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In need of a spring fix I recently headed north to Palisade Colorado, where they grow the biggest, juiciest and most delicious peaches in the world! Accompanied by my husband Brent, it was just a day trip, 2 hours there, 1 hour of looking and shooting and 2 hours back … give or take. I could have spent more time there but you know how it is when you are with a non-photographer … you have to compromise! We found the area to be quite charming with houses nestled among the orchards, and I got the dose of spring I needed. 

Here’s a little history: The first settler began raising fruit and vegetables here in 1882. Protection from the Palisade Cliffs, and morning winds from DeBeque Canyon, meant the orchards were better able to survive spring frosts. Diverting water from the Colorado River with a series of canals and dams transformed the dry desert into a bountiful land of orchards and vineyards.

Mount Garfield makes a striking background for a peach orchard in bloom in Palisade.

‘Palisade Peach Blossoms’ © Denise Bush

Rows of peach trees look beautiful with their bright spring blossoms.

‘Peach Blossom Row’ © Denise Bush

Peach blossoms against the sky create a striking design.

‘Blossoms & Blue Sky’ © Denise Bush

A peach orchard glows bright pink in spring.

‘Blossoms Below The Mesa’ © Denise Bush

45 Responses to “Just Peachy”

  1. 1 Judith B Hazen

    One of my favorite areas! I looked to live there initially. Decided I was better off closer to family in Ridgway but I still enjoy visiting Palisade.

  2. I’ve driven past those orchards numerous times, but never when the trees were in bloom. I really like Peach Blossom Row.

    • Yes, you can see a little bit from the highway. We drove over Grand Mesa to get there and took a different route home. My husband liked ‘Peach Blossom Row’ too.

  3. 5 Deb

    That first dose of Spring is always wonderful!
    My favorite is “Palisades Peach Blossoms”!

    • Not too much green here yet and it even snowed a little bit today. I went looking but only the willow trees are green and they are always up against houses.

  4. I can imagine you would have liked to stay longer. Lovely images!

    • Yes … until sunset at least! We have an older dog and we needed to get home for him. Plus … I could tell Brent was ready! Thanks Belinda.

  5. 9 Pat

    Very nice! I love peaches too. Looking forward to summer!

    • Well it’s the only spring I’ve seen so far. We had a little bit of snow today. Nice to hear from you Pat … thanks for stopping in!

  6. Gorgeous! Can’t wait to try the peach pie! 😉

    • Thanks Carlos! Peach pie is one of my favorites! When the peaches come to our farmers market I’ll have to get some for that purpose.

  7. Beautiful old trees… so unusual to see the desert in bloom!

    • They prune them pretty aggressively. We were surprised. In other areas there was a sudden hard freeze in the fall and it hurt the buds that didn’t have a chance to slowly harden. They even lost some trees. I was hoping to catch more where they are usually a bit later but it looks like a bust this year.

  8. So beautiful. Love seeing the pretty pink blossoms with the mighty mountains in the background. Yum, Peach Pie!

  9. I’m sad… We have a peach tree, but it was planted in a bad spot so it’s dying. It’s so young, too… But it’s hosting a robin nest currently and that is such a treat!

    • Oh, that’s too bad but at least it is serving a purpose for a feathered friend! Thanks for visiting, and commenting on this post!

  10. The trees and the blooming look fantastic. I have never seen peach blooming before and this is wonderful sight!

    • Peaches are grown in 20 of the US States with California being number one. South Carolina, Georgia and New Jersey (the southern part where I used to live) are the other top producers. The blossoms are so pretty … just wish they lasted longer. Thank you for your visit and comment!

  11. Glad you got a dose of springtime, Denise. The trees have beautiful color in the blossoms and I know how you love trees. My favorite is Peach Blossom Row because it draws the viewer into the grove and I can see the rich colors against the contrasting trunks. I wonder if you found other subject matter while you were there or along the way. I am sure you had your eyes opened and were looking. I hope Brent wasn’t in too much of a hurry to get back home.

