Autumn Magic ~ Part 3

Here’s the last of my three-part, ‘Autumn Magic’ series, highlighting foliage in the beautiful San Juan Mountains of Colorado! I hope you enjoyed seeing the images. They were fun to make and share. Upon noticing some golden cottonwoods on a recent drive north I think I might have one more seasonal post in me. Found below the mountains, their color changed later and lasted a longer than the aspens. But as I write this, snow is expected. Soon it will be time to share winter scenes! I will surely miss fall, and warmer temperatures but getting out in the beautiful landscape is a blessing no matter the season.

A wooden corral is an accent to a beautiful scene near Ridgway, Colorado.
‘Corral With A View’ © Denise Bush
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A mountain lake and view of a snow covered mountain creates an idyllic scene.
‘Lake With Mountain View’ © Denise Bush
Beautiful, happy clouds add to a perfect day for a leaf peeping drive!
‘Happy Clouds Over Autumn Road’ © Denise Bush
Aspen trees mingle with spruce while catching the light on the side of a cliff.
‘Bright Bits Of Gold’ © Denise Bush
Nothing beats scenic beauty like snow on the peaks in autumn!
‘Snowy Peak In Autumn’ © Denise Bush
Golden aspens set the stage for an autumn scene with a distan outcropping.
‘Rocky Outcrop Beyond Autumn’ © Denise Bush
A curvy dirt road winds through the countryside toward the autumn colors up ahead.
‘Curving Toward Autumn’ © Denise Bush
Tall aspen trees display a beautiful gradient from orange to yellow
‘Orange & Yellow Combo’ © Denise Bush
With a snowstorm expected overnight, here's the last look at some autumn foliage below Sunshine Mountain, near Telluride.
‘End Of Autumn’ © Denise Bush

Autumn Magic ~ Part 2

You have to capture the magic when you can! The images here and in the previous two posts were shot between September 19 and October 11 … a 23 day window. That’s not a lot when you consider a year is 365 days. It doesn’t seem right … that’s less than 7% of the year! Shortly after my last outing on the 11th we had snow and wind that took away most of the aspen foliage. Some golden cottonwood trees lingered, but the best of it went way too fast. Here are more images that I hope show why autumn is a magical time for me!

Wilson Peak, near Telluride Colorado, peeks out above some autumn, leaning aspen trees.
‘Through Leaning Aspens’ © Denise Bush
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Awesome autumn views can be seen from high points in the San Juan Mountains.
‘Awesome Autumn View’ © Denise Bush
An open view of a bluf and forest below creates a scene that looks like a tapestry.
‘Tapestry Slope’ © Denise Bush
The Million Dollar Hwy runs through this breathtaking valley in Ouray County, Colorado.
‘Down In The Valley’ © Denise Bush
Pretty clouds and light create a tranquil autumn scene, in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.
‘Autumn Near Ophir’ © Denise Bush
Young aspen sprouts create a beautiful array of fall color against the dark, blue-grey rock.
‘Fall Foliage, Slopeside’ © Denise Bush
Early morning light and a long pinkish cloud create a pretty autumn scene in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.
‘Long Cloud Over Distant Mountain’ © Denise Bush
Orange aspens set the stage for a knobby mountain in the distance.
‘Knobby Mountain View’ © Denise Bush

To see my previous 2021 autumn posts click ‘Denise Bush’s Photo Blog’ at the top and scroll down. Thanks for visiting!

Autumn Magic ~ Part 1

Autumn is a magical time of the year for me and I love every phase … from the first colorful signs to the last leaf. I contemplated how I wanted to present my fall images this year. Should I show them by date? Should I show all the mountain scenes together? Another ‘tree’ post? Thinking while processing, processing while thinking, I came to the decision to simply show them as a mixed variety. I hope there’s some magic in your fall wherever you are! Here’s my first set …

Dramatic light adds to this aspen tree scene showing the first bit of snow on a mountain peak.
‘First Autumn Snow’ © Denise Bush
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Orange aspen leaves help a lone aspen tree standout against the background slope.
‘Autumn Standout’ © Denise Bush
Bright sidelighting illuminates close aspen trees as a mountain shows its colors beyond.
‘Through Golden Leaves’ © Denise Bush
A frosty morning in a wetland area accentuates the texture of some grass for an unexpected foreground.
‘Frosty Fall Morning’ © Denise Bush
A group of aspens look like flames ... orange and red and fiery!
‘Fiery Grouping’ © Denise Bush
A slope of aspen trees is reflected in a wetland area, creating a different view of autumn.
‘Wetland Reflection’ © Denise Bush
Some aspens light up with vibrant color while the sky darkens, warning of an incoming storm.
‘Before The Storm’ © Denise Bush
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There’s more ‘Autumn Magic’ to come, and in case you missed it, my previous post was dedicated to fall aspens.

For The Love Of Aspens

Unlike some autumn landscapes I’ll be posting in the future, this collection is all about aspens! Oh, upcoming posts will include aspens too, along with mountains of course. Fall is very fleeting here and I have been getting out as much as possible to capture it, before some friends visit, and before its over. I’ve been a little absent from blogging for that reason. I fell early in the season and damaged my favorite lens, a 24-105mm. I’ve missed it but it probably has been good, since it has me getting even better acquainted with other lenses. Most of my shooting has been with my 70-200mm f/2.8 which is an excellent lens. For other shots I’ve used a wide 16-35mm, 50mm prime and sometimes the big 150-600mm for far away captures. No matter what lens I’m using it is always fun to photograph aspen tees. I love them and many people tell me they do too! I hope you enjoy this selection … thanks for visiting.

A few orange aspen leaves add an accent to the yellow!
‘A Touch Of Orange’ © Denise Bush
An attractive arrangement of aspen trunks allow a glimpse of autumn ... in-between.
‘Autumn In-between’ © Denise Bush
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Younger aspens often have foliage lower on their trunks. Here, in a uniform row, they make a unique design.
‘Low Riders’ © Denise Bush
Ferns beneath tall aspens create a pretty early autumn scene.
‘Fern Forest Floor’ © Denise Bush
Leaning, bright white trunks and colorful foliage are the theme of this aspen image.
‘Tricolor Leaners’ © Denise Bush
A young aspen tree says 'look at me' in all its autumn glory!
‘Backlit Baby’ © Denise Bush
notecards, unframed, framed, canvas, acrylic & metal prints