turrets To The East” are really good examples for that.

    • Appreciate your visit and kind comment Rabirius! I can see the Turrets from my house … I think they are pretty cool!

      • They definitely are. We also have some mountainous areas close by, but they don’t look that impressive.

  24. Ha! Ego Gates. Well that one certainly made a good frame for the distant mountain. As always you have put together a fine collection and although they may be leftovers that didn’t make it into previous posts they sure do make a nice grouping here. “Vibrant Willows” is especially nice.

    • Thanks Steve! Some didn’t fit in and some were just more recent. I think I’m over winter for this year. It’s kind of an in-between time now with dirty patches of snow and lots of brown. I’m looking forward to some green now!

      • I am over winter also and fortunately so is our weather. 🙂 The inbetweens can be a bit uninspiring with a bunch of leafless sticks and mud to work with. But our wildflowers are starting to show their green buds and the blooms will soon follow. Hope you have an early spring, Denise.

  25. I’m so glad winter is over here. We had too much snow (although in your photos it is lovely). Funny thought. When I looked at the first one, for some reason I thought the fence post and railings were were boats on a river, until I realized it was snow (hence the wintry mix title). LOL I guess I had the book, “Boys in the Boat” by Daniel Brown on my mind as it looked like racing sculls. Great book, by the way if you are looking for something inspiring to read. Lovely photos. I couldn’t pick a favorite!

    • Thanks Ruth. I actually shot more wintry landscapes after these but the enthusiasm for processing and publishing them is gone for now. After a spring, summer and fall break I’m sure my enthusiasm will return.

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