    • Well … Brent doesn’t like riding in the car for one … he’s a motorcycle guy. He is good about not hurrying me but I can tell when he is wanting to wrap it up. We also have Augie at home waiting for us … he doesn’t travel well. I am always looking but can’t press my luck stopping for everything I see … keeping my main goal in mind! I just always think, ‘I’ll have to come back’. Other trees and scenery hadn’t quite ‘sprung’ along the way. Thanks for checking in Ken … always appreciate it!

  12. wonderful and very important this land scape. Thanks, Denise.

  13. So pretty, Denise! And we do love our patient husbands when they allow us time to take photos!! 🥰

    • Yes … however I have joked about a support group for the spouses of photographers! Brent is pretty good about it but I know when he’s had enough. I’ve suggested bringing a book or taking a walk when I’m busy photographing.

  14. I would have never thought you could grow peaches in Colorado. But then I never thought you could grow peaches in Oregon either, yet the back fence neighbor has a peach tree…

    Those pink blossoms against a dry mountain background make for an interesting juxtaposition. Nice shots.

    • Thanks Dave! There are some other towns around there that grow peaches, apples, cherries and wine grapes. The orchards in those towns suffered a sudden hard frost last fall before buds had a chance to harden and the yield will suffer this year. For the reasons mentioned above Palisade orchards were spared.

  15. 29 Vickie R Bush

    Denise I believe you guys took me in that area. Stopped at that little store. The lady there gave us peach slurpee samples. Yum! Pretty shots!

    • Palisade is on the other side of Grand Mesa. Where we stopped was on our side and on the way home from Grand Mesa … Cedaredge. This side isn’t as desert like and a hard frost last October damaged the buds before they had a chance to slowly harden. Their blossoms aren’t nice this year and they even lost some trees. That place you are remembering grew apples and we had cider slushies … yes very good! Thanks for visiting … it was a fun day trip. XO

  16. I love the contrast between the lovely pink blossoms and the rugged desert cliffs in the background.

    I’m looking forward to peaches coming into season!

    • Thanks Deborah! One of my goals was to include the cliffs in a couple of shots. It took some looking to find a spot where the blossoms were good and there wasn’t any distractions.

  17. Love the peach blossoms. We had a very “fruitful” peach tree when we lived in Denver and everyone always compared it to these peaches which are wildly sought after across the state! Great post!

    • Hi Kirt! I updated your comment for you. It would be nice if WordPress let commenters edit because I have also hit the reply button prematurely on many occasions, and then wished I could go back. It’s amazing how many peaches they must grow in the Palisade area for them to get around like they do. I’m glad you like the post and thanks for stopping in!

  18. Such pretty pink blossoms. I have peaches and nectarines on my two trees and have hopes for this year unlike the last two. If I can save them from the raccoons and deer, that is.

  19. They do produce a lovely floral display and the annual pruning has created some attractive shapes to the trees.
    I know what you mean about an impatient spouse. Mary Beth and I have settled on my doing photography solo in the morning on our trips to Maine followed by our hiking the trails or walking the town streets later in the day. She wonders how anyone can spend half an hour photographing a mushroom. Slight exaggeration. 😀

    • Brent is patient … to a point! He rarely comes on a shoot with me. Going out alone works best but sometimes it’s nice to have company. Thanks for visiting and commenting! I will stop by your blog soon … it is hard for me to keep up with friends who post every day.

  20. Amazing images, Denise. And I didn’t know that peaches have such lovely flowers.

  21. What a surprise, seeing those flowering peach trees against that backdrop! Beautiful! It sounds like you must have had a fun trip. What a relief, right?

    • Yes … grew up around peach orchards but these were certainly a different setting. It was fun but seems like a long time ago already! Thanks.

  22. Beautiful photo / fabulous trees 🙂

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