Gimme Shelter

I am grateful that interesting old structures keep finding me! They call to me to stop and put my camera to work. It’s a way of documenting them before they are gone forever. And it’s fun! Over the years many of the subjects of my ‘Remnants & Remains’ captures have disappeared. I am glad I had a chance to add them to my collection. Other times places that have interested me are changed in a way that makes them less attractive. I find myself wishing I had photographed them when I had the chance. The lesson … stop and shoot … don’t wait! The following are finds that go back to early spring as well as more recent.

A portion of an Old West settlement acts as a frame for the ominous sky and mountain beyond.
‘Rustic Framing’ © Denise Bush
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Remains from a small, abandoned settlement demonstrate building with materials readily available.
‘Rocky Shelters’ © Denise Bush
An old log cabin falls apart amid new aspen trees in spring.
‘Open Door’ © Denise Bush
A barn no longer strong enough collapses under years of harsh winters and strong summer sun.
‘Collapsed’ © Denise Bush
An small tin cabin takes on character as it weathers years of seasonal elements.
‘Little Tin Cabin’ © Denise Bush
Structures from a time gone by show the effects of time and weather.
‘Door Number Two’ © Denise Bush
An abandoned church strikes a dramatic scene with storm clouds hovering above.
‘Church Without A Steeple’ © Denise Bush

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Spring In Motion

I’ve been a bit slow adding to this blog lately but I can explain! My usual pattern is; shooting mode, processing mode and then blogging. With spring finally here I have been getting out and shooting more often. Like any other season it has its rewards and being outside in the warm sun feels so good! Adding to several different themes at the same time I hardly know where to start. So, I’ll begin with one of my favorite signs of spring … water in motion! Rivers, cascades and waterfalls I’ve had the pleasure to spend time with, are the theme for this post. Relax, breathe deeply, and imagine the sound of the rushing spring melt as it travels down from the mountains!

The San Miguel River merrily rushes along the spring green banks near Telluride.
‘Merrily Rushing Along’ © Denise Bush
A spring stream flows from the mountains near Silverton, Colorado. Kendall Mountain is featured in the distance.
‘Flowing To The Animas’ © Denise Bush
The greens are saturated and vibrant on a rainy spring day.
‘Rainy Day River’ © Denise Bush
A fast moving stream rushes water from the mountains near Silverton, Colorado to meet up with a river below.
‘Flowing Through A Forest’ © Denise Bush
Spring melt travels down the mountainside with tremendous volume.
‘From The Top’ © Denise Bush
A mountain waterfall flows in the spring, fed from snow melt above.
‘Springtime Plunge’ © Denise Bush
A brave little evergreen hangs on to the rugged cliff for dear life!
‘Waterfall Companion’ © Denise Bush
Rushing along in spring, a mountain river is a wonderful sound and sight of nature!
‘Raging River & Rocks’ © Denise Bush
A river rushes along due to the volume of water melting in the spring mountains.
‘In A Rush’ © Denise Bush