Oldies But Goodies


In this post I am combining images from three of my working, blog folders. It dawned on me that the themes can easily work together … structures, vehicles and outhouses. My original goal was to collect more for each of these subjects and create separate posts. But, since I’m my own boss here, and lean on new work because of the smoky air, I figured … why wait? Here they are, in a trio of threes, some ‘oldies but goodies’!

–– Three Structures ––

A quaint little log cabin nestled among the aspen trees tells the story of a time gone by.

‘Little Rustic Relic’ © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

An old mininer's boarding house, no longer needed is ready to collapse altogether.

‘Mountaintop Boarding House’ © Denise Bush
notecards, unframed, framed, canvas, acrylic & metal prints available

An abandoned, old-style  grocery store takes us back to a time when towns had corner stores to buy groceries and more.

‘Groceries’ © Denise Bush

–– Three Vehicles ––

An old chevy truck rusts away in an abandoned farm field.

‘Chevy Resting Place’ © Denise Bush

Close-up of an old door on a truck at one time belonging to Ouray County.

‘Ouray County Relic’ © Denise Bush

Now resting at the bottom of a gulch, an old truck looks like it tumbled down the mountain.

‘Wrecked Relic’ © Denise Bush

–– Three Outhouses ––

Weathered wood and a rusty tin roof make this outhouse, built for two a nostalgic find.

‘Outhouse For Two’ © Denise Bush

A weathered outhouse is a reminder of less luxurious times.

‘Outhouse & Barrels’ © Denise Bush

An old, weathered outhouse door comes complete with the standard moon cutout.

‘Weathered Outhouse Door’ © Denise Bush

33 Responses to “Oldies But Goodies”

  1. I’ve heard that photographers like odd numbers of items in their photos and favor three objects. Now you have taken this to another level of grouping three objects into three separate photos. You do have interesting groups of three. I think I recognize the “Mountain Top Boarding House” from one of my visits to Colorado a few years ago. The wildflowers there were spectacular.

    I like the faded blue outhouse pic best.

    Good work, as always.


    • Thanks Ken. The boarding house is in Governor’s Basin. I wonder if it will survive one more winter.

      • My son and I stopped by Governor’s basin, after photographing at Yankee Boy Basin, a few years ago. I do not recall that house being tilted at that time.

  2. Hi Denise, Big fan of threes and in compositions, too. This is a terrific series of vintage scenes. Love your rustic relic and the Groceries and Outhouse doors are wonderful along with the black and white truck and mountains. 🙂

  3. I love the splotches of blue remaining on the weathered wood of the outhouse. But, shouldn’t the latch be on the inside to lock it?

  4. Your final picture got me wondering about cutouts in outhouse doors. Here’s an article about that:


  5. Very atmospheric, Denise. I love the old blue outhouse, giving new meaning to ‘once in a blue moon.’ 😉
    We’re still under the deluge of Henri out here, I wish I could pack it up and send it out to those darned wildfires.

  6. I prefer outhouses for one, thank you. 🙂 I grew up visiting my grandparents’ camp in the Adirondacks back in the early to mid 50’s and we had one of these. Fortunately we only stayed there in the summer. That boarding house looks like there could be a problem if someone shouted out “Hey look, there’s a bear” and everyone rushed to the left side to look. 🙂

    Three times three is three times the fun.

    • Yes … I wonder how much longer before that boarding house (for miners) will be standing at all. Sadly there are not enough efforts to stabilize and preserve some of the old mining buildings. Thanks for visiting. I always enjoy your comments!

  7. Wonderful pictures! Everyone has different mood. I love the composition of the first picture. The wood grain texture in the last picture is awesome.

    • Thanks Yellow Cable! I had been eyeing that little cabin for years. The owner of it saw me trying to photograph it and allowed me the opportunity to get a little closer for this shot.

  8. 16 fiddledee2

    Beautiful artwork as usual, Denise.

  9. Great selection Denise.

  10. 20 Ken Curtis

    Nice collection of images, Denise. Too bad about the smoke, but glad to see you making good use of the time.

    • Thank you! Most of these are from before the smoke although it would not have affected closer shots like these that don’t include the sky. It has been clearer the last 3 days with the smoke migrating further north … for now.

  11. Well done, Denise. I think I like the outhouses the best!

    • Ever since I decided I would start collecting images of outhouses for a post I can’t seem to find anymore! I’ll keep lookin’! Thanks Linda!

  12. A fine collection, Denise!

  13. Love your captures!! I love Little Rustic Relic!! its so cool when you find these structures and your captures of them are perfect!! Beautifully done for all of them!

  14. I love the leaning boarding house, and old weathered blue outhouse. Great finds, Denise!

  15. Gotta love those outhouses, hands down, my favorites! (And “Wrecked Relic” is beautifully framed).

  16. Oh ! the stories they could tell – & the smells 🙂 ( could not resist ) , eco

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