Autumn Magic ~ Part 1


Autumn is a magical time of the year for me and I love every phase … from the first colorful signs to the last leaf. I contemplated how I wanted to present my fall images this year. Should I show them by date? Should I show all the mountain scenes together? Another ‘tree’ post? Thinking while processing, processing while thinking, I came to the decision to simply show them as a mixed variety. I hope there’s some magic in your fall wherever you are! Here’s my first set …

Orange aspen leaves help a lone aspen tree standout against the background slope.

‘Autumn Standout’ © Denise Bush

Bright sidelighting illuminates close aspen trees as a mountain shows its colors beyond.

‘Through Golden Leaves’ © Denise Bush

A frosty morning in a wetland area accentuates the texture of some grass for an unexpected foreground.

‘Frosty Fall Morning’ © Denise Bush

A group of aspens look like flames ... orange and red and fiery!

‘Fiery Grouping’ © Denise Bush

A slope of aspen trees is reflected in a wetland area, creating a different view of autumn.

‘Wetland Reflection’ © Denise Bush

Some aspens light up with vibrant color while the sky darkens, warning of an incoming storm.

‘Before The Storm’ © Denise Bush
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There’s more ‘Autumn Magic’ to come, and in case you missed it, my previous post was dedicated to fall aspens.

37 Responses to “Autumn Magic ~ Part 1”

  1. 👌👌👌📷🌹🍁

  2. Great photos! I love clumps of grass in “Wetland Reflection” and the triangles “Before the Storm.” I almost made it to Colorado this autumn. Maybe next year. There are so many possibly places to go, it is hard to know where to begin in Colorado.

  3. Gorgeous set, Denise. Autumn Standout is wonderful and Frosty Morning caught my eye with its varied layers. All a lovely tribute to the season. 🍁🍁🍁

    • Hi Jane … thank you! I am slowly catching up with friend’s blogs and yours is on the list! Some other stuff going on this year, put me behind. Of course shooting the fleeting colors was a priority!

  4. Autumn is my favorite time of the year and your beautiful fall photos are making me jealous.

    I’m in Indiana for a couple of weeks, hoping to see good fall color here in the hardwood forests, but it looks like the colors are going to be late this year. A few trees have just begun to show color and I’m afraid I’ll be gone before the peak arrives this year.

    • Oh … I hope you don’t miss it altogether! We had pretty foliage but it’s always over before you know it. Some cottonwoods still look nice. Thanks!

  5. Beautiful series of images! Enjoyed seeing them!

  6. The colors and textures are magnificent. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Bruce … your welcome … thanks for visiting and commenting. I am just getting caught up on friend’s blogs and you are on my list!

  7. So beautiful!!!

  8. Fantastic !!

  9. A beautiful set, Denise! I particularly like the “Fiery Grouping”.

  10. Each one is breathtaking, Denise! Marvelous work!!

  11. Frosty Fall Morning is my favorite in the midst of a field of favorites! 🙂 Bravo!

  12. Very nice collection, Denise. All are wonderful. I really like the near and far composition of “Frosty Fall Morning”!

  13. I happened to scroll the page up to the point where only the bottom half of “Wetland Reflection” was visible. I found that the lower half stands on its own as a worthy abstraction.

    • You have an eye for that … in the field and other’s photos. That wetland grass was crunchy on this morning and I looked for a nice clean patch for this composition. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Autumn is a magic in itself … beautiful pics again… 👌

  15. You do a stunning job of capturing the magic of fall in the Rockies!! So incredible… have a great eye!! Love…love your work!!

  16. I like how Frosty Fall Morning highlights the beauty of at least 3 ecosystems.

  17. There’s something about the way this series really shows off your part of the world – for me at least. I love the first image, it puts me there. (I think I tend to like photos with something in the foreground that I can relate to on a personal level and something in the distance that I can dream about). And the composition in ‘Autumn Standout’ is great, the way those diagonal bands of gold run right into the main tree. ‘Frost Morning’ works the same way the first photo does for me – something up close that I could touch, something far away to aspire to. That’s what I love about western landscapes – not so much where I live, but inland western. And wow, that wetland reflection is very cool! No wonder you love this season. 🙂

    • Thanks Lynn. I love including a foreground element but only when there is something special to include. I am always looking for those kinds of compositions.

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