Vernal Views


Following are some random landscapes shot this May & June. These didn’t fit into other planned posts using spring images so I put them together below. Since summer is here, I thought I really ought to post them! I was eager to get out this year and have been enjoying the warm weather, nature and the landscape. I love to explore and when something catches my eye I’ll stop to check out possible compositions. Sometimes a stop is just for scouting purposes. If the light or sky aren’t nice I’ll study the location and add it to my ‘places to go back to’ list. Being out there, immersed in the landscape, capturing what calls to me and then processing my vision is what it’s all about for me.

A watering hole out in grazing land provides a fun place to create a reflection photograph.

‘Watering Hole Reflection’ © Denise Bush
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Late day backlight brings out the yellows in the young aspen leaves.

‘Spring Passage’ © Denise Bush

Bright sprintime willows accent this landscape in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

‘Mountain View & Spring Willows’ © Denise Bush

A little lone ponderosa pine tree has a perfect view, perched upon a sunny hill!

‘Little Ponderosa In Morning’ © Denise Bush
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A small Ponderosa Pine catches some warm light on a mountain morning in May.

‘Mountains Beyond’ © Denise Bush

The forest starts its annual spring tradition showing the first bright green aspen leaves.

‘Green Beginnings’ © Denise Bush

A little pond catches reflection of blue sky and distant mountains.

‘Blue Sky Reflection’ © Denise Bush

Backlit aspen trees make a stiking sight at sunset.

‘Through Backlit Aspens’ © Denise Bush

37 Responses to “Vernal Views”

  1. All your shots are excellent as usual, Denise. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your gorgeous photographs, Denise.

  3. Love the watering hole reflection!

  4. The watering hole was a good eye-grabber with which to lead off. The clouds make for a welcome echo of the mountains in your little ponderosa picture.

    • Thanks Steve! I shot that the morning after zoom judging for my former camera club. There theme for color was reflections. I guess reflections were on my mind.

  5. Lovely pictures! These are very nice transitions into Summer season!

  6. Such gorgeous landscapes, Denise. They gives such a wonderful feeling of solitude and peace, away from the human world.
    I enjoyed reading about your process, too!

  7. Each beautiful as always, Denise ❤️

  8. Beautiful series! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love them all, Denise. I am pretty much taken by all your shots of the Colorado mountains and landscapes. As much as I love New England I also love those wide open spaces. Guess I should travel more. “Green Beginnings” is my favorite of the eight. Is ‘Little Ponderosa In Morning” and ‘Mountains Beyond” the same scene but different from perspectives?

    I should follow your lead and write down the locations to return at other times and conditions. I rely on my memory and you know how that works. 🙂

    • Thanks Steve. As someone who did a lot of workshops early in my photo journey and traveled for photography too, I think it can be difficult. I’ve had so many experiences when the conditions didn’t cooperate in the short time I was there. It takes a lot of planning to know where to go when and there’s expense too … gas, hotel, eating out etc. … and more if you pay for a workshop or guide. Some of the best photogs I know (including you) specialize and are known for their area. Still it’s fun to travel so if you ever decide to come this way, let me know!

      Yes those two shots are the same tree. I’ve photographed it a few different times and ways. I use index cards to write down places in general areas. Then if I’m going in a particular direction I can look and recall what possibilities are there.

      • What traveling I do is mostly to Acadia N.P. in Maine. We have had trips where it rained every day, windy, and terrible conditions only to see the sun shine as we packed to leave. Fortunately we love the park enough to enjoy ourselves without much evidence to show for it. 🙂 Mostly though the park delivers. If I do travel to Colorado you can be sure I’ll touch base with you. Same if you decide to check out the northeast.

      • So you know what I mean then! Living in Southern New Jersey for most of my life I was able to make it all over the east coast. From the Charleston area and The Smokies to The White Mountains and Acadia, with Cape Cod and the Eastern Shore in between. The first time I went to Acadia was on a workshop and the second time I went by myself … both trips were in the fall. Love Acadia!

      • I love it too. I’ve visited through three seasons but never winter. I hope to at some point. Our ashes along with our dogs’ will be mixed and spread on Cadillac Mountain at some point…but not for a little while.

  10. Lovin’ the 2 shots with the Ponderosa pine!

    • Hi Rich … thanks! I love that little ponderosa pine and have photographed it a few times during my six years here. I’m always drawn to it when I am in that location.

  11. Snow covered mountains in the background are so beautiful to behold, especially when the foreground is green and clear

    • Thank you! That only happens in the spring. Now (July 3) the mountains don’t have much snow on them. And, it doesn’t take long for the green meadows to dry out in summer and turn brown and gold.

  12. Beautiful landscape photos, Denise! So much to appreciate in each.

  13. I share your feelings on being immersed in the landscape and capturing what calls to you. These photographs are so beautifully composed with delicacy and calm. Thank you for sharing them with us 🙂

  14. 30 Ken Curtis

    All great images, Denise, but my favorite is Watering Hole Reflection because of its simplicity, composition, subject matter and coloring. Great work.

  15. I like the textures in “Green Beginnings”.

  16. You do have the eye!! Awesome captures…all of them!

  17. I love the reflection images and the little Ponderosa ones. That image of the willows leading me through the scene to the mountain is beautiful!

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