Oldies But Goodies

In this post I am combining images from three of my working, blog folders. It dawned on me that the themes can easily work together … structures, vehicles and outhouses. My original goal was to collect more for each of these subjects and create separate posts. But, since I’m my own boss here, and lean on new work because of the smoky air, I figured … why wait? Here they are, in a trio of threes, some ‘oldies but goodies’!

–– Three Structures ––

A quaint little log cabin nestled among the aspen trees tells the story of a time gone by.
‘Little Rustic Relic’ © Denise Bush
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An old mininer's boarding house, no longer needed is ready to collapse altogether.
‘Mountaintop Boarding House’ © Denise Bush
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An abandoned, old-style  grocery store takes us back to a time when towns had corner stores to buy groceries and more.
‘Groceries’ © Denise Bush

–– Three Vehicles ––

An old chevy truck rusts away in an abandoned farm field.
‘Chevy Resting Place’ © Denise Bush
Close-up of an old door on a truck at one time belonging to Ouray County.
‘Ouray County Relic’ © Denise Bush
Now resting at the bottom of a gulch, an old truck looks like it tumbled down the mountain.
‘Wrecked Relic’ © Denise Bush

–– Three Outhouses ––

Weathered wood and a rusty tin roof make this outhouse, built for two a nostalgic find.
‘Outhouse For Two’ © Denise Bush
A weathered outhouse is a reminder of less luxurious times.
‘Outhouse & Barrels’ © Denise Bush
An old, weathered outhouse door comes complete with the standard moon cutout.
‘Weathered Outhouse Door’ © Denise Bush

Some Summertime Scenes

Summer just goes too fast … doesn’t it? Here in the mountains it goes especially fast, with snow possible so early, and winter lasting so long. What’s making it even shorter this year for photography are the all too frequent smoky skies, from fires in states west of Colorado. At times, and as I write this, the mountains are not visible … not at all like the clear, blue sky scenes shown here! It all depends on how the wind blows so getting out on days when the conditions are more favorable is key. Still, summer feels especially good to me this year. With jeep roads clear of snow, being able to experience the high country is the highlight of the season. I added a few (less scary) jeep roads to my solo ventures and had a lot of fun. I explored other high places with my husband as driver, visiting some that had been on my list for awhile, including the pond location shown here. Well, even though I am already seeing signs of fall, summer is not over … the last day is September 22nd. I do hope conditions will improve soon so I can get back out there!

Sneezeweed has a special place to blossom in a summer meadow in Colorado.
‘Sneezeweed Mountain Meadow’ © Denise Bush
A pretty patch of Sneezeweed (Asteraceae) makes a bright statement in a Colorado alpine meadow in July.
‘Sneezeweed Get-together’ © Denise Bush
A still pond creates a beutiful scene reflecting the blue sky and red mountain ridge high in the Colorado Mountains.
‘Red Mountain Ridge Reflection’ © Denise Bush
A pond reflects the vibrant colors of the sky and mountain. One of the San Juan Mountain's, Red Mountains is visible.
‘Reflecting Pond In Morning’ © Denise Bush
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A beautiful blue sky and red mountain make perfect subjects for reflections in the ponds below.
‘Seeing Double’ © Denise Bush
Elkweed is also known as Green Gentian or Monument Plant. It can grow up to 7 feet tall!
‘Corn Lily Passage’ © Denise Bush