Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain!


On one of this week’s photo adventures I found myself out in the open during an afternoon of scattered showers. Being able to witness (and feel a part of) the dynamic weather was exhilarating! I was not only excited by the visuals but relieved to get some rain in our drought-stricken part of Colorado. In addition to a lack of precipitation, spring has brought a lot of wind resulting in many ‘Red Flag Warning’ days. From where I’m sitting it’s way too early to start worrying about wildfires. People here are doing rain dances and praying for more! The storms on this afternoon entertained my camera and I, providing the opportunity for this little collection!

Rain clouds give way for some much needed precipitation in drought-stricken Southwest Colorado.

‘Let It Rain’ © Denise Bush

Scattered storms grace Southwest Colorado with some much needed moisture.

‘Over Wilson’ © Denise Bush

A not too far away isolated storm bestows some welcome spring rain.

‘Welcome Rain’ © Denise Bush

Rain clouds turn pink and puffy near sunset.

‘Clouds Over Mountains & Forest’ © Denise Bush

47 Responses to “Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain!”

  1. 1 Mike Pillows

    Don’t ya just love weather… my family STILL questions my sanity when I see a storm and bolt out the door with my camera. Fingers crossed for no wildfires near you.

  2. Happy for you, Denise. While not as dry as there, we could use a bunch here too. Maybe when you are done with it you can send it our way. As much as we love getting a good rain, I am not sure I’d want to be tenting under that deluge in “Welcome Rain”. 🙂

  3. 5 Ken Curtis

    Such dramatic skies. I can almost feel the cool air on my face when I look at your images.

  4. Fine series, Denise! I particularly like the third photo.

  5. I hope you get more rain to ease the drought. The long term forecast I read predict a long term drought for the southwestern US.

    I love watching storm clouds and thunderstorms, as long as I’m in a safe place to do so.

    Be safe.

    • These isolated storms allowed me to watch from a distance out of danger. The jeep is close by if cover is needed. It was a fun shoot! Thanks for taking a look!

  6. So glad your area got some rain, Denise. It seems that weather is one of extremes these days… either too much or too little rain. We are below normal for the season as well.
    As I live in the woods, we never get to see vistas like these or clouds dumping their contents like in ‘Welcome Rain.’ Pretty neat!

    • I know about living in the woods and we are so enjoying being able to see the sky here. I used to take a drive to see what was happening. We’ve already had a few minor fires and lightening strikes so we’ll take whatever we can get. Thanks for stopping in.

  7. Stunning set, Denise. That downpour in Welcome Rain is amazing! I share your joys and worries here in southern CA. Dry as a bone and we already had a wildfire. You sure celebrated the rain with these glorious images. 😃

    • Praying for all of us In the western fire-prone states. We’ve had a couple fires that were put out quickly and it has been so windy too. I’m glad you like these and thanks for looking!

  8. It’d be raining on your parade to say anything other than that they do a good job of conjuring up precipitation.

  9. Let it Rain! I hope you get to capture more storms like this. One for the drought and second for me to enjoy your images. Take your umbrella. ( :

  10. 21 Kathy Lapergola

    Amazing and beautiful

  11. Great pictures of the rain from far away than within it. You need open view to see this..

    • Yes an open view is needed. Some of my favorite spots are where I can see in several directions. Then I can point my camera where the sky and light are interesting. Thanks! 🙂

  12. Dramatic stuff. Even better when there’s no lightning heading your way.

  13. Those are gorgeous and interesting clouds!
    I’ve done the same thing with the storm that came through here last week. We had an interesting cloud over the Pinenut Mountains.

    Right before the storm hit the Fire Dept was out back with the fire fighting copter scooping up huge buckets of water and flying it down the river and dumping it back in the river practicing for this summer’s fire season.

    I hope we don’t have another bad fire season and yes to more rain!

    • It’s good to know they are prepared for wildfires. I will stop by your blog soon. Nice to hear from you!

      • I haven’t posted anything in a couple of weeks! I make images, but lately I’m not so motivated to process any.

        I’m glad they’re practicing too!

  14. 30 Diana

    Amazing photos!

  15. 32 smackedpentax

    Superb photos, I love bad weather photography, it just adds another dimension to the landscape 🙂

    • Thank you! Now after that shoot I am hoping for more bad weather … and we need rain too!

      • 34 smackedpentax

        you can have some of ours, in the UK we have had a lot recently. I will send you some 🙂

  16. What a spectacular collection. I bet it was hard to winnow your images to just these four. As usual, I love them all, but I think Welcome Rain and Let it Rain pop out as my favorites.

    • I had a few others I considered but I get picky about things like cloud arrangement and shapes. I’d rather show a few without getting repetitive too. Thanks so much for visiting. I always appreciate hearing from you!

  17. Each are fascinating, Denise! “Welcome Rain” is my favorite!!

  18. I find that some of the best landscape photos are capture in the transition between “bad” and “nice” weather vise versa. As this beautiful images show so eminently.

  19. I love these, Denise, all of them! I’m happy for you that some rain fell and I so enjoy seeing the majesty of that big landscape with the power of nature dominating everything. Getting out at those tricky times can be so exciting.

    • Hi! The rare storms have been very isolated and don’t last very long at all … not enough to do any good most of the time. If I’m dead set on going out I usually will because the weather here can change several times during the day! Glad you enjoyed. 🙂

      • Well, I hope you and so many other places (even here, to a degree) get more moisture soon. Or at least enough to fend off a bad fire season.

  20. I love rainstorms. “Welcome Rain” is so localized. I would hate to be right off the edge of it when rain is so rare. Luckily, we usually get our share of rain here in Indiana.

    • Our pattern of having afternoon rainstorms (monsoons) is unfortunately diminishing. It is advised to get hiking done early because it’s a danger to be up high when they come. Thanks for the visit!

  21. I miss rain. I love these shots. You find the uniqueness within rain showers. Love the beauty of nature and you do her justice!!

    • Thank you Kirt. With wildfires getting worse we are all praying for rain here! There is a ban on camp fires and fireworks here.

